A Token Trophy [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

A Token Trophy , an injured Orcish scout near , seeks to rally others to his banner by acquiring from the Seventh Legion who devastated his Orcish brethren. Captain Helenus led a force of Imperial troops that took Old Tower and now occupies the Gates of Craglorn. Perhaps I can cast a shadow on their victory.



Captain Wardush: You, there! Do you scout for the Imperial invaders? Is that why you pass this way?
Hero: Why do you ask?
Captain Wardush: Captain Helenus and her Imperial troops stole the Old Tower right from under us. We returned from our patrol to find the position taken by Imperial runts! They must have known we were ... weak. They must have been warned.
Hero: Who would be so treacherous?
Captain Wardush: Doesn't matter now, does it? The Imperials got in, and the border post is lost. I have a dying request. Bring me the helm of Captain Helenus so I can rally others to our banner. We can salvage some honor at least....
Hero: I will retrieve this trophy in honor of your sacrifice.
Captain Wardush: In trying to retake Old Tower, I have won only my death. But there is still honor. I can think of nothing but taking Captain Helenus1 Helm—it will rally Covenant troops to this camp, and we will reclaim the tower once more!
Hero: What will you do now?
Captain Wardush: My sister-wives, Shagrum gra-Dumba and Shamush gra-Dumba, will look after me. They know what to do if I... don't recover. But all will be well. Be assured of it!
Hero: Don't die while I'm gone.
Captain Wardush: If I die while you are gone, that is Mauloch's will. As long as my death has honor, I have no sorrow in its coming. My sister-wives, Shagrum gra-Dumba and Shamush gra-Dumba, will do what they must, when they must.

Shagrum gra-Dumba: Captain Wardush could not wait for you to return. My sister gave him an end befitting a warrior. Keep the helmet of his foe—we do not need reminders of this folly.
Hero: You killed him?
Shagrum gra-Dumba: Yes, once his suffering was greater than his need to see his revenge made manifest. Keep the trophy, if you wish. The idea that waving a stolen hat would somehow restore the Old Tower to us was nothing but a dying Ore's folly.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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