Keepers of the Shell [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 28
Reward: 216

Text of the Quest:

I should help Keeper Uxith-Ei buy time until Vicecanon Servyna returns with reinforcements to drive out the Dominion.


Find Keeper Uxith-Ei


Vicecanon Servyna: If you haven't seen it yourself, Dominion forces are all over the Hatching Pools. They kill anyone who tries to leave. The only good news is they've left the eggs unharmed. We could use your help in learning why.
Hero: How can I help?
Vicecanon Servyna: I'd like you to cut down every Dominion soldier you see, but a quieter approach is more prudent. Either way, find Keeper Uxith-Ei. He'll know howto buy time until I arrive with reinforcements.
Hero: I'll find a way to help the keepers.
Vicecanon Servyna: Ukatsei found ceremonial garb in the chest behind me. He made it past Dominion guards, but one of their tigers sniffed him out. His wounds weren't too severe. You could use the garb to seek out Keeper Uxith-Ei. Just keep an eye out for tigers.
Hero: What will you do?
Vicecanon Servyna: Report the extent of this attack to Vicecanon Heita-Meen. I expect to return with reinforcements quite soon. We'll drive the Dominion from the Hatching Pools. If you see opportunities to aid the keepers, I urge you to do so.
Hero: Goodbye.

Keeper Uxith-Ei: If you're another Dominion retainer come to mock our hatching ritual, we won't stop you. Not that we have a choice.
Hero:Vicecanon Servyna sent me to learn the Dominion's plans.
Keeper Uxith-Ei: The Dominion tells us nothing. Those who left, they killed. Those who stayed, they let live. We don't know why. We continue to prepare for the hatching. They haven't stopped us from that, yet. Hero:What can I do to help?
Keeper Uxith-Ei: As we speak, the eggs grow moist. Before we begin the hatching, I wish to know the Dominion's intentions. But endangering yourself on our behalf isn't something I can ask.
Hero: I can handle the Dominion.
Keeper Uxith-Ei: Then go, light the braziers in the xanmeers of First Light and Setting Sun. As you walk amongst the Dominion, listen with care. We must know if they mean us harm. And look for Assistant Telixith. If she ... still lives, inform her I'll need her assistance.
Hero: Goodbye.

Assistant Telixith: Have you come to stop the Dominion soldier who devours my kin?
Hero: What? No, Keeper Uxith-Ei asked me to find you.
Assistant Telixith: Keeper Uxith-Ei can go count his scales. This Dominion dryskin cooked and ate one of our unhatched eggs! Though I'm sworn to the Shell, I won't allow him to harm another.
Hero: Your duty is to Keeper Uxith-Ei.
Assistant Telixith: Make the egg he consumed his final meal! Spill his blood upon the ground, where it may feed the roots of future generations. Show we fight to protect our young.
Hero: I'll stop him from eating any more eggs.

Keeper Uxith-Ei: The braziers burn atop the xanmeers' pinnacles. Tell me, what have you learned of the Dominion's plans?
Hero: After the hatching, they'll kill everyone in the Hatching Pools.
Keeper Uxith-Ei: There must be more to it than massacre. What can they achieve by waiting before slaughter? They could kill us now and have done with this place. Something sinister is at work, but we have no time. The hatching will soon begin.
Hero:Vicecanon Servyna will arrive soon with reinforcements.
Keeper Uxith-Ei: Then there is hope. As the hatching approaches, the Dominion will likely observe the ritual. Would you stand with us, despite the danger?
Hero: I'll stand with you.
Keeper Uxith-Ei: Then we should begin.

Keeper Uxith-Ei: The Hist... our link is gone!
Hero: What happened?
Keeper Uxith-Ei: I cannot feel the Hist. This must be why the Dominion waited. To see if the hatching would fail.
Hero: What do you mean?
Keeper Uxith-Ei: Without the Hist, the eggs can't hatch. Now there is only void! I feel it, forming around the tree. You saw what it did to Ahaht-Ei. The same will happen to our unhatched eggs!
Hero: What can I do to help?
Keeper Uxith-Ei:Гll offer myself to Sithis, in exchange for holding back the void. It must be done. Save the unhatched eggs!
Hero: I'll save the eggs.
Keeper Uxith-Ei: Keep the eggs from the void. Protect our future!
Hero: Goodbye.

Assistant Telixith: He's gone ... he died for the eggs .... Did it work? Are they safe?
Hero: I saved some of the eggs.
Assistant Telixith: Some, you say. They murdered our hatchlings, our children. Why? But you saved some. That is ... it's a good thing. It must be a good thing.
Hero: What will you do now?
Assistant Telixith: We must restore our link to the Hist. Without it, the Hatching Pools will never see our young rise from its cool waters. The Dominion could only cause such a thing with a powerful artifact.
Hero: The Dominion possesses something called the Mnemic Egg.
Assistant Telixith: Then the danger is graver than I thought. The Mnemic Egg bears the memories of the Hist. Severing our link is the least they could do with it. Come, we must leave this place!
Hero: Goodbye.

Vicecanon Servyna: What happened? If Assistant Telixith is with you, where are the others?
Hero: Dead. The Dominion attacked when the hatching ritual failed.
Vicecanon Servyna: Then we're too late.
Hero: Assistant Telixith and I saved some of the eggs.
Vicecanon Servyna: Thank Vivec, some good news! We'll bring the eggs to Hissmir where they'll be safe. You handled yourself admirably against such odds. The Dominion would've killed half a generation of Argonians without your help!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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