Buyer Beware [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

A Khajiiti merchant calling himself claims to have found a way inside Belarata, a long-sealed Ayleid ruin. I should speak with Jurak-dar and see if there is any truth to his claims.

Bataba: Ah! Bataba did not hear you approach! Too busy ... helping the shopkeeper, ah ... organize her wares! So organized now! And, um ... Belarata is nice this time of year, yes?
Hero: Belarata?
Bataba: Yes, yes! Ayleid ruin, not far from here. Newly opened! Head to Jathsogur, and you cannot help but see Belarata! Very, ah ... scenic this time of year. If you hurry Jurak-dar might even give you a tour, yes?
Hero: Newly opened?
Bataba: Yes ... at least this is what Jurak-dar tells everyone. He sells artifacts, from secret places. Very secret! You should hurry! They sell like sweetmeats when the moons are full! Do not be late!
Hero: I'll look into it.

Jurak-dar: Jurak-dar does not know why he bothers sometimes. Relics are old! I do not guarantee their potency!
Hero: What's your secret?
Jurak-dar: Secret? Jurak-dar is a trader, nothing more. I sell things, you buy them! This is the way of things. At least it should be. Some people think differently.
Hero: Where do your goods come from?
Jurak-dar: They say no one gets into Belarata, but Jurak-dar is better than anyone! Why have a door that leads nowhere, yes? Want to keep someone out? Build a wall, not a door!
Hero: Can you show me the door?
Jurak-dar: Ha! Even if I wanted to show you, I could not. These people, they harass me day and night! There is no end to their whining. Get them to leave me alone! Then, maybe, I might show you.
Hero: We have a deal.
Jurak-dar: Good luck. You will need it! The Mane himself could not get them to leave. Not the Mane. Not his armies. These ones do not understand or live the Riddle'Thar.
Hero: Who is the Mane?
Jurak-dar: The Mane is, and has always been, our spiritual leader. Khajiit may travel far and live in distant places, but deep within, we are guided by the Mane, and Riddle'Thar.
Hero: Riddle'Thar?
Jurak-dar: Riddle'Thar sets us on our path, long before we know our milk-name, or take our first breath. The First Mane revealed the existence of Riddle'Thar to us, and we hold its revelations close to our hearts.

Manilbor: Don't believe anything that swindler says. Look what his garbage did to my brother. It's not safe!
Hero: What happened?
Manilbor: I bought a magic stone. Slipped it into Elebor's pocket to get back at him for rubbing ivy on my bedroll. Not a minute later, he's struck by a bolt from the sky! Look at him! He's lucky to be alive!
Hero: Can I see the stone?
Manilbor: Sure, it's in my pack. I'll get it.

Jurak-dar: They're gone! What powers you must wield!
Hero: Now you can show me the entrance.
Jurak-dar: Good, good! Time to pack! On my way, yes? What? You expect me to show you now?
Hero: We made a deal.
Jurak-dar: Not exactly. Jurak-dar did say "maybe," yes? No? Such misunderstanding over a little knick-knack. Just a rock! How could I know what it did? Most of what she gave me was harmless!
Hero: [Persuade] I can't help you if you don't tell me everything.
Jurak-dar: In the ruins. Belarata. There is a ghost, yes? She thinks ... aheh. She thinks i am her lover! So she gives me things. Clothing, trinkets, things that belonged to him. Most are harmless! Old, but dangerous? Never! Well, mostly.
Hero: Show me the way in.
Jurak-dar: Fine, fine. Jurak-dar will show you. Come, follow me.

Jurak-dar: Before we go, there is something you should know.
Hero: Go on.
Jurak-dar: Last time, Jurak-dar got out by the fur on his tail. The ghost wants her lover to stay forever. But there is a barrier within. Beyond are the treasures of the Ayleids, locked up for centuries! Nothing like the trinkets I sold.
Hero: How would we get through this barrier?
Jurak-dar: The poem on the sword opens the ruin, yes? More scribbles are all around the ruins. Poetry! Spoken randomly they do nothing, but if we knew how they fit together....
Hero: Why would that matter?
Jurak-dar: We could open the ruin and share in the plunder! We'll enter separately as paupers, but leave together, rich as kings! So, you will help me?
Hero: Why should we enter separately?
Jurak-dar: She may not let you in, and there is still the barrier! No. We do not hide our sugar in one boot. We go in separately.
Hero: All right. I'll do it
Jurak-dar: Good. Take the sword as a symbol of our pact. I, er, want it back later. I will keep her busy. You figure out the poems. And when we get out, we will both be very rich, yes?

Barrier: A wall of light shimmers before you.
Hero: For many years I've lain beneath these stony walls, this weathered heath.
Barrier: A pale light creeps into the barrier, illuminating the room.
Hero: Ten long years you were astray, with sword in hand so far away.
Barrier: With each word, the light intensifies, filling the chamber.
Hero: Those nine long years we spent in joy seemed but to you a child's toy.
Barrier: As the pillar intensifies, the barrier begins to fail.

Varondil: You are not Elanwe, yet you called me here. How?
Hero: Through words written a long time ago.
Varondil: Still here after all this time ... I had expected them to crumble with the ages.
Hero: Who are you?
Varondil: An old knight. Varondil the Gold, they called me! I had lands, titles, slaves .... All dust, now. Even my love has forgotten me!
Hero: Your love?
Varondil: Elanwe, Lady of the Weald! Surely they still sing of her? Her hair, bright as the sun! Her skin, pale as the moon. Nine years we were together, happy! Then the war... I'd gone north to fight the uprising and died there.
Hero: What happened?
Varondil: She brought me here with words of light, but knew me not. When I went to her, she cast this barrier to keep me and all others away. I have been in this place ever since. Waiting.
Hero: For what?
Varondil: Release from this nightmare, what else? Elanwe remembers only the sword! Its enchantment blinds her to everything else! If I still had the sword, maybe ....
Hero: Here, take the sword.
Varondil: What? The sword? Give it to me! Were I alive, I could grant you such splendor! Alas, everything is dust. But I am forever in your debt.

Jurak-dar: Ugh. My head thanks you for your haste. Once the barrier fell, whatever she was doing stopped as well!
Hero: I put the spirits to rest.
Jurak-dar: Truly, I am glad. She was very lonely, and for so long. But enough melancholy, yes? To our spoils! You will receive:
Hero: Complete Quest.

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