Blood and the Crescent Moon [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Glenumbra
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

Blood and the Crescent Moon The bustling city of Daggerfall holds many mysteries. It appears that I stumbled right into one of them. A dog approached me on the streets of Daggerfall. It seems agitated and wants me to follow it.

Kareem Winvale: Interested in a set of new clothes? Something in silk, perhaps? No one ever leaves my shop empty handed.
Hero: I'm looking for a cloak with a crescent emblem.
Kareem Winvale: Dead? Rugged fellow, had a dog? That's Roy. Well, that was Roy. I'm sorry he's dead, but I'm not surprised. If you figure out what Roy knew and who killed him, I'm sure someone will reward you. It's also a good way to get yourself killed.
Hero: Were you and Roy good friends?
Kareem Winvale: I guess. I liked Roy. He watched out for the merchants around here. And, in exchange, we helped Roy. I listened and let Roy know what people were saying. If we ever told him something important, Roy made sure the right people were informed.
Hero: Tell me more about Roy.
Kareem Winvale: Roy was a good man. Loyal to Daggerfall. People trusted him. Even that old dog loved him.

Diane Guissant: Flowers for sale! A posy to gain a sweetheart's favor, perhaps?
Hero: Not today. I found a body in the water near the mill wheel. He carried this list. Goodbye.
Diane Guissant: Oh. That's ... that's a pity. Well, now this is a mess.
Hero: What do you mean?
Diane Guissant: I'm taking a chance here. Sometimes I hear strange things. Like what's on that note: black roses with thorns. I've heard whispers of dark nature magic. That's just the kind of thing Roy—your dead man—would be interested in.
Hero: How did Roy become involved in all this?
Diane Guissant: With the note? I don't know. That's just what Roy did. He would find out things. Daggerfall has many eyes and ears. After all, information is cheaper than war.

Christoph Lamont: Welcome, friend. You can't get better fruits or vegetables anywhere in Daggerfall. I guarantee it!
Hero: I found this list. Do you have three blood oranges?
Christoph Lamont: Look, I don't want any trouble. That's a phrase used by the King's intelligence network. It means someone's going to get killed. I don't want to know anything more. Just leave me out of this.
Hero: I have a few other phrases to ask about.
Christoph Lamont: I said leave me alone! Take your questions and go. I'm not involved in this. This sounds like something that Roy would want to know about.
Hero: I discovered the meaning of all the items on the list. Where should I report this? Tell me more about what you do.
Christoph Lamont: Well, not to me. Talk to someone official, like Captain Aresin. He's over at the bottom of the castle steps. I don't know what else is on that list, but this feels like treacherous business.
Hero: Tell me more about what you do.
Christoph Lamont: I sell the best fruits and vegetables in Daggerfall. Lots of people come by. I talk and I listen. Then I talk to my friends, like Roy. As for other people? Maybe they should decide what they're going to do, now that they know so much.
Hero: Who's Roy?
Christoph Lamont: Damned persistent, aren't you? Roy's a friend. I trust him. People I don't know, I don't trust. And I don't know you.

Captain Aresin: Welcome to Daggerfall. Move along.
Hero: I have information from Roy.
Captain Aresin: Roy? Where is he? Why did he send a stranger in his place?
Hero: Roy's dead. I found this note on his body.
Captain Aresin: Dead? Mara's Hands! Let me look at that note. It's our code, all right. Someone who uses dark nature magic is planning to assassinate King Casimir! But who's behind this? I need to know more.
Hero: I can get more information.
Captain Aresin: Just don't try to play me for the fool. But with Roy dead, I don't seem to have much of a choice. Talk to Grenna gra-Kush at the Rosy Lion Inn. If Roy was onto something, she'll know what to do. Betray us and ... well, she'll still know what to do.
Hero: I'll talk to Grenna.

Grenna gra-Kush: I'm busy. Can't you see I'm drinking here?
Hero: Captain Aresin sent me.
Grenna gra-Kush: And? Why are we talking?
Hero: Roy uncovered an assassination plot.
Grenna gra-Kush: By Malacath! Roy stepped on a nest of snakes this time. One of the vipers is upstairs. He might know something. I'd confront him, but he knows me. Maybe a stranger like you can get him to talk.
Hero: I can do that.
Grenna gra-Kush: Eager. Reminds me of Roy. Go upstairs. Find Leveque and rattle his teeth, but don't kill him. We may need him later. Just don't mention me. I'm not an agent of the crown. I'm just an Ore enjoying her ale.
Hero: I'll do what I can.

Stephen Leveque: You don't think I had anything to do with that, do you?
Hero: I'm willing to overlook all this in exchange for some information. Goodbye.
Stephen Leveque: Agreed. I'll tell you everything I know. Martine Lerineaux hired me. He lives next door to the inn. In the large manor house. I'm a mason, you see. Martine wanted me to make him a map of the tunnels beneath Daggerfall.
Hero: What tunnels?
Stephen Leveque: The secret ones that lead to the castle. But I don't know what he's planning. I swear! I just needed the gold. I've got my own troubles back in Wayrest.
Hero: Stay here.

Grenna gra-Kush: You're back. What happened?
Hero: Leveque had some protection.
Grenna gra-Kush: I thought I heard some noise upstairs. But you don't look any worse for the wear. Did you let that snake Leveque live?
Hero: He's alive. He gave Martine Lerineaux information about secret tunnels to the castle.
Grenna gra-Kush: Martine the merchant? We need to know everything! Get inside Lerineaux's manor. Look for anything that can shed light on what they're planning. I'll stay here and keep an eye on Leveque, so take anything you find straight to Captain Aresin.
Hero: Very well.

Captain Aresin: Most of the royal family is safe, but his lordship is brave ... and stubborn. He refuses to leave the throne room. I need more information to convince him of the danger he's in.
Hero: King Casimir is the target. Assassins are hiding in cargo crates on the docks.
Captain Aresin: His Lordship? Keep this quiet or we'll never find the assassins in time. Divines help us if the King is killed. It could destroy the alliance!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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