Into the Temple [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 29
Reward: 219

Text of the Quest:

Into the Temple After Drillks memory returned, he told me how to obtain the keystone. Its locked away in the Temple of Sul. Drillk said the word betrux will remove the ward that blocks the Temple of Sul. Doing so will allow entrance into the temple.


Break the Ward blocking the Temple of Sul


Drillk: Forgive me. The Dominion's torture ripped my thoughts away from myself. I tried to tell you before, but it was like speaking with a mind full of sap. The keystone is sealed in the Temple of Sul. I'll do all I can to help you retrieve it.
Hero: How can I get it out?
Drillk: While my people still lived, we sealed the temple with a magic ward to keep angry spirits and undead from following us out. Say "betrux" to the temple door to unseal it.
Hero: What does betrux mean?
Drillk: It means "open" in my language. I used to speak so many languages, but I've forgotten most of them. There's much I can't remember. Go, I'll be fine. I just need some time to rest. Wait here.
Hero: I'll get the keystone.

Morilye: Be gone from this temple, there is nothing for you here.
Hero: I'm looking for the keystone. Where is it?
Morilye: The keystone was stolen, absorbed by a Kothringi named Drillk. The Knahaten flu killed the rest, but somehow he was immune. Did he send you here?
Hero: Drillk said I could find the keystone in this temple.
Morilye: The Kothringi sent you to steal more Ayleid treasures! If only the flu had worked! Do not take me for a fool, thief. You shall not leave this tomb alive!
Hero: Goodbye.

Drillk: You're back, but without the keystone. What happened?
Hero: An Ayleid ghost said you'd absorbed the keystone.
Drillk: Absorbed? I don't know ... I entered the temple and saw the keystone. And then, nothing. Now that you've said it, I feel something. That must've been what kept me alive when the rest of my village died.
Hero: The ghost said you were the last of the Kothringi.
Drillk: Kothringi... yes. I remember now! I am a Kothringi! A plague swept across the village. Sickness, death, corpses piled everywhere .... Is that why I entered the temple? To find the keystone?
Hero: I don't know, but we just need to keep you and the keystone away from the Dominion.
Drillk: No, I'm the last of the Kothringi. I should rejoin my people. There's a ritual to pass the keystone on to you, although it would mean my death. Let me give you the keystone. At least my survival will have meaning.
Hero: Your sacrifice and your people will be remembered.
Drillk: When you absorb the keystone, a part of the Kothringi will live on as well.
Hero: Thank you, Drillk.

Lodyna Arethi: You've been gone for some time. How'd it go?
Hero: I've recovered the keystone, so to speak. I seem to have absorbed it.
Lodyna Arethi: Absorbed it? I'm not sure how I'll report that to the vicecanons, but you recovered it. That's all that matters.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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