Making Amends [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

The Skald-King and the other Ebonheart Pact leaders have established a base at Jorunn's Stand. While the Skald-King recovers, the leaders need to decide how to deal with Fildgor Orcthane.

Hlotild the Fox: I've been waiting for you to arrive.
Hero: Why were you expecting me?
Hlotild the Fox: Prince Irnskar commanded me to keep watch. He wants to speak to you. He's on the battlements at the east gate, watching the movements of Fildgor Orcthane's troops.
Hero: I'll find Prince Irnskar.
Hlotild the Fox: Things are quiet here. For now.
Hero: Is the Skald-King here?
Hlotild the Fox: Indeed! The soldiers call this place Jorunn's Stand, for King Jorunn is determined to stop the Orcthane and restore peace to Eastmarch from this very encampment.
Hero: Has the King Jorunn recovered from the poison?
Hlotild the Fox: The assassination attempt hasn't hindered the Skald-King's ability to command, if that's what you're asking. The Dark Elf healers tend to him and he grows stronger every day.
Hero: Are the Pact leaders getting along with Prince Irnskar?
Hlotild the Fox: There's still some tension. The Prince made accusations when the King was poisoned, and that certainly hasn't helped matters. To his credit, though, Prince Irnskar seeks to make amends for the strained relations.

Prince Irnskar: Well met, my friend!
Hero: How is the Skald-King doing?
Prince Irnskar: My father is still weak from the poison, but he's recovering. I'm organizing things here while he gets his strength back. I need to regain the confidence of our Dark Elf and Argonian allies. My regrettable actions at Fort Amol have made them wary.
Hero: How can I help?
Prince Irnskar: Speak to the highest-ranking Pact leaders in the camp—General Yeveth Noramil of the Dark Elves and the Argonian leader, Eyes-of-Steel. See what we can do to demonstrate the strength of the Pact.
Hero: Right away. Prince Irnskar.

Eyes-of-Steel: Ah, the brave and mysterious champion returns. Do you have something for me?
Hero: I defeated the Stormfist commander.
Eyes-of-Steel: And I see that you brought me his head. Bitterblade was a worthy foe and your efforts on behalf of Prince Irnskar have improved my opinion of him considerably. I shall confer with the Prince and offer my counsel as needed.

General Yeveth Noramil: Alert the heralds. Irnskar's errand runner has returned.
Hero: I charged Viper's Strike for you.
General Yeveth Noramil: So you have. I'd applaud, but killing a few Stormfists isn't really that significant of an accomplishment. However, your efforts on behalf of the princeling prove that he does wish to make amends for his idiotic behavior at Fort Amol.
Hero: It would probably help if you stopped calling him "princeling."
General Yeveth Noramil: True, but that's not as much fun. Oh, very well! I shall work with Prince Irnskar. He shall benefit from my considerable knowledge and expertise.

Prince Irnskar: Well met, my friend!
Hero: I completed the tasks for the Argonian and Dark Elf leaders.
Prince Irnskar: I received word that General Yeveth Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel will meet with me. I'll show them the respect they deserve and work to strengthen our alliance. Once again, your aid advances our cause. You have my gratitude.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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