Manthirs Debt [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 26

Text of the Quest:

Manthirs Debt I met a Khajiit called Cold-Eyes who is looking to collect a debt. Hell g I've me a cut if I help him. The Bosmer who owes the debt, Manthir, lives near the market square in Woodhearth. I should go and talk to him to see if hell pay the debt.

Cold-Eyes: You strike an imposing figure, friend. And you look like you might not be shy about using it to make a little coin, yes? I've got a little problem, and I think the answer just stepped onto this balcony.
Hero: I might be interested. What's the problem?
Cold-Eyes: The boss offers certain ... services here in Woodhearth. As expected, such services are not free. One called Manthir owes the boss a cut of his profits, but is holding out now that his payment is due. This one means to collect, one way or the other.
Hero: You want me to talk to him?
Cold-Eyes: Only certain kinds of people profit from war. Manthir has benefited particularly, even as we are spread thin. In such times, we often employ outsiders. Collect the payment from Manthir and a cut of it is yours. Simple, yes?
Hero: I'll see what I can do.

Manthir: i'm quite busy at the moment, sorry. I'll be lucky if this haul allows me to keep myself fed, much less pay off my debts. Please leave me to my work.
Hero: About your debts ....
Manthir: Oh, not this again. Look, run along and tell those flea-bitten cats that I'll have their coin as soon as possible. It isn't my fault that damned clever Farwen nicked it right out from under my nose! [
Hero: Intimidate] Hand over what you have or I'll take it from your corpse.
Manthir: Wha—oh, fine. I'd rather be hungry than dead. I never thought those Khajiit would resort to such tactics. Here, take it and be gone.

Cold-Eyes: You return. And with the gold, yes?
Hero: I have it right here. Manthir says he's done dealing with you.
Cold-Eyes: We'll see about that. But you have done as was asked, and will have your gold as we agreed. The noble Bashshi-ra appreciates your service ... and your discretion.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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