Flipping the Coin [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 22

Text of the Quest:

On approaching , I came upon , a Khajiit in trouble with the local authorities. I have agreed to speak to the guard pursuing Cinder-Tail.


Talk to Tulira

Cinder-Tail: Thank the moons! As I was just explaining, that thief nearly ran us over. You chased after him. Please, tell this fine keeper of the peace what you saw. I'm still sore from the last night I spent in the stocks!
Hero: What's going on here?
Cinder-Tail: This honorable and—if I may say so—very sleek guard has mistaken me for a common sugar-thief! Please, help me clear up this misunderstanding. Hush, Gobani, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say anything.
Hero: We'll see.

Tulira: Surely this scoundrel is lying. I chased him here on my own two legs. He was only out of sight for a flick of the tail!
Hero: [Lie] It is as he says. The thief bumped into us as he fled. I chased after him.
Tulira: A very good story. I don't know how a scamp like you has such good friends, Cinder-Tail. Which way did this thief go? He made off with enough moon sugar to knock over a mammoth.
Hero: I didn't see.
Tulira: Of course not. And Jode's Chariot does not have the authority to launch an investigation. Shan-ra will not be happy. Thank you, citizen, for your vigilance.
Hero: Jode's Chariot?
Tulira: We keep the peace here in Redfur, making it safe for traders on their way to and from Elden Root. We spend most of our time catching thieves.
Hero: What do you do with them?
Tulira: Return what they stole and put them in the stocks to think about what they've done. We don't hold them for long, but they usually get the message—or become better thieves.
Hero: Why aren't the penalties harsher?
Tulira: Honestly? Thieves are good for business. They keep the market fluid and stop too much wealth from accumulating in one place. Until recently, Shan-ra would rather deal with thieves than with Thalmor bureaucrats.
Hero: Until recently?
Tulira: A reputation for being easy on thieves tends to attract thieves. The newer thieves don't give back to the people. They leave town and take their stolen goods with them. That's no good for anyone. Shan-ra may have to step in.
Hero: Shan-ra?
Tulira: He leads the Redfur Trading Coster. Every merchant who passes through Redfur pays him a small stipend to conduct business here. They expect a certain amount of protection from thieves in return. Jode's Chariot maintains order in his name.

Cinder-Tail: Thank you for playing along. You see, Gobani? This is what true friendship is! Not standing like a drooling statue as your only friend is hauled away like so many sacks of grain!
Hero: Did you really steal the moon-sugar?
Cinder-Tail: Steal? I guess that's one way of looking at it. Let's say I circumvented the market—I found the price the merchant was charging unacceptable, so I set my own.
Hero: I don't think the merchant would see it that way.
Cinder-Tail: What does the merchant have to complain about? His belly is full. If they are not fed, Gobani and her sisters become most unruly ... aheh. Were it not for the Hollow Moon, they would have eaten me whole when I arrived in Redfur!
Hero: The Hollow Moon?
Cinder-Tail: Some call them thieves, but that's such an impolite term. The Hollow Moon's work is charitable by nature. They procure things for people who can't afford them, yes? Here, take this token to the ruined temple, and see for yourself.
Hero: What will you do now?
Cinder-Tail: Gobani and I know when we have outstayed our welcome, yes? A night in the stocks might not be as bad as losing a paw, but all the same.

Fadi: Pardon my saying so, but you are obviously doing well for yourself. What brought you here?
Hero: Cinder-Tail gave me this Hollow Moon Token.
Fadi: I'm surprised he had one left to hand out! Apologies, I should explain .... Our agents give these to the infirm so their need is not questioned when they petition us for aid. Cinder-Tail was very ... liberal with his tokens.
Hero: Cinder-Tail was working for you?
Fadi: We thought his senche-tigers would be useful to have around. Guard duty and such. But between his tigers' sugar habit and his handing out Hollow Moon tokens like candy, he practically emptied out our stores!
Hero: Is there anything I can do to help?
Fadi: Can you lift coin from a rich man's pocket without getting your hand stuck in it? Then talk to Valirr, upstairs. He might have something for you.

Valirr: Fadi sent you? She thinks, perhaps, you can do work for us? Who are you to know so little, yet offer so much?
Hero: I've heard that you help the less fortunate.
Valirr: Hmm. Maybe you are less interested when you hear what we do? You are familiar with the custom of property ownership, yes? I have a thing, it is mine! You take it, it is still mine, yes? Why? Because I did not give it to you.
Hero: I am.
Valirr: And if you are starving and use what you took to feed your belly? Is it still mine? No. Whatever you stole—food, money to buy food, silks to trade for food—it is inconsequential next to saving you from death!
Hero: You're a thief.
Valirr: You think we should work for our bread, yes? But many can't work. They're injured, sick, or just too hungry. The Hollow Moon gives them what they need. Perhaps we're wrong to steal, but if the world were a more virtuous place we wouldn't need to.
Hero: What do the merchants think of your charity?
Valirr: Many of them appreciate what we do. Sometimes a merchant falls on hard times. His stock is poor or the price of sugar is too high. Then he needs us, too, yes? But what about you? Are you still interested in helping the Hollow Moon?
Hero: I'll help however I can, but I'm not going to steal for you.
Valirr: Of course, of course! Aheh. Now, 1 was hoping you could assist me with a rather... delicate matter that has presented itself.
Hero: What's wrong?
Valirr: Shan-ra, leader of the merchants here, has threatened to call in the Thalmor. This is a problem. Jode's Chariot understands that we provide a valuable service. The Thalmor is unlikely to agree. We need to change Shan-ra's mind.
Hero: Do you have something in mind?
Valirr: This place was not always a trading post—it was built upon a tomb whose gauntlet of traps have kept it sealed for generations. If the stories are true, it holds untold riches. We can use them to persuade Shan-ra to leave us be.
Hero: How do we get in?
Valirr: There lies the trouble, yes? The only known entrance to the tomb is within Jode's Hall. The place is teeming with guards. We will need their cooperation to gain entry to the tomb.
Hero: What do you need me to do?
Valirr: Go to Jode's Hall and speak to Tulira. If I am right, she is no happier about Shan-ra's decision than we are. Once you are inside, you must retrieve what treasure you can and return to me, here.
Hero: I'll do it
Valirr: Thank you, my friend. While many have attempted the tomb's gauntlet of traps, none have returned to tell the tale. There are many dangers ahead of you. Be careful.
Hero: [Persuade] Why do you think Tulira will help us?
Valirr: If Shan-ra calls in the Thalmor, that's the end of Jode's Chariot. They won't be necessary any longer. Besides, Jode's Chariot has always respected what we do, even if they do arrest us from time to time.

Tulira: I'm sorry we can't chat for long. I'm waiting for someone.
Hero: Valirr sent me to meet with you.
Tulira: Really? Then you must be the newcomer everyone's talking about. Impressive work. Tell me—were you telling the truth about Cinder-Tail or were you just covering for one of your fellows?
Hero: I was just covering for him.
Tulira: I thought as much—though I am surprised you would admit it. An honest thief. Hmm. Anyway, tell me. Why have you come?
Hero: Valirr wants me to enter the tomb.
Tulira: ls he mad? Why would he ask for such a thing? He knows the danger!
Hero: He believes it to be the only way to change Shan-ra's mind about the Thalmor.
Tulira: Yes, I see. The treasure of Anahbi could certainly be persuasive. It may be our only chance of keeping the Thalmor out of our affairs. I'll give you the key, but please be careful. I don't want your death on my hands.

Shan-ra: Shan-ra is honored! Tell me, what have you brought? Spices? Gemstones, perhaps?
Hero: Hand him the Treasure of Anahbi.
Shan-ra: Ah...! Wherever did you get this marvelous gem?
Hero: The Tomb of Anahbi.
Shan-ra: Legend has it that Jone was struck by a bolt of light. For but a second, she turned from her twin and, overtaken by sadness, shed a single tear. Jode brushed it from her cheek and it fell to the desert below. Jone's Tear, such a beautiful gem.
Hero: Is it true?
Shan-ra: Of course not! A fanciful tale. This jewel was cut from a Varla stone by Azesaz, greatest jeweler of the first era—but it's a good story, isn't it? And will fetch a fine price. You do your friends credit! Such a prize deserves a fine reward.
Hero: What might that be?
Shan-ra: I thought you might have something in mind, seeing as you went through all the trouble of procuring this precious jewel. Name your price.
Hero: Don't call in the Thalmor. Allow the Hollow Moon to continue its operations in Redfur.
Shan-ra: Ah, clever and loyal. A rare combination. Very well, I prefer not to have the Thalmor looking over my shoulder anyhow. Instead, we will invest in Jode's Chariot! Our coffers still need guarding, yes?
Hero: What do you mean?
Shan-ra: As the Hollow Moon waxes, it is only fair that we balance the scales! We will invest significant capital in bolstering our esteemed protectors. Otherwise, we might find ourselves waiting in one of Valirr's famous lines, no?

Valirr: My good friend! You have done so much for us, and asked so little in return. If all my agents were so skilled and selfless, we might bring our services to the world!
Hero: Glad to be of service.
Valirr: With Shan-ra appeased, we will continue to do what we do best. While I am sure Jode's Chariot will try to stop us, they will never blot us out entirely, no? Thank you, my friend. We would not be here without your help.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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