Goblin Marq [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Goblin Marq wants me to look for his friend, Marq, who seems to think hes a Goblin. I need to find before Marq will listen to me.

Grubby Grunyun: I hope you're not here to kill Goblins. If you are, we'll have a problem.
Hero: Why?
Grubby Grunyun: My friend is in that camp. Marq. He's lost his mind. The Goblins stole Marq's special brew. Expensive stuff. Losing it broke him. He went mad and ran off to "join his tribe."
Hero: Your friend left to be a Goblin?
Grubby Grunyun: Crazy, isn't it? He's mad as a Bosmer. Won't listen to a word I say. I'll make you a deal. Find Marq. Convince him to come back. I'll trade you some gold and we'll both walk away happy.
Hero: I'll see what I can do.
Grubby Grunyun: Start by looking for Marq's special brew. If any is left, the smell might make him slightly less crazy.
Hero: What makes this brew so special?
Grubby Grunyun: Fermentation. Flowers. A number of other things you don't want to know about. Tastes like honey but kicks like a horse. If he sold it, he'd be rich, but he just drinks it all.

Goblin Marq: Who? Go away.
Hero: Marq, I found your special brew.
Goblin Marq: Brew? Yes. Where did you get it? That smell.... Wait. Where am I? What am I wearing?
Hero: You're in a Goblin camp. Acting like a Goblin.
Goblin Marq: I ... I remember now. Too much root pulp. Less kick, more crazy. Grubby was right! I'm out of my gourd. Things are starting to make sense again.
Hero: So you'll head back to town?

Grubby Grunyun: Where's Marq? Did he listen to you?
Hero: I gave Marq his brew and he left the Goblin camp. Goodbye.
Grubby Grunyun: You gave him ... damn! He ran off to drink it all himself, didn't he? I have to get back to town. Take this, and thank you, friend!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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