Back-Alley Murders [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Glenumbra
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

Back-Alley Murders Someones murdering Daggerfalls poor. A beggar named Matthew thinks hes going to be the next one to die. He asked me to find the killer before that happens. Matthew suggested I search the alleys of Daggerfalls trade district for the murderer. My first step is to find the alleys.


Find the Trade District Alleys

Beggar Matthew: Could you help me? I'm next. I know I'm going to be next.
Hero: Next for what?
Beggar Matthew: Murder! My friends are already dead, but the watch doesn't care. What's one less beggar? We're nothing to them. But if someone found the killer....
Hero: Where should I start looking?
Beggar Matthew: Start in the trade district alleys. That's where Old Gianne was murdered just yesterday. Maybe Lieutenant Dubois will give you a reward if you do his job for him.
Hero: I'll do what I can.
Beggar Matthew: Thank you. It's a terrible thing to be poor. You're invisible. No one cares.

Shiftless Gaven: Get out of here! It'll kill you, too!
Hero: Tell me what's going on.
Shiftless Gaven: It's a monster, I tell you! A monster! Prowls the alleys. Shreds its victims with claws and fangs. It'll kill anyone that crosses its path! There's a dead man in the south alley, but he's no beggar. He's one of those Bloodthorn cultists.
Hero: Tell me more about the monster.
Shiftless Gaven: The beast prowls along the river's edge and hunts in the alleys. It doesn't eat what it kills. It just slaughters and leaves the corpses for the rats. It's the curse of Camlorn! I want no part of this evil.

Panhandler Thomas: It was huge! Went right into the river after it struck down poor Guillaume.
Hero: What did you see?
Panhandler Thomas: It was a monster! It tore out Guillaume's throat and disappeared into the river. It was hideous!
Hero: Stand back and I'll take a look.

Lieutenant Dubois: I've never seen the citizens so agitated. Even the beggars seem nervous these days.
Hero: I need to talk to you about the back-alley murders. It was a werewolf.
Lieutenant Dubois: A werewolf killed those beggars? You're certain? Damn. I shouldn't have ignored Matthew when he came to me. Take this as a reward, but say nothing. People are nervous enough as it is. I promise not to dismiss the concerns of the poor again.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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