Lost Treasures [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 16

Text of the Quest:

Some of his inn workers were meeting a trader to restock supplies when pirates invaded . Everyone scattered, and now his workers are lost in the marsh. I should keep an eye out for the missing inn workers. If I can protect them from the marshs dangers, they should be able to get to safety.


Rescue Workers in Marsh

Eryarion: I thought running an inn would be safer than sailing a merchant scow. And yet, pirates. Always pirates.
Hero: What happened?
Eryarion: I was short on some supplies. I planned to meet with a trader to restock. Then, pirates. Everyone ran in different directions. I heard some screams out in the marsh, but I twisted my ankle.
Hero: Who was screaming?
Eryarion: My workers. They're like family, the kind that doesn't know their way around a marsh. Not like you. Hey, if you run across them, would you mind keeping them safe? Especially Khezuli, my cook. As long as she's all right. I'll be all right.
Hero: I'll look for your workers.

Khezuli: I can't believe it! All these soldiers and not a decent mess kit among them? If only I'd returned with some supplies.
Hero: The workers made it to safety.
Khezuli: Truly? This is wonderful! Please, accept a meager payment for your trouble. And if a strangler-infested marsh doesn't frighten you, perhaps we should speak of additional work.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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