Fit to Rule [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 19

Text of the Quest:

Fit to Rule must complete the ratification ceremony if her allies are to accept her as leader of the Aldmeri Dominion. At the heart of the ceremony is, an ancient Ayleid artifact. Prince Naemon asked me to speak with Meleras, an expert on.


Talk to Meleras Talk to Meleras

Prince Naemon: Ambassador Tarinwe's betrayal could not have been more absolute. She knew the details of the ratification ceremony, which puts Queen Ayrenn at risk. It's my sister's own fault. She thought to appease the Silvenar and the Mane by agreeing to this foolish process.
Hero: What do you mean?
Prince Naemon: The ratification ceremony ends with the Orrery, an ancient device beneath Elden Root. It will divine Queen Ayrenn's capacity to become empress, or somesuch. But Ambassador Tarinwe assisted in the preparations. I must assume she tried to sabotage the proceedings.
Hero: Will you cancel the ceremony?
Prince Naemon: Doing so would make Queen Ayrenn look weak. No, we must proceed. You've proven your competence, so I'll ask you to speak with Meleras. He's an expert on the Orrery and knows what must be done. Quite pleasant, once you grow accustomed to the smell.
Hero: I'll speak with Meleras.
Prince Naemon: The preparations for this ratification ceremony seem endless. But I'm up to the task.
Hero: Why can't Queen Ayrenn delay the ceremony?
Prince Naemon: She asked how she could prove herself their rightful leader. The Silvenar suggested the Orrery nonsense, and the Mane agreed. Of course, neither will be present to see it, yet my sister is held to her pledge. How unexpected.
Hero: Why aren't they here?
Prince Naemon: Khajiiti political excuses are impossible to discern. I know the Mane will not be present, and that's all I care to know. As for the Silvenar, he died on Khenarthi's Roost. Thought he could negotiate with the filthy Sea Elves.
Hero: Will any of Queen Ayrenn's allies witness the ceremony?
Prince Naemon: King Camoran Aeradan. It's beneath his city, so there's no turning him away. And myself, of course.

Meleras: Please don't mind Prince Naemon. Ambassador Tarinwe's betrayal is a shock to us all. But no matter. The Orrery must work flawlessly for the queen. That's what we will ensure!
Hero: What do you know of the Orrery?
Meleras: Enough to be of service. The Orrery hasn't functioned as intended for ages. We planned to use some rather delicate magic to trick it into operation. But if Prince Naemon believes there was sabotage, we must look to an alternative method.
Hero: What sort of alternative?
Meleras: Why, we'll look to the past! According to legend, the Orrery required a skilled operator, an Ayleid source of power, and a "divine spark" before it would function. Without all three, it won't do anything but spin. Quite pretty, but not very useful.
Hero: Explain what you mean by a "divine spark."
Meleras: I've researched this a bit. Really, you need to be in three places at once. Simple, right? But the Falinesti Winter Site is rumored to hold a relic of the Khajiiti thief god. For our purposes, Rajhin's Mantle will serve as the divine spark. If it's truly there, of course.
Hero: Where can I find an Ayleid source of power?
Meleras: The Heart of Anumaril originally "brought life" to the Orrery, according to the texts. It long ago went missing. But a member of the local Mages Guild named Laranalda theorizes it's in a local Ayleid ruin. She's currently at the Reliquary of Stars seeking The Heart of Anumaril.
Hero: All right, I know what I need to find.
Meleras: Wonderful! Have anything you find sent directly to the Orrery. Once everything is in place, we can begin the ratification ceremony. And do refrain from referring to Conservator Daraneth as a "missing element."

Meleras: You have done what has not been done in centuries! All the parts of the Orrery have been placed within the chamber, and Daraneth awaits us below! I must admit to being more than a little excited. I've never seen the Orrery operational.
Hero: What else remains?
Meleras: Not much. You've done extraordinary work. And just in time for Queen Ayrenn's arrival!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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