Lost in the Mist [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 27

Text of the Quest:

Destroying the cursed skull held by the Shademist vampires has cleared the moors of corruption, but Thorinor says his wife was among the missing and never returned. Thorinor wants me to search Shademist Moors for his wife, or some sign that would confirm she is dead.

Thorinor: You ... did I overhear you correctly? Vampires were the source of the creatures and the corrupted mist? Tell me it isn't so.
Hero: It was, but I dealt with them.
Thorinor: it's just that my wife, Elsenia, was among the lost, and while some have returned, she never came back. I don't know if she's dead or just lost out there, alone. I've searched for days, but there's no sign of her. I've just about given up hope.
Hero: Don't give up yet. Maybe I can help you.
Thorinor: Would you? With the mist returning to normal now, it might be easier to find her. That's what I hope, at least.
Hero: I'll take a look.

Elsenia: I know you're looking for me. I'm showing myself to tell you to leave. Tell Thorinor you found me dead. It'll be true enough soon. I'm going to end my life before I turn.
Hero: What do you mean "turn"?
Elsenia: I was out gathering fungi when the mist suddenly took on a strange hue. The next thing I remember is waking up in a dark place, surrounded by strange Bosmer with glowing eyes. They told me I'd be one of them soon. It's true. I can feel it.
Hero: So what will you do now?
Elsenia: I don't know. I've seen my husband out here, calling for me. I keep myself hidden because I don't want him to see. I can't go home like this. When I turn .... Just leave me. I'll end it soon. I just want to watch the sea a bit longer.
Hero: What about a cure?
Elsenia: A cure for this? Ha. You mean like the potions the Wild Witch brews in children's stories?
Hero: Who is the Wild Witch?
Elsenia: It's said her hovel appears and disappears at her whim, and that she could brew potions to cure any ailment. It's been a long time since I heard that story. And that's all it is. A story. I'm going now. Please don't look for me again.

Galereth: What's this now?
Hero: Are you the one they call the Wild Witch?
Galereth: How would I know what others call me? I am Galereth. And you are inside my home. Why have you come here?
Hero: I'm trying to help someone. Can you make a cure for vampirism?
Galereth: I might have something that will do the trick, assuming they haven't fully turned. But I expect you to do something for me in return first.
Hero: [Persuade] I don't have much time. Help me so I can reunite her with her husband.
Galereth: So she can't face her husband after what she's become. I ... know what that feels like. Very well. Take this to her as soon as possible. She must drink it before her transformation is complete or it will be too late.

Elsenia: You again? Please, I have nothing more to say about it.
Hero: I found the Wild Witch. She made this antidote for you.
Elsenia: I'm already suffering enough without you making a mockery of me. I just started thinking about my childhood now that my life is over, that's all. I liked those stories. Even if that's all they were. Children's tales.
Hero: Just drink this.
Elsenia: Blech. Tastes like bugs.
Hero: You should feel it already. Like I said, you're cured. You can go home now.
Elsenia: I do ... I do feel somewhat warmer. More myself. Less cloudy. But what if they come for me again? I feel like they were in my mind. Always watching.
Hero: The vampires are gone. I destroyed them.
Elsenia: I see. I noticed the mist had changed. I thought it was only my changed eyes embracing its corruption. Thank you for this. I thought it was hopeless, but now I can return home to Thorinor.
Hero: Go home to him. He needs you.
Elsenia: I will. I can't wait to see him again. Please, take this. It isn't much, for I could never repay what you've done for me, but I hope it will suffice.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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