Outside Interference [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 28
Reward: 216

Text of the Quest:

I found a strange device in the Dominion camps at . The instructions for its use were signed Alchemist . Examining the instructions closely may prove illuminating.


Examine Extractor Instructions


Strange Device: This strange contraption is surprisingly heavy and would take several people to move. You spot a half-opened satchel nearby.
Hero: Search the satchel.
Strange Device: inside you find a list of instructions and several strips of white linen. The signature on the instructions reads "Alchemist Ruuvitar."
Hero: Take the contents of the satchel.

Keeper Keel-Lurash: The kagouti walk amongst the guar, but do not hunt unless the guar strays from her herd. Then wooden wasps would fly, bringing the guar down to the mud.
Hero: The Dominion created poultices to harm the Hist.
Keeper Keel-Lurash: The kagouti gore the Hist to drink its sap. In the Hamlet, a Tree dies screaming. In the Mire, a Tree goes mad. The guar watch the kagouti, but do not understand.
Hero: These instructions should explain.
Keeper Keel-Lurash: A weapon once gifted to the wasp-children! Bound in blood, it slips through the Hist's dreams. Tree-blood burns, and Tree dies a lonely death, removed from its sisters. The guar thanks the mighty wamasu for its mercy.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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