Luck of the Albatross [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 16

Text of the Quest:

Luck of the Albatross led a mutiny against the captain and crew of the Albatross as they searched for ancient treasure. If I plan to help Captain Linwen rescue her crew, Ill need to know more about whats going on inside.


Talk to Captain Linwen

Engor: Captain, are there two of you standing there?
Hero: "Captain?" What are you talking about?
Engor: Oh, I thought you were someone else. I guess I'm still seeing double. And ... also hallucinating. I took a blow to the head during the mutiny. Been double hallucinating ever since.
Hero: Mutiny? What mutiny?
Engor: I was quartermaster on the Albatross until Brauti Bloodshark led a mutiny. He and his traitors captured most of the crew while we explored the Cave of Broken Sails for a lost treasure. Captain should be up by the cave. She can tell you more.
Hero: I'll go talk to your captain.

Captain Linwen: You aren't with the Dominion, are you?
Hero: Why do you ask?
Captain Linwen: I'm captain of the independent sailing vessel Albatross. We found a map to an Imperial treasury that led us here, to the Cave of Broken Sails. But when we tried to claim it, our fortunes ebbed with the tides.
Hero: What happened?
Captain Linwen: We're tired of sailing independently. We planned to hand over the treasure to the Thalmor so they could make us privateers. But Brauti Bloodshark led a mutiny, captured most of my crew, and kidnapped my wife. Once he has the treasure, he'll kill them all.
Hero: I might be able to help, but I'll need to know more.
Captain Linwen: Of course. You're the only hope I have of getting my wife back from Brauti Bloodshark. I'll tell you everything I know about the Imperial death traps inside that cave.
Hero: Why did Brauti Bloodshark kidnap your wife?
Captain Linwen: Brauti Bloodshark thinks she can unravel the secrets of the treasure's guardians. He'll keep her alive until she's no longer useful. Or until he sees me. Said he'd kill her the moment I show my face. Bastard.
Hero: What sort of dangers can I expect in there?
Captain Linwen: Undead guardians. The Imperials must really want to keep people away from the treasure if they resorted to necromancy. Oh, and watch the floors for traps. Fire, spike plates ... one wrong step and you'll be mutton on a spit.
Hero: How did you escape?
Captain Linwen: I ran. Sword arm was useless, and there's no way I can rescue my crew if I'm dead. Didn't realize so few of us escaped. But you're nowhere near as banged up. If you help rescue my crew ... my wife .... Well, not all the treasure has to go to Elden Root.
Hero: That's all I need to know. I'll head inside the cave.
Captain Linwen: All right. You can access the cave through the old mine behind me. Oh, and if you spot any of my crew, send them this way. We'll need more numbers to take out the mutineers.

Albatross Crewman: The sailor appears to have died recently. His clothing has obvious burns, and his scorched pants appear to have fused with his legs.

Albatross Crewman: This sailor seems to have died recently. A variety of puncture wounds mar the legs, and both feet were cleanly punctured through. It appears as though the sailor crawled here before she expired.

Albatross Crewman: The sailor seems to have died very recently. Her torn shirt barely hides her lacerated chest. Vicious claw marks ripped her torso to shreds.

Bulag: I surrender! Wait, you're not one of those mutineer bastards. Please, you have to help me!
Hero: Who are you?
Bulag: A sailor on the Albatross. There was a mutiny. Brauti Bloodshark captured us and forced us to set off the traps in this damned cave. We fell, one by one. Some of us ran, but I haven't seen any other crew. Aside from Nuttall, I mean.
Hero: Who's Nuttall?
Bulag: He’s my trained monkey. Well, he's more than that. Full-fledged crewmonkey of the Albatross, we have him untie hard-to-reach knots in the rigging. Wait, have you seen any of my crew? We can't be the only ones to escape the bloodbath in the cave.
Hero: Captain Linwen asked me to send anyone I found to the mouth of this cave.
Bulag: The captain's alive? Rajhin's luck, that's good news! Listen, Brauti Bloodshark is dead set on getting into the Imperial Vault. If Captain Linwen sent you to find the crew, you'd better get there before that bloodthirsty bastard kills them all off.
Hero: How did you make it past the traps?
Bulag: Here, take this bag of dried fruit. Toss some at the disarming mechanism and Nuttall will do the rest. That little guy is the only way I made it through. You two stay safe. I'll find the captain. We won't leave you to do this alone!

Nuttall: Eee! Eee!
Hero: Watch the monkey.
Nuttall: You see Nuttall is extremely agitated. He seems ready to bolt down the hallway, but keeps staring at you.
Hero: Follow the monkey.

Captain Linwen: You work fast. Bulag found us and told us what happened. All we had to do was follow the trail of corpses and disarmed traps. Bulag said you went after the treasure that had Brauti Bloodshark so worked up. Did you find it?
Hero: There was never any treasure here, just a cache of Imperial war supplies.
Captain Linwen: Let me see those papers ... "Preservation Room?" Oh, no. Brauti Bloodshark doesn't have enough mutineers to crew the Albatross. Bulag said he kept going on about needing a "skeleton crew." I think he meant a crew literally made of skeletons.
Hero: Can he do that?
Captain Linwen: It must be why he needs my wife. The writing on the back of Faenir's map was coded, except for the phrase "Preservation Ritual." That must be it. Once she decodes the ritual, Brauti Bloodshark will turn my crew into his undead minions.
Hero: How do we stop him?
Captain Linwen: The last we saw, Bosun Firen guarded the long hall into the great cavern. If that crafty bastard sees me approach, he'll fall back and warn Brauti Bloodshark. Then my wife dies.
Hero: What do you need me to do?
Captain Linwen: If he hasn't already fallen to the undead, I want you to hold his attention while we slip by and free up some more of my crew. Oh, Bulag wanted to speak with you before you left. But if you just want to get moving, we'll see you inside the great cavern.

Captain Linwen: Nice work back there. Nuttall found an old vent that led to this chamber. More climbing than I'd have liked, but we made it through. My crew is making short work of the mutineers behind us, but there are still plenty more in the cavern.
Hero: Let's stop Brauti Bloodshark.
Captain Linwen: Agreed. But we need to draw him out. Otherwise he'll order the mutineers to kill my crew. And if he sees my face, Faenir is as good as dead. We have to be smart about this.
Hero: How do we draw him out?
Captain Linwen: With fire. There's a barrel of kindlepitch on the docks. If you burn the Imperial war supplies on the docks, everyone will be too focused on putting it out to worry about Brauti Bloodshark. When he shows his face, you can stick a blade through it.
Hero: You want me to do this on my own?
Captain Linwen: Here, take this whistle. Give it a sharp blast and my crew will help you fight any mutineers in your path. Once they're distracted, we'll keep the mutineers off your back while you hunt Brauti Bloodshark. Good luck.

Faenir: You don't understand. He's insane! He'll keep trying to control the undead until he succeeds.
Hero: Brauti Bloodshark is dead.
Faenir: Then it's over. There's no way the mutineers will fight without him. Toward the end, he frightened even his most loyal sailors. Have you seen Captain Linwen? Is she all right?
Hero: She sent me to find you.
Faenir: Thank the gods! If only I'd burned the cursed map to this place. But perhaps there's something to salvage here. The Dominion will welcome a cave full of Imperial war supplies. That should be enough for a full pardon and a letter of marque.
Hero: A full pardon? For what?
Faenir: You must know of our raids across the Long Coast? Well, that's behind us now. The treasure will wipe our debts clean so we can put our talents to use in the Queen's Own Navy. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find my wife.
Hero: See you outside.

Captain Linwen: The traitors lost their fight once you killed Brauti Bloodshark. I'd rather hang the lot of them, but Faenir said some were coerced into it. Even so, they'll need some kind of punishment.
Hero: What will you do now?
Captain Linwen: What we first planned to do. Once we inventory the weapons and supplies in this cave, we'll present the list to the Thalmor. If they like what they see, they'll give us our amnesty and make us part of the Queen's Own Navy.
Hero: Faenir said you were raiders.
Captain Linwen: We were. But those days are over. I should have seen they never would be for Brauti Bloodshark. The damnable thing is he was an excellent first mate. Up until the promise of treasure warped his mind, I suppose.
Hero: What will you do with the mutineers?
Captain Linwen: Those who planned it will hang. The rest who were forced into it? They can leave, unless my crew objects. I need to spend some time with Faenir. Before you go, find Bulag. He put something together for you. Our way of saying thanks.
Hero: What do you mean?
Captain Linwen: It may not be much, but Bulag scraped together a reward. We can't exactly pay you in catapults. Not if we want the Dominion to take us in. What you did for us ... we won't forget it.
Hero: Why did you call your ship the Albatross?
Captain Linwen: Because it's the unluckiest thing I could think of. The sight of those birds terrify sailors from one end of Tamriel to the other. You'd think they were Daedric Princes with wings.
Hero: Why name your ship after an unlucky bird?
Captain Linwen: i don't want my ship filled with superstitious fools moaning about the draugr below the waves, or cursed gold in treasure chests. I want a straight-backed crew ready to knock the draugr overboard and dispell ancient curses, so we can spend the gold.

Bulag: Can't say where the Albatross will head next, but you're always welcome aboard. None of us will forget what you did here. And Nuttall won't forget, either.
Hero: I'm glad I could help.
Bulag: Saving our lives is a little more than just "help." Next time you see us, we'll be privateers! Nuttall and I are going to miss you. We scrounged a bit and came up with something. I hope it serves you well.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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