Fulfilling Ones Fate [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

The Worm Cult invaded Ouze and captured its primary protector, . I need to find Spinner Indinael and find out what can be done to stop the Worm Cult.

Spinner Endrith: We've got to save her before it's too late!
Hero: Save who? What's happened?
Spinner Endrith: Spinner Indinael tried to stop the Worm Cult from defiling this burial site. They took her! I saw her near the center of Ouze, held captive at one of the altars. I can't imagine what they'll do to her if someone doesn't stop them!
Hero: What's a spinner doing at a burial site?
Spinner Endrith: We guard the ancient burial site of Ouze from those who'd disturb the spirits. But that part of the story's not important yet! You have to save her! Go along the road. Look for the altar in the water. Please!
Hero: All right. I'll look for Spinner Indinael.

Spinner Indinael: Someone found help. I feared it would soon be too late.
Hero: Don't worry, you're safe now.
Spinner Indinael: Safe? None of us are safe. All the threads are breaking apart. The Worm Cult awakens the Oathbreakers! The necromancers enslave the spirits of Ouzel You must stop this!
Hero: What are the necromancers doing?
Spinner Indinael: The Worm Cult wants to enslave the ancient spirits in this mire. The Bosmer buried here spurned the Green Pact long ago. Shapeshifters, unwilling to submit to Y'ffre's will. They are eternally trapped and eternally protected.
Hero: How do the necromancers plan to enslave them?
Spinner Indinael: Spriggans once guarded these burial grounds from those who would intrude or escape. The necromancers slaughtered them, and stole the heartwood from their corpses. You must burn the heartwood before they can use it to control the spirits!
Hero: I'll destroy the heartwood for you.

Spinner Indinael: My death is the beginning of a new story, and not a happy one, I fear. I feel the pulse of the Worm Cult. I must resist.
Hero: I'm sorry I was too late to save you.
Spinner Indinael: Mortal trappings are unimportant. I must see this place kept safe. Have you burned away the heartwood? Is it out of the Worm Cult's clutches?
Hero: I burned all I could find.
Spinner Indinael: Then you've thwarted the necromancers' plans to enslave the creatures of Ouze. They've one recourse left to them, but with your help, I can stop it.
Hero: What are the necromancers planning?
Spinner Indinael: Thanks to you, their plan for an army of shapeshifters has failed. Now they must put all their energy into creating one powerful creature. You must get what they need before they discover it. I've hidden it in a sack nearby. Go, quickly!
Hero: I'll get that sack.

Spinner Indinael: Cleverly hidden in plain sight. That totem is one of the most powerful relics in my possession. It will keep the Worm Cult from mastering the Oathbreakers. But first, you must prepare.
Hero: How do I do that?
Spinner Indinael: You will need the strength of a powerful Oathbreaker in order to overcome the necromancers. Guardian Celonron was the strongest shapeshifter of those who refused the Green Pact. Ever since the Totem of Y'ffre bound him here, he has protected the other spirits.
Hero: How can he help?
Spinner Indinael: You'll have to defeat him in battle to disperse his excess energy. The totem will absorb the wisps left from his exertion. He's aided the spinners for centuries, but still, he's more likely to fight you than help willingly.
Hero: I'll go find him.

Guardian Celonron: Who do you think you are, taking my energy? You think defeating me once will be enough to enslave my spirit? I'll see your bones sink into the tar first!
Hero: Are you the guardian of Ouze?
Guardian Celonron: Of course I am! My lion form suffices to dispatch trespassers. Well, usually. Now I ask the questions. Who are you, and what do you want?
Hero: A friend. Spinner Indinaei gave me this totem.
Guardian Celonron: The Totem of Y'ffre? Indinael would never part with that, not while she lives! But she doesn't live, does she? I would feel her presence if she did. You didn't steal it from her, did you?
Hero: No, she sent me to retrieve it. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it.
Guardian Celonron: Well, why don't you ask her yourself, and stop bugging me? You've drained most of my spiritual essence with it. That is as much of a contribution as I'm willing to make.
Hero: [Intimidate] Maybe I'll drain the rest until you tell me something useful.
Guardian Celonron: Hah! I know you can't; the totem is fully charged! You're not as much of a pushover as I first thought. Look for me again soon. Maybe I'll give you a hand. But you still need to find Spinner Indinael. I don't know what she's cooking up!
Hero: Very well. I'll find Spinner Indinael.

Stone Altar: The altar is empty. Someone must have taken Spinner Indinael's body.
Hero: Whoever took her can't have gone far.

Broken Bottle: The broken bottle is partially filled with fresh blood. Whoever did this must be nearby.

Dilapidated Cart: The cart is filled with putrid corpses. It has seen much use and seems ready to fall apart.

Stack of Papers: Amongst the papers is an old, torn map. There are bright bloodstains on it, as well as a fresh mark. It indicates a cave entrance along the ridge line.

Spinner Endrith: They've taken her inside, haven't they? Are we too late?
Hero: It seems so.
Spinner Endrith: Then all is lost! The stories tell of a dark creature, fueled by pure essence at its core. That is Spinner Indinael. She will become a terrible undead being, a servant to command the legions of the Worm Cult. They make her their puppet!
Hero: There must be a way to stop it.
Spinner Endrith: Wait. You have it... the totem of Y'ffre! She must have known, must have seen her fate! She's sent you to save her! You need to get inside, and quickly! The Worm Cult's already started their plans. You must use the totem to stop them!
Hero: How do I use the totem?
Spinner Endrith: Use it on the creature you find inside the caves. The Worm Cult controls it now, but the totem may be able to break their power over it. Or even destroy it entirely.
Hero: I'll do what I can.

Spinner Indinael: The threads of Ouze are repaired. You've saved the Oathbreakers, and perhaps all of the Valenwood.
Hero: Did you know I'd have to kill you?
Spinner Indinael: The threads pulled in every direction. They threatened to snap. My death was the least of the evils possible. With your help, I challenged the story. And with your strength, I was able to change my fate.
Hero: I wouldn't have been able to do it without your totem.
Spinner Indinael: A weapon is only as good as its wielder. Not one in a hundred could have used the totem to direct their will. The totem is sacred among the spinners, so it must be returned. I've asked Gwilon to thank you personally for your aid.
Hero: I'll talk to Spinner Gwilon.

Spinner Gwilon: The Worm Cult can dig in the mire all they want! Ouze is protected from their necromancy, thanks to you.
Hero: Will you be taking overfor Spinner Indinael?
Spinner Gwilon: It's my duty. Her spirit will linger a little while longer, along with the Oathbreakers disturbed by the Worm Cult. I'll have to use that time to learn as much as I can. Once the cultists leave, all of the spirits can enjoy their endless rest again.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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