Lifeline [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

Thane Oda Wolf-Sister believes that the Ternion monks might be able to heal King Jorunn. But their complex rituals require special components.

Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The Stormfists have been dealt with and the duplicates rounded up. But whatever poison attacks the King grows worse with each passing hour. We can't help him without more information.
Hero: The Argonian ambassador said the poison was Daedric.
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: Now our enemies stoop so low as to ally themselves with Daedra? The poison will kill the King before we can get him to the healers in Windhelm. And no one here can cure a poison like this. We need to ask the Ternion monks for help.
Hero: The Ternion monks?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: An old cult. Worship totem gods. Call them monks or witches as you will, but they wield strong healing magic. Their rituals are complex, and those who seek their help must bring their own ritual components.
Hero: I'll help. What do I need to do?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The poison weakens the King. We need a substance to bolster his life force. The Ternion monks also require a focus. An object or even a person. Something or someone that possesses a rare power can serve this function.
Hero: What can bolster the King's life force?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The blood of a vampire gives strength and vitality, even to those on death's door. Whatever runs through their veins serves to enhance their life force. The tiniest amount should suffice to get the King through the ritual.
Hero: You want to put vampire blood in the King? Won't that turn him?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: His body is shutting down. This blood will work as a countering agent to the poison. It won't be enough to turn him. I don't think. Besides, we don't have many options available to us, do we?
Hero: Where do I get vampire blood?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The hot springs to the north. Rumors suggest the place is haunted by the undead. Wittestadr, they call it. Let's hope the rumors are true. Of course, you'll also need to get one of them to give you its blood.
Hero: What can we use as a focus?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The Argonians joked about one of their own during the feast. They called him the Dreamwalker. He watches over the dreams of the people of Darkwater Crossing. Yes, the same place where the trolls now run rampant.
Hero: How do we know he survived?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: I am connected to the spirits of this world. Specifically, I have a bond with the spirit of the wolf. This bond has existed my entire life, even when I was a small child. When the spirits called to me, I left my home to seek them out.
Hero: What did you find?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: I found the Ternion monks. A cult, some would call them. But they heard the spirits, just as I did. They took me in. Trained me to listen to the call of the wild. To hone my skills. To be one with nature.
Hero: Why didn't you stay with them?
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: I was young and I missed my family. My responsibility to my bloodline finally called me back to Windhelm. I left the people I grew to love, in the middle of the night, and never looked back. Now we must go to them to save our King.

Stormy-Eyes: If you ever need assistance, you need only to ask. I owe you the largest of favors. As do my people.
Hero: I need your help.
Stormy-Eyes: Of course. A favor was promised, and a favor you shall receive. What do you ask of me?
Hero: King Jorunn has been poisoned. I need your help.
Stormy-Eyes: Poison? Poison is more dangerous than physical wounds. Some of these vile substances cause dreams to collapse. No matter. A promise is a promise. Where is the King?
Hero: With the Ternion monks.
Stormy-Eyes: The Ternion monks! I have heard many things about them! Many interesting abilities are attributed to these monks. Now I'm eager to visit the Ternions. I'll meet you there.

Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The spirits told me you were close. I spoke to the Ternion monks. They admitted the King and the Prince, but not me. I left the fold. They remember that. But they will help the King.
Hero: What now?

Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: The Dreamwalker is already inside. Let the monks know you bring the ritual components. I must be off. Fildgor is on the run and we're closing in. Now go. Save the King so he can lead us to victory.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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