Of Dubious Value [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 29
Reward: 219

Text of the Quest:

Of Dubious Value Someone stole several relics from a cart in Hissmir. I offered to help find the culprit. I should search the cart for clues and ask nearby pilgrims if they witnessed anything.


  • Interview Xula
  • Interview Tulut
  • Interview Kaloo
  • Search the Cart for Clues


Wareem: Who would take the relics? Their only value is historic!
Hero: What relics?
Wareem: Such ardor! You might consider undergoing the Trials of the Burnished Scales, if you haven't already. I would welcome any help. I stored the relics in this cart. Perhaps one of the pilgrims observed something I did not.
Hero: I'll ask the pilgrims.
Wareem: I'll remain here to protect what relics are left. To guard these pieces of our heritage ... such a strange thought.
Hero: Goodbye.

Xula: The winds carry strange seeds to Hissmir. Will they take root?
Hero: Do you know anything about the stolen relics?
Xula: It happened last night. That's all I know.
Hero: Thanks for your time.

Tulut: Why do you bother me? I have troubles, troubles.
Hero: Someone stole relics from Wareem's cart last night. Did you see anything?
Tulut: I had nothing to do with it! Whoever it was ran to the east. That's all I know!
Hero:Thanks for your help.

Hidden-Hands: Kaoc! Do you make a habit of barging into houses?
Hero:The pilgrims saw you rummaging through Wareem's cart last night. Goodbye.
Hidden-Hands: I know nothing about stolen relics. Now, get out of my house!
Hero:[Intimidate] I never mentioned relics. Hand them over or pay the price. Goodbye.
Hidden-Hands: Wait! Some High Elf pilgrim offered my tail's weight in gold for those things. But after he saw them, he said they were useless! Take the relics. I want nothing to do with any of this.
Hero: You should go. Goodbye.

Wareem: Did you recover our stolen relics?
Hero: I recovered the relics from Hidden-Hands.
Wareem: Our relics, stolen by one of our own? He knew their lack of worth to outsiders. Perhaps his egg spent too much time in the shade before his hatching. No matter, it's enough you've returned them to us.

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