Innocent Scoundrel [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Innocent Scoundrel A man named Jakarn was thrown into the Grave, a prison below . Apparently the headman of the town accused him of stealing a valuable gem. I should travel to the Grave. Its located below the palace.


Enter the Grave

Jakarn: If I found a handsome guy locked in a cell, I'd free him.
Hero: Did you really steal a gem from Headman Bhosek?
Jakarn: ls that really important right now? Sure, I took that gem, but he took it from some poor merchant. Tossed him in here to die. Can't steal from a thief, can you?
Hero: All right. I'll get you out.

Jakarn: We can't go that way.
Hero: Why not?
Jakarn: Irien's out there. Oh, and guards. I saw many, many guards. Look. Let's slip out a side exit. That way, we can both keep our heads.

Jakarn: Thanks for breaking me out back there. Listen, while you're in a heroic mood, want to help me get something I left with the Goblins?
Hero: You gave something to the Goblins?
Jakarn: I figure, if you want something kept safe, give it to the Goblins. They'll watch it for free, they're too stupid to trade it, and they'll kill anyone who tries to take it.
Hero: Won't they kill you if you try to take it?
Jakarn: Here's the thing. You went through a lot of trouble to free me, right? There's no way you'll let me get eaten by Goblins. So you, my good friend, will follow me to their mine. Yeah?

Jakarn: This is the part where I trust you.
Hero: What are you talking about?
Jakarn: I'll kill the Goblins in the scaffolding in the next room. You grab the gem. It's in a chest on the floor. There's a passage on the far side. Take that and meet me outside. If something goes wrong, regroup at the inn in town.

Moglurkgul: What were you doing in the mine? And did you see a scummy Breton up there?
Hero: What's his name?
Moglurkgul: Jakarn. He's a liar and a thief. He stole a gem from Headman Bhosek. Now, if the gem came back, Bhosek might let him live. Can you help me, or not?
Hero: Well, I did find this gem ....
Moglurkgul: I knew you were a smart one. Smarter than Jakarn. You just saved his life. If you see him again, tell him to leave this island and never come back.

Irien: If you're looking for that bastard Jakarn, he's at the tavern with a Redguard girl.
Hero: What happened?
Irien: I overheard him telling a Redguard girl he'd whisk her off to Sentinel. That he was a ship captain. She swooned like a fool. Like I did. I'd tell the Headman where he's hiding if I didn't hate the Headman more. I need off this island.

Jakarn: Glad to see you made it out.
Hero: I met Moglurkgul outside the cave. She's got the gem now.
Jakarn: Well that's a shame. Still, getting Moglurkgul off my trail is a good trade. She's relentless. I'll be honest. I'm just a little hurt. But since you saved my life, we'll call it even.
Hero: You owe me for freeing you, and Captain Kaleen needs your help.
Jakarn: Seeing as it's you asking, sure. If she's planning a job, I'm in. All I ask is a trip off this rock after it's over.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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