Enemy of My Enemy [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Eraral-dro hired Gold Coast mercenaries from Colovia to protect his tradepost, but suspects they will turn on him. Eraral-dro worries the Gold Coast mercenaries will be getting new orders soon. He wants me to intercept them before they get to the Gold Coast, so he can know what to expect.

Eraral-dro: Fighting only hurts those that cannot defend themselves. And with the troubles the Houndsmen have brought about, I thought it was wise to prepare. I see now that I may have been ... mistaken.
Hero: Have you been attacked recently?
Eraral-dro: I hired the Gold Coast mercenaries, just beyond our gates. For protection. But now, they're more of a threat than anything else. Soon, they'll tire of our excuses.
Hero: Why don't you strike first, then?
Eraral-dro: The young ones' eyes shine at the thought, but I won't let their blood be shed for my actions. And to act, I must know the Gold Coast's plans. Perhaps you'd be willing to help?
Hero: I am. What do you need me to do?
Eraral-dro: The mercenaries of the Gold Coast drink our wine and eat our food. They are waiting. For what, we must find out. I've heard of a courier's arrival within the hour. I need his message before it gets into the hands of the Gold Coast.
Hero: Where's the courier?
Eraral-dro: He comes from the north, set to arrive at a small camp just outside these gates. We must get the letter before anyone from the Gold Coast does.
Hero: I'll see if I can find him.
Eraral-dro: Search the campsite. If the courier is not yet there, lie in wait for him. I put my faith in you. Please do not disappoint me.
Hero: What makes you think the mercenaries will turn against you?
Eraral-dro: A matter of gold, and a matter of pride. They've demanded more than agreed upon. Suspicious, yes? I believe they weigh two contracts - ours and another's. They wait on news from Colovia, by courier.
Hero: But why would they kill you, instead of just leaving?
Eraral-dro: As I said, I am not sure, which is why I must see that missive before it reaches the mercenaries' hands. Perhaps it is nothing. Perhaps it simply says to leave. But I cannot hold my family to "perhaps."

Eraral-dro: Most unfortunate that one had to die. Still, it's better one of their number falls than one of ours. You have the letter, yes?
Hero: Yes, right here.
Eraral-dro: As I thought. They've found their gold in a new employer. If you hadn't intercepted this, we would have been in a bloodbath. Come. This death will help us twofold. If you are willing to help as well, that is.

Eraral-dro: The mercenaries wish to fight. Their blades must not be used against my people. So, we'll give them a new opponent. They'll soon realize their courier's late. We must quickly return him to their ranks.
Hero: How? I killed him, remember?
Eraral-dro: Ah, my friend. You misunderstand! You will be the courier. My children stole the body as soon as you left. It lies upstairs. Let's see if his uniform fits you.

Eraral-dro: Let's see these clothes, then. Rejmina is deft with needle and thread, should they need adjustment.
Hero: What are you planning to do with this disguise?
Eraral-dro: A simple switch, friend. The Gold Coast waits for orders, and we will give them. Deliver this altered letter to their captain. Let one enemy kill the other.
Hero: Who are you sending them against?
Eraral-dro: Nearby, a pack of werewolves stalks and waits. No doubt they would tear us apart if not for the mercenaries in their way. As the Gold Coast and the werewolves fight, it would be best if few survivors live to tell the tale.

Captain Aurelia Blasio: You're not one of my men. What are you doing here?
Hero: Just delivering orders, ma'am.
Captain Aurelia Blasio: New courier? Good to see some fresh blood in the ranks. Now, let's see that letter. Hm. Not what I was expecting. Curious ....
Hero: Your orders, ma'am?
Captain Aurelia Blasio: You're relieved, soldier. Unless you want to go werewolf hunting. Well, I'm not paid to question orders. Time to rouse these louts out of their cups.

Tabil: Good to see you in one piece. I take it the captain didn't have any, ah, questions you could not answer?
Hero: She's sending her men to the werewolves as we speak.
Tabil: Very good. The Gold Coast mercenaries are nothing if not skilled at fighting. The werewolves will be no match for them. Honorable Eraral-dro spoke highly of your skill. We'd hoped you'd follow through with our little deception.
Hero: What's your plan?
Tabil: Kill the commanders in the mercenaries' ranks. Make it look as if they fell to werewolves. You'll need a paw from a werewolf for the right marks. That should distract them for a bit. Eraral-dro will be at the gates when you return. Be safe, friend.

Eraral-dro: You have the heart of a true trickster!
Hero: There's still a lot of Gold Coast mercenaries left, though.
Eraral-dro: Ah, but now they must consider a battle on two fronts. It will give them pause when the second courier arrives. We must close the net, and quickly.
Hero: Second courier? What do you mean?
Eraral-dro: The ones in Colovia wait for a reply from the Gold Coast mercenaries. When they do not get one, they will send another courier, forewarned of treachery. Let us make sure none are left to answer the next message, shall we?
Hero: Complete Quest.

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