Ensuring Security [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

Ensuring Security I've arrived in the city of Vulkhel Guard, gateway to Auridon. Security is tight as Queen Ayrenn, the new leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, prepares for a public appearance. I should speak to Watch Captain Astanya at the docks.


Talk to Watch Captain Astanya Talk to Watch Captain Astanya

Watch Captain Astanya: I'll make sure news of the Maormer is passed on to the appropriate parties. Don't you worry about that. Now, what's your name? I'll need it for the official register.
Hero: My name is ****.
Watch Captain Astanya: I II just write that down. By order of the First Auridon Marines, your presence in Vulkhel Guard has been registered. Do your best to stay out of trouble and out of the way. Fare you well.
Hero: You seem very busy. Is there anything I can do to help?
Watch Captain Astanya: Help? No. I don't think so. Actually. My guardsmen are all tied up right now. If you're up to it, perhaps you could look into some things for me?
Hero: I'm at your service.
Watch Captain Astanya: Good. I want you to speak with two members of the Queen's court, Advisor Norion and Steward Eminwe. They await assistance from the guard, hands I can't spare just now. Who do you want to speak to first?
Hero: I'll speak to the advisor first.
Watch Captain Astanya: I see you prioritize well. You'll find him at a warehouse west of here. Be sure to tell him that I sent you. Once you've finished with both of them, report back to me on the town's upper level.
Hero: I will.
Watch Captain Astanya: Well, what are you waiting for?
Hero: Can you tell me more about Queen Ayrenn?
Watch Captain Astanya: You hit your head recently? The Queen leads the Aldmeri Dominion. She had some kind of wild time away from court a few years back. But now she's returned to reclaim her birthright. Lead the alliance.
Hero: Where was she?
Watch Captain Astanya: Off gallavanting across Tamriel? Who knows? Who cares? I wish I could just quit my job, then come back to it when I get bored. Pah.
Hero: What's the Queen's speech about?
Watch Captain Astanya: Probably talking up the "unity of the Dominion." Not all of us are fans of being united with our feral little cousins and furry friends.
Hero: Who are the First Auridon Marines?
Watch Captain Astanya: Queen Ayrenn's personal guard. They're led by Battlereeve Urcelmo, one of the most decorated warriors in the Dominion.
Hero: You're not a marine?
Watch Captain Astanya: No. I'm captain of the city guards here. The marines are the right arm of the Queen. My duty is to the city.
Hero: Razum-dar said you two were old friends?
Watch Captain Astanya: Hah! He's got an active imagination, that one. We know each other, sure. Drew blades together a few times. But I'm not sure I'd call him a friend. Not since he signed up with the Queen.
Hero: Signed up with the Queen?
Watch Captain Astanya: He didn't tell you? Of course he didn't, he's the biggest liar I know. Razum-dar works directly for the Queen herself. Some kind of hush-hush cloak-and-dagger outfit. Thieves and liars, the lot of them.

Advisor Norion: I'm busy here. Away with you.
Hero: I'm supposed to tell you Watch Captain Astanya sent me. Goodbye.
Advisor Norion: Ah. Ahh. In that case, you'll do nicely. My servant followed a burglar to this warehouse. The ignorant knave stole a set of marine deployment plans for the Queen's upcoming speech.
Hero: Why would a burglar steal those?
Advisor Morion: Well, I'm sure I wouldn't know. I'm no burglar. In any case, we can't let those plans escape. They could be used to bypass the Queen's security. And we wouldn't want that.
Hero: I'll check it out.

Advisor Norion: Well? Did you find the plans?
Hero: I found them, but the burglar was already dead.
Advisor IMorion: Oh? A pity. Keep the plans. You can give them to the captain next time you see her. In the meantime, I must attend to the queen.
Hero: You're not concerned about the dead burglar?
Advisor Norion: Feh. Some kind of criminal feud, I'm sure. Now then. If you have some other task, you should be about it.
Hero: I'm to help a Steward Eminwe. Do you know where she is?
Advisor Norion: Do I look like a steward's assistant? Do you take me for a commoner? No. But, yes, I happen to know where she is. East warehouse, just north of the docks. You can go now.
Hero: Thanks. I guess.

Steward Eminwe: I'm sorry, I can't help you right now. I'm very busy and there's a lot to do.
Hero: I'm supposed to tell you Watch Captain Astanya sent me.
Steward Eminwe: Oh! All right, then. What was it? Right, the supplies. Two of my cooks took deathly ill, right in the middle of preparing the Queen's feast! I suspect sabotage. I want to be sure all of our food supplies are safe.
Hero: You seem a bit upset. What do you want me to do?
Steward Eminwe: I'm not upset. Not at all! I'll examine the supplies in here. You, go to the warehouse next door. Make sure everything is fresh, and there's nothing out of place.
Hero: I'll take a look for you.

Steward Eminwe: Did you find anything?
Hero: I found some salted meat. I think it's been poisoned.
Steward Eminwe: Thank the Stars! You found the problem. Hold on to that. The captain will want to see it.
Hero: Why would someone poison a cook?
Steward Eminwe: i'm sure it was some kind of test, to see if they could sneak something deadly past our security. Lucky we had you on the job!
Hero: I'll give the evidence to the captain when I see her.

Watch Captain Astanya: Tell me what you found.
Hero: Yes, I found this set of—
Watch Captain Astanya: Good, good. Look, I hate to rush you, but I have another task for you. One of my men, Heldil, has cornered a thug nearby. We need to talk to this lowborn scum.
Hero: What's he done?
Watch Captain Astanya: We've no time for this. He's involved in a plot against the Queen, that's all I can say. We need someone like you to get to him. He refuses to speak with a member of the guard.
Hero: Do you want this evidence I found?
Watch Captain Astanya: Just hold it for the moment. Heldil is just up the stairs here, house on the right. Get going. Remember—the Queen's service.
Hero: For the Queen.

Watchman Heldil: Kindly step back. We have a situation here.
Hero: Your captain sent me. She said you needed some help?
Watchman Heldil: Ah, help from the captain. Excellent. Inside, we've cornered a dangerous mer. He's wanted by the crown, has valuable information, and threatens to kill himself every time we approach the door.
Hero: What do you want me to do?
Watchman Heldil: I need him alive. Just get in there and get him talking. Don't listen to what he says, he's half-crazed. You get him talking, we move in behind you. Got it?
Hero: Got it.

Celus Arandos' House: Get back! One step closer, and I'll cut my throat.
Hero: I'm not with the guards. I just want to talk.
Celus Arandos' House: Why should I trust you?
Hero: Do you really want to die? I'm your only choice here.
Celus Arandos' House: Fine. Fine. Just don't try anything. Get in here.
Hero: I'm coming in.

Fasion: You're no guard. Thank the Stars. Quickly, we don't have much time.
Hero: Time? What are you talking about?
Fasion: They're coming. I know you're just a distraction. Listen closely. Captain Astanya is corrupt. She's a member of a group called the Veiled Heritance.
Hero: The what?
Fasion: Veiled Heritance. They're planning an assassination attempt on the Queen, at the temple. They bribed members of her staff to get the speech moved here, where they can have the captain in their pocket.
Hero: Do you have any evidence?
Fasion: No, only what I've seen and heard. Please, you must warn the Queen. She's in grave danger, and the guards here—oh no.
Hero: What's wrong?

Watchman Heldil: Good work.
Hero: What are you going to do with him?
Watchman Heldil: Don't worry. He'll receive a fair trial. The captain is always very even-handed in her pronouncements.
Hero: I suppose I should report to her now.
Watchman Heldil: Good call. We'll see that this man is taken to a cell. With respect, of course.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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