Left at the Altar [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 34

Text of the Quest:

Left at the Altar A Crown bride, Tiela, has been left at the altar because the Forebear groom, Casnar, hasnt shown up for the wedding. Both families are angry, and Ive agreed to help settle the matter. The brides father asked me to speak with Casnars brother, Enneh, at his stall in the market. If Enneh doesnt know where Casnar is, Tiela has agreed to call off the wedding.


Talk to Enneh at-Tarin

Jagnas: How much longer must we pretend? My daughter wails in disappointment and our two families verge on coming to blows! There is nothing to be done for it! The groom is not coming!
Hero: What happened to the groom?
Jagnas: We do not know. Casnar may be among those who recently went missing, or ... he simply changed his mind. He is a Forebear, after all. I warned her—Crowns and Forebears should not mix! Now, everyone is angry. She must call off the wedding!
Hero: Why won't she call it off?
Jagnas: Tiela is like a duneripper in a sandstorm! She buries her head to hide from the truth! Perhaps you can help. I must stay here, but someone needs to speak to Casnar's brother. Unless he can explain things, my daughter has agreed to give up.
Hero: I can go speak with Casnar's brother.
Jagnas: I am most grateful for your help. Casnar's brother, Enneh, will be at his market stall. The wedding offended him so greatly, he had refused to attend. Whether he knows what happened to Casnar or not, let us hope we can soon put the matter to rest.
Hero: What makes you think Casnar is missing?
Jagnas: I hope he is not missing, but we must consider the possibility. Many people have disappeared, and the young man doesn't show up for his own wedding? For his sake, I hope he simply changed his mind.
Hero: Why would Casnar change his mind?
Jagnas: With a young man, the blood runs hot. He may have found another woman. Or it could be that he realized the foolishness of the idea. His family does not support the marriage either. His brother was not even planning to attend!
Hero: Why is this wedding such a problem for everyone?
Jagnas: For a Crown to marry a Forebear? In Sentinel, this may happen, but in Bergama, it is unheard of. For generations, our families' allegiances have not changed. If these two marry, whatever allegiance they choose, they will offend half the city.
Hero: Maybe it's a chance for everyone to come together.
Jagnas: Ha! Oh yes! I'm sure King Fahara'jad would like that very much! For Crowns and Forebears to settle our differences while he is in power, this would mean Fahara'jad's line would have everlasting legitimacy. I cannot support that.

Enneh at-Tarin: Welcome to Bergama, wayfarer! We have the finest musical instruments in all Hammerfell! If you want a harp, or lute, or even a drum, you've come to the right place! Though that is not why you are here ... is it?
Hero: Do you know where your brother is?
Enneh at-Tarin: Casnar? That's a ... sore subject. Believe it or not, he's actually getting married today. Should be at the wedding right now. I know. I know. I should be there, but I'm not.
Hero: Casnar's not there either.
Enneh at-Tarin: He's not? Well... I'll be a lizard's uncle. I guess our little talk may have convinced him after all! We all went out drinking last night, and my cousin and I made one last attempt to talk him out of it. I guess it worked.
Hero: So it's safe to assume he's changed his mind?
Enneh at-Tarin: Damn. I don't know. I would have expected him to tell me if he had made such a decision. With so many people missing lately, I prefer to make sure. He should be at my cousin's house—the last one before the west gate. Will you check?
Hero: Yes. I'll go see if Casnar is at the house.
Enneh at-Tarin: The more I think about it, the more this concerns me. If you find my brother, tell him to come speak with me. If he doesn't come soon, I'm going to close up shop and help you search.
Hero: Why are you opposed to the wedding?
Enneh at-Tarin: You must understand. I love my little brother, but he's so naive. He shouldn't associate with a Crown girl, let alone marry her. Our father—Tu'whacca keep his soul—would never have approved, so I cannot approve either.
Hero: Don't you want him to be happy?
Enneh at-Tarin: Of course I do! But... I cannot disrespect our father's memory .... None of this matters though. Right now, all that matters is Casnar's safety. I will approve the marriage before I see him harmed!

Casnar at-Tarin: Do you often just walk into people's houses and snoop around upstairs? If my cousin were here, he might not be so friendly. Me ... I don't care. I don't really care about anything at this point.
Hero: I came here looking for you. Why aren't you at the wedding?
Casnar at-Tarin: I don't know. Maybe because there are armed thugs out there, with orders to break my kneecaps if I try to leave? If I thought I could get past them, I'd make a run for it, but they'd catch me. It would be pointless.
Hero: Why would they break your kneecaps?
Casnar at-Tarin: Ask Tiela's father. He's the one who hired them. Paid Uncle Thakh to make sure I don't get to the wedding. Jagnas has been against our marriage from the beginning. I don't know why I thought he would come around.
Hero: Jagnas is the one who sent me.
Casnar at-Tarin: Of course! He wants Tiela to think I stood her up. She'll hate me for the rest of her life and think he was right all along. The bastard. If my father were alive, he'd beat the Oblivion out of Jagnas. Of course, that would only make things worse.
Hero: Maybe I should talk to him.
Casnar at-Tarin: Don't bother. If he went to this much trouble, he won't change his mind. If you really want to help, there's only one way. You'll have to talk to Uncle Thakh.
Hero: Who is Uncle Thahk?
Casnar at-Tarin: Uncle Thakh and his gang run the streets here in Bergama. They're not above-the-law, but they can be dangerous. if you can convince Uncle Thakh to let me out, I'll go to the wedding. Jagnas won't be able to say a thing.
Hero: I'll go talk to Uncle Thakh then.

Uncle Thakh gro-Ram: Look at this! You walk in like you own the place, like you fear absolutely nothing. If it's a fight you want, though, you've come to the wrong place. This is a place of business. I'm a businessman.
Hero: I came to talk about Casnar at-Tarin.
Uncle Thakh gro-Ram: Casnar? Why doesn't Casnar come talk to me himself? Oh yes, I remember. He prefers the indoors. Probably better that way. Yes. Casnar needs to stay at home ... or do you take issue with that?
Hero: [Intimidate] How about I take issue with your face? Give it a few new scars? Goodbye.
Uncle Thakh gro-Ram: Slow down now. No need to be rude. Like I said, I'm a businessman. Truth is, I didn't much like the deal I had with Jagnas anyways. You'll owe me a favor, but I'll give him a refund, and your boy can get married whenever he likes.
Hero: You've made a smart decision.
Uncle Thakh gro-Ram: My people wouldn't have really hurt the kid anyways. Casnar and Tiela make a nice couple. In fact, if you'll do me that favor we discussed, I'll have my men escort Casnar right up to the altar.
Hero: What kind of favor are we talking about?
Uncle Thakh gro-Ram: Get them a gift. Some Hag's Breath! It's an aphrodisiac. They might not be able to walk for a few days, but it'll make the wedding night unforgettable! There's an old hag in the desert—Viyaneh. Kill her and bring her Hag's Breath to the wedding.
Hero: All right. I'll go get the Hag's Breath.

Tiela: You! I am so glad you made it in time! We are just about to begin the ceremony. Casnar told me everything, and knowing what you have done, you are the guest of honor!
Hero: Uncle Thakh gro-Ram asked me to give you this Hag's Breath as a wedding gift. Goodbye.
Tiela: Oh goodness! Hag's Breath! What a ... special gift. Thank you. Thank you both. Please, you must stay for the ceremony. It would mean so much to Casnar, and to me. This marriage would not have been possible without you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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