Breaking the Barrier [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 15

Text of the Quest:

Breaking the Barrier Firsthold is under assault by High Kinlady Estre. The First Auridon Marines have arrived to try and save the city, but the city is overrun with Daedra and the castle proper is surrounded by a magical barrier. I should find Battlereeve Urcelmo in Firsthold and offer to help.


Speak to Battlereeve Urcelmo

Curime: Hold, there. Firsthold is under siege. We'll need you to head back to the main road.
Hero: Can I help? I've worked with Razum-dar in the past.
Curime: You're one of Raz's? Thank Mara! We could use you. There are Daedra everywhere. Portals to Oblivion opened within the city and an army of beasts threatens to take Firsthold.
Hero: Who opened the portals?
Curime: It's hard for me to believe, but reports indicate High Kinlady Estre is behind this. We hold the line here, but that could change at any moment. Battlereeve Urcelmo sent a runner requesting aid. He has a plan to deal with these beasts, apparently.
Hero: I'll find the Battlereeve at once. euea uueen.
Curime: He's at the Mages Guild hall. Should be straight ahead, across the bridge. Trinimac's blade keep you safe.
Hero: How did Estre do this?
Curime: The High Kinlord didn't know of her treachery. He let her into the city and ... that was it. We lost touch with Rilis after the gates to the Deadlands opened. I hope he's still alive.
Hero: The Deadlands?
Curime: Mehrunes Dagon's plane of Oblivion. It's a wasteland. Nothing but stone, lava, and Daedra. When the gates first opened, I had a good look. And smell. Mara's heart, that place has an odor!
Hero: You spoke like you know Razum-dar?
Curime: He's here. He piled in right behind the Battlereeve. Said something about supporting the Marines and the guilds. You know how he is.
Hero: Do you know what Urcelmo is planning?
Curime: Estre dropped a barrier around the inner castle. We'll need a way past it, to get at the portals. I think the Battlereeve and the guild leader plan to crack that thing like an egg. The frontal approach.

Battlereeve Urcelmo: Stars above! You've no idea how relieved I am to see you. I hope you're resolved. We've got a hard road ahead of us.
Hero: Just tell me what to do, Urcelmo.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Estre has sealed the castle within a powerful barrier. It's powered by wards and guarded by Dremora. Destroy the wards and we drop the barrier.
Hero: How do we lower the wards?
Battlereeve Urcelmo: One of the guild mages, Sinien, has a plan. We retook the hall here to gain access to a source of magical power. Head inside. She'll tell you what to do.
Hero: Good luck, Battlereeve.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Trinimac guide your hand. And may he protect us all.
Hero: Can you hold this position?
Battlereeve Urcelmo: We'll be fine. We've held them off this long. We can hold a bit longer. You just focus on what Sinien has to tell you.
Hero: Who are these defenders? They're not Marines.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Firsthold must not fall. We've unsheathed our sharpest blades. Curious about these folk?
Hero: Who are those mages?
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Sinien's spellslingers. Mages from the guild hall. Normally they'd be curled up with a good book or brewing some obscure potion. They've done the guild proud, backing us up.
Hero: The Wood Elves and Khajiit in leathers?
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Razum-dar's folk. Eyes of the Queen. I know you've worked with him before. Normally they'd never expose themselves like this. The cat said, "We do not draw blades in the daylight." But here they are, making sure we live through this.
Hero: The soldiers in the heavy armor. Who are they?
Battlereeve Urcelmo: I received word just before the blade came down. You fought beside my Talons at North Beacon. I'm damned proud of these folk. Between the Talons and the Marines, the finest soldiers in Auridon are arrayed against Oblivion.

Sinien: Welcome to Firsthold! It's just so lovely this time of year.
Hero: I've been to nicer places.
Sinien: Ah, well. Don't suppose you have about a hundred blades behind you, no? All right, then. Time you saw more of town.
Hero: What do I do?
Sinien: Two wards power the barrier around the castle. Here in the hall, we focus our will. Shape the tip of a spear. Alone, we'd be no match for a Daedric Prince. Together, Estre's magics don't stand a chance.
Hero: Here in the hall? So, you won't be coming with me?
Sinien: You're a smart one! We'll need to stay here to power the ritual. You act as our focus, our agent in the world.
Hero: Focus?
Sinien: Take this talisman, find the wards. One's in the east wing of the city, the other in the west. Just point, focus, and we'll do the rest.
Hero: I'll do my best, Sinien.
Sinien: Just remember, it will take a moment or two for the ritual to do its work. I'd clear out the Daedra first. Assuming you don't want to be eaten. Oh, and say hello to Razzie for me!
Hero: Razum-dar is out there?
Sinien: Definitely! Didn't Urcelmo tell you? He's been trying to find weak points in the barrier for us. When that thing goes down, he's sure to move up. I'd look for him in the inner courtyard—after your victory!

Razum-dar: My friend. It is good to see you again. Your talisman? Razum-dar sees you have met Sinien. Cheerful, isn't she?
Hero: Very. What's our next move?
Razum-dar: We storm the castle and the realm beyond. This one imagines Estre is very upset. She threw in her lot with Dagon and now .... Now nothing stands in our way.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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