House and Home [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

Redguard invaders attacked Velyn Harbor, while Drublog Wood Orcs entered the town from the hills. With the harbors defenders either killed or scattered in the attack, only a few Fists of Thalmor continue the defense. The only remaining officer in Velyn Harbor wants to form a militia to repel the invaders, but the civilians are hiding in the Trade Hall and the Mages Guild. I need to rally them and rendezvous at the Fighters Guild.

Lieutenant Ehran: Hold a moment... you're no cringing diplomat. I really don't care who you are, as long as you can help defend Velyn Harbor.
Hero: Defend Velyn Harbor? What happened?
Lieutenant Ehran: A Redguard force made landfall and assaulted Velyn Harbor! They must've made a deal with the Drublog clan of Wood Ores, as they attacked from the hills at the same time. Captain Cularalda was at the docks. She's either dead or cut off. That leaves me in charge.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Lieutenant Ehran: Civilians are trapped in the Trade Hall and Mages Guild by the Drublog. Rescue them. The sergeant can arm them and organize a counterattack under the Fists of Thalmor banner. Tell them to get to the Fighters Guild barracks. We'll meet them there.
Hero: I'll rescue the civilians.
Lieutenant Ehran: The Drublog overran the marketplace, but a few townsfolk took refuge in the Mages Guild and the Trade Hall. Concentrate your search in those buildings. Clear the way and send them to us at the barracks. We'll regroup there.
Hero: Why are the Fists of Thalmor in Velyn Harbor?
Lieutenant Ehran: The Queen sent us to escort the Green Lady to the city of Silvenar, but the Redguard and Drublog clan got here first. The captain knows more than I do, though. I hope she's still alive.
Hero: Still alive? What happened to your captain?
Lieutenant Ehran: Captain Cularalda was at the docks to meet the dignitaries. The Redguard arrived instead. She probably went down fighting. If she's alive, though, we'll rescue her!
Hero: Dignitaries? Who are you talking about?
Lieutenant Ehran: The Queen sent us to escort the Green Lady to the city of Silvenar, but the Redguard and Drublog clan got here first. The captain knows more than I do, though. I hope she's still alive.
Hero: Do you think the civilians will be able to help take back the city?
Lieutenant Ehran: I think it's worth a try. The Queen's counting on us, and with the captain dead or missing, her duty falls to me! I won't abandon Velyn Harbor without a fight, and I don't think its people will, either.
Hero: Why are the Fists of Thalmor in Velyn Harbor?
Lieutenant Ehran: The Queen sent us to escort the Green Lady to the city of Silvenar, but the Redguard and Drublog clan got here first. The captain knows more than I do, though. I hope she's still alive.
Hero: Who are the Silvenar and the Green Lady?
Lieutenant Ehran: Bosmer tradition says the Silvenar is their spiritual side, while the Green Lady is their physical side. When both sides marry, the Bosmer are stable and balanced. There's a new Silvenar and Green Lady at the moment, and they haven't married yet.
Hero: New? What happened to the old ones?
Lieutenant Ehran: The old Silvenar and Green Lady were diplomatic envoys for the Queen. Getting the Bosmer to work with the Dominion and so on, but they both died recently. Their replacements somehow absorb their... spirits. I don't know how it actually works.

Bishanti: I can't believe it! I'm going to lose everything!
Hero: Get to the Fighters Guild. Lieutenant Ehran needs help fighting the invaders.
Bishanti: Fight? I don't even know how to hold a weapon! What can I do?
Hero: You can fight beside the Fists of Thalmor and take back Velyn Harbor.
Bishanti: The Fists of Thalmor? I thought they abandoned Velyn Harbor! If they're still here, maybe there's a chance. All right. I'll help.

Imriel: We’re going to die! We're all going to die!
Hero: Go to the Fighters Guild. Lieutenant Ehran needs help driving off the invaders.
Imriel: Alone? I can't fight them by myself! I saw what they did to the others. Haven't you seen the bodies? If I hide here, maybe they'll take what they want and leave.
Hero: The Fists of Thalmor need everyone they can get.
Imriel: Really? The Thalmor are still here? I heard their captain ran away, or was killed! Maybe we've got a chance with them on our side. Velyn Harbor's my home. I'll fight for it.

Parmbarel: The invaders crossed the bridge! They've taken over the entire town!
Hero: The Fists of Thalmor need help retaking Velyn Harbor.
Parmbarel: The Fists of Thalmor? I thought they ran off! But how can they take back our entire town? There aren't enough of them. I heard the captain got killed in the first wave, along with her men.
Hero: Lieutenant Ehran is organizing a militia at the Fighters Guild.
Parmbarel: Well, they've got me! Give me a weapon and I'll learn how to fight. Thanks for finding me. I... I don't think I could've done anything on my own.

Muramil: Damn Drublog. If I had a weapon, I'd slit a few of their throats before they got me.
Hero: Head to the Fighters Guild. The Fists of Thalmor have weapons for you.
Muramil: The Fists of Thalmor are still alive? And they've got weapons? Good. I'd rather smash skulls with a mace, not my bare hands.
Hero: Find Lieutenant Ehran. He's forming a militia.
Muramil: Can't wait to give these Drublog what's coming to them. Hope the lieutenant has a good morning star. I like weapons I can swing.

Sergeant Linaarie: Nice work. I'll train our volunteers as quick as I can. Lieutenant Ehran wouldn't wait for us. He took a few of the more hot-tempered civilians and headed across the bridge. He thinks the captain is still alive.
Hero: You want me to stop him?
Sergeant Linaarie: No, but I don't want a good officer dying for one that might already be dead. Lieutenant Ehran is young, but he's one of the best lieutenants we have. The captain? Let's just say we can always get more like her.
Hero: You don't have a high opinion of the captain?
Sergeant Linaarie: Sharp, aren't you? When the assignment came down for us to be an honor guard for the Green Lady, Captain Cularalda pulled as many strings as she could to get command. Recognition is everything to her. Fighting isn't.
Hero: I'm ready to go find the lieutenant.

Lieutenant Ehran: Good. You made it! Thank you for rallying these brave men and women. We stand a chance now!
Hero: Sergeant Linaarie urges caution.
Lieutenant Ehran: She does? I'm surprised. The sergeant's one of the hardest fighters I know. We can't let up. The captain either died fighting, or she needs our help. Either way, we have to push on.
Hero: What if your captain is dead?
Lieutenant Ehran: Until I know for certain, it's my duty to attempt a rescue. Captain Cularalda and her men were on the docks when the Ra Gada landed. She might've gotten safely into the lighthouse, but I don't know.
Hero: What should we do next?
Lieutenant Ehran: We need to alert the rest of the Broken Coast. I want to send a runner to Deepwoods, just in case we can't take back the harbor. I'll keep pushing forward, on the slim chance the captain's alive. But I've an idea that needs your help.
Hero: What do you need?
Lieutenant Ehran: The Drublog hold the landward gate out of Velyn Harbor. I need you to clear the way for the runner. When the road's clear, blow this signal horn, and one of our sprinters will take word to Deepwoods.
Hero: Clear the road and blow the signal horn? I can do that.
Lieutenant Ehran: The rest of the militia and I will stop the Drublog from burning this area to the ground. I'll make one of the buildings atop the hill into a makeshift headquarters. When the runner clears the gate, meet us up there.

Lieutenant Ehran: The militia? Are they all right? I tried to lead them, but the Drublog ....
Hero: The militia is here. It looks like they made it.
Lieutenant Ehran: I couldn't wait for them. Ran ahead, too far ahead. Impatience. My curse! The captain ... if she's alive .... Sergeant Linaarie's in charge. She's got to ... to save Velyn Harbor now.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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