Lady Laurents Favor [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

Lady Laurents Favor Lady Laurent is displeased with her butler, Stibbons, for leading the Elves to Salas En. To get back in her good favor, hes asked me to help him by gathering Laurents tools from among the ruins. Stibbons suggested I find and speak to Tamien.


Talk to Tamien

Stibbons: Oh, hello! I was just... tidying up. This was our camp before the Elves came. Well, it was Lady Laurent's camp. I shouldn't say "our" anymore. Oh goodness! What will I do? She fired me!
Hero: Why did she fire you? Goodbye.
Stibbons: Because it's all my fault—the Aldmeri. Lady Laurent sent me through the portal to investigate. When the Elves saw me, I ran ... and led them to the portal. So now she hates me. Please, I beg you. Will you help me get back in her good graces?
Hero: Sure. What do you need me to do? Goodbye.
Stibbons: Praise you! Praise you! I'm trying to gather all her things, but her tools are scattered out in the ruins, and those are her most important possessions. If you'll get the tools for me, I just know she'll forgive me. I just know it.
Hero: All right. I'll go get the tools. Goodbye.
Stibbons: There's one more thing you should know. Lady Laurent hired this thuggish Tamien fellow, and I believe she already asked him to recover her tools. You should speak with him up on the ramparts and tell him we have it taken care of.
Hero: Why not just let Tamien get the tools? Goodbye.
Stibbons: Because he's a brute and I need to be the one to give her the tools. If I can't make her forgive me, she'll just leave me here, and then, what will I do? This is my only chance!

Tamien Sellan: Well, well, well! If it isn't my old friend from Crosswych. Let me guess—Lady Laurent has you helping clean up this mess she made? Or is it Stibbons? The bootless coward. He's hoping Lady Laurent will forgive him.
Hero: Stibbons asked me to recover her tools.
Tamien Sellan: Did he? I'm surprised he could get that out through the whimpering and whining! Lady Laurent already has someone to recover her tools, and you would recover them and give Stibbons the credit?
Hero: So does that mean you're gathering the tools?
Tamien Sellan: Just following orders. Even before this, Stibbons couldn't keep up, so Lady Laurent hired me. I was just getting a bird's eye view before getting to work. Say though, if you were going to save Stibbons the trouble, why not help me instead?
Hero: Why would I do that? Goodbye.
Tamien Sellan: Well for one thing, I'm better-looking. For another, I'm actually getting paid. Stibbons was always just a glorified slave. Help me get the tools and I'll cut you in.
Hero: I'll have to think about it.
Tamien Sellan: Don't think too long. I'll go down there and get the tools myself if I have to. They're in backpacks, by the way. I bet Stibbons didn't even tell you that.
Hero: It's good to see you again. How's the mercenary business been?
Hero: Have you collected any tools already? Goodbye.
Tamien Sellan: It could be worse. Lady Laurent pays well and she's got a pretty ambitious travel schedule, so I'm getting to see places I'd never dreamed of.
Hero: Can't say this desert's one of the highlights though.
Stibbons: Well, I think I've gathered up all Lady Laurent's personal effects from the camp. I just need those tools from out in the ruins. I don't suppose you beat Tamien to them, did you?
Hero: I've got all the tools right here.

Stibbons: Praise the Eight! You just saved my reputation, and my livelihood. Can I have the tools then?
Hero: Yes. Take them.
Stibbons: Ha! That sneaky Tamien fellow sure will be surprised. Hopefully now, Lady Laurent will forgive me and realize we don't need any hired help. A mercenary ... what in Oblivion was she thinking?
Hero: Complete Quest.

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