Blessings of the Eight [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 13

Text of the Quest:

Blessings of the Eight Torinaan is a holy site dedicated to the Divines. Its been corrupted by Daedra, and the loyal clergy there wants my aid in cleansing the area. There are several shrines scattered across Torinaan. All of them will have to be cleansed for the Daedric corruption to leave the site.


Restore the Shrines

Aldarch Colaste: Thank the Eight and all the Stars in the sky. You've got to help me. I can't keep them contained much longer.
Hero: What's going on here?
Aldarch Colaste: Torinaan has been assaulted by Daedric energies and foul beasts. This is a holy site, a beacon of divine light to the faithful. Now the penitent writhe with foul magics while scamps and clannfear rampage through her fields.
Hero: How do we set things right?
Aldarch Colaste: The shrines themselves fuel this evil. I can feel it. Cleanse the shrines and you should be able to strike at the source of the corruption. I need to hold the ward here. I hate to ask, but....
Hero: Don't worry. I'll cleanse the shrines.
Aldarch Colaste: I can feel Mara's smile on my face for the first time in hours. Good luck.
Hero: How did this start?
Aldarch Colaste: I'm not entirely sure. We received a retinue of penitents—led by none other than High Kinlady Estre herself. I was walking between the shrines, talking to Monastic Nenaron, when the screaming began.
Hero: Estre's a traitor and a Daedric cultist. She leads the Veiled Heritance.
Aldarch Colaste: She what? No doubt she's behind this then. Some kind of ploy or distraction. Mara's Heart! That we could live to see such times.
Hero: What happened after the screaming began?
Aldarch Colaste: I tried to help those I could, but the penitents went mad with fear. Daedra boiled up from the central shrine, burning and killing as they went. The "Prince" behind this is a fiend.
Hero: Why weren't you corrupted?
Aldarch Colaste: I am an Aldarch. And an old one, at that. I may not be much good in a fight. But the touch of a Daedric lord? Pah. No part of my soul wants to traffic with the likes of them.
Hero: You mentioned a Monastic?
Aldarch Colaste: I'm ashamed to say I left Nenaron inside. I dropped a quick rune of protection on the ground for him. Mara knows if he's still alive. I tried to get him moving, but he kept raving about some relics. Silly, stupid mer.
Hero: How do I cleanse the shrines?
Aldarch Colaste: I'm certain solutions will present themselves. There's no telling what this corruption has done to the holy sites. The Divines will want you to re-sanctify their spaces, certainly. They're watching, always.
Hero: Why were you not corrupted?
Aldarch Colaste: I am an Aldarch. And an old one, at that. I may not be much good in a fight. But the touch of a Daedric lord? Pah. No part of my soul wants to traffic with the likes of them.
Hero: Were you casting a spell there?
Aldarch Colaste: Stars yes, a ward. To keep the corrupted contained. It's taking a lot out of me, to be honest with you. But Mara keeps and preserves me. As she always has. I'll be fine.

Aldarch Colaste: Hail, my new friend! The touch of the divine inspired me, told me you'd succeeded in your task. Is it true?
Hero: The same voice spoke to me. I think the shrines are cleansed.
Aldarch Colaste: Fivefold venerations be upon you! I knew ... I knew the moment we met that you were sent by the Divines. And, truly, the Divines have more to say to you.
Hero: What do you mean?
Aldarch Colaste: Follow me, my young friend. And find out.

Aldarch Colaste: Estre—the High Kinlady herself? I can't believe it, though I've seen it now with my own eyes.
Hero: What now, Aldarch?
Aldarch Colaste: I return to my work. The corruption fades, and the penitents will need guidance now more than ever. You, gods-touched. You must seek and stop the blasphemer. Her profanity must be ended.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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Comments (5)

  1. Michael Dunning 02 april 2014, 04:29 # 0
    Anyone having trouble using the wand by the fires?
    1. Devon Lasher 03 april 2014, 15:34 # 0
      Yeah; it won't spawn the instructions for using it, it appears to be glitched out.

      /edit: logging out and in again in the shrine fixes it
      1. Kippie Kellie 04 april 2014, 15:56 # +1
        Its not broken,

        stand behind the flame facing the black bits and the {use this E} will appear
        1. Apple.Snowsong 08 april 2014, 09:43 # 0
          Thank you for the tip, Kippie. :)
        2. Joel Werre 23 april 2014, 17:35 # +1
          ok, it took me a while then i decided to actually read the little note, in the little note is says «aim the wand at what you want to cleanse the use it.» So if you stand between the fire and the alter that has the blackish smokey stuff around it, the «E» button will become active allowing you to cleanse that area. Next go the the other side and aim it at the unlit fire dish (for lack of a better word), then move to the fire dish that is now burning and aim at the alter with the blackish smokey stuff around it.

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