A Thirst for Revolution [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

A Thirst for Revolution Ufa the Red Asp and I must work together to locate the traitor identified by Captain Dhakirs men in order to save the grandeya of Hallins Stand from execution. Aishah, Nahsirih, and Runid caught the traitor after he opened the gates to the Imperials, but it was too late. Now, these guards are hiding somewhere in the city. I need to find them.


Find Captain Dhakirs Men

Ufa the Red Asp: You've been a great boon to the resistance. Once we have the traitor in our hands, we'll have all the pieces we need to assault the Seventh Legion.
Hero: How will we find the traitor, then?
Ufa the Red Asp: The captain's men know how to find him, but I don't know where these men are, or if they're still among the living. They won't work with me, but may consider you an ally. You must find them before the Imperials do.
Hero: How will I do that?
Ufa the Red Asp: Seek Aishah, Nahsirih, and Runid. Their peril is our opportunity. I'm sure they'd rather work with us than with the Imperials. Ask about, search houses, but above all, be discreet.
Hero: I'll find them.

Nienras: Probably only a matter of time before the Imperials anger everyone. I told my friend he could come with me, but he's too attached to this city. I suppose I understand that.
Hero: I'm looking for some people. Maybe you know one of them?
Nienras: i'm only here to visit my friend Runid. He invited me to see his hometown, but then these Imperials arrived and he told me I'd be safer somewhere else. Haven't met any other townspeople.
Hero: I'm actually looking to help Runid.
Nienras: Ah, then you'll probably find him still at his house, praying for the gods to intervene. He's a fool, but a goodhearted one. Down the street a bit. Although, that said, all these desert houses look alike to me.

Runid: You don't look like one of the Seventh Legion. Why have you come?
Hero: What do you know about the traitor to Hallin's Stand?
Runid: He's in hiding, the rat. He is named Maradem. You'll have to find a way to lure him out into the open if you wish to find him.
Hero: Where can I find him?
Runid: I'm not sure where he is now. If I knew that, I'd be after him myself, wouldn't I?

Groddi: What do you want with this old woman?
Hero: Do you know any of the soldiers that arrested the traitor? Goodbye.
Groddi: Everybody knows Aishah caught the rat in the act. She was boasting about it in the town square right up until the Imperials flooded in. If you're looking for her, I'd check her home. The Imperials might have gotten there first, though.

Aishah: The soldier's throat is slit, and there are numerous bruises on her exposed skin.

Nasir: Someone who knows what they want, yes? How can Nasir be of service?
Hero: I'm looking for some people in the town.
Nasir: There are people all around us! Particular ones? This one cannot say. Not without some convincing.
Hero: Perhaps a few coins will loosen your tongue? [347 gold]
Nasir: Ah, you are a smart one. I can tell you many good townspeople remain inside their homes. Some, out of fear. Others await news. Perhaps they wait inside for news from you? You will have to find out the rest on your own, I fear.

Nahsirih: I wondered if someone would find me, before they finished me off.
Hero: What do you know about the traitor of Hallin's Stand?
Nahsirih: He's a womanizing piece of scum who'd sell his own mother to make a few coins. Ask at the tavern for Niha, his latest courtesan. She'll tell you where he is. I should've slit his throat when I had the chance.
Hero: Where can I find him?
Nahsirih: Well, he wasn't there when I last checked, but it's been several hours now ... There's a tavern he's gone to before to meet his latest mistress. Check there.

Niha: Hm. Not my usual type, but business is slow. What can I do for you?
Hero: I'm looking for Maradem. Do you know him?
Niha: Perhaps. Many know Maradem. Not many will admit to it. I've met him once or twice, but I don't know where he is now.
Hero: I need to find him. Can you help?
Niha: Do you know what would happen to me if I betrayed Maradem? Or any of my contacts? No, I can't help you. Now go away, before someone sees us talking.

Ufa the Red Asp: Niha will help, for the good of us all. But I understand her fear. We must be cautious on her watch. If anyone suspected her involvement, that would mean her end.
Hero: So what do we do?
Ufa the Red Asp: We still need information from the wretch. Fortunately, I know of a simple way to extract it. Across the way lies the Mages Guild. Talk to a man named Razin. Ask him for his specialty; it's a potent sedative only he makes.
Hero: Then what?
Ufa the Red Asp: I'll set a trap for Maradem, with my dear Niha's help. Once you have the powder, take it to The Drowsy Owl Inn upon the hill and get the rest of the details from her. You can see your destination from here, if you need to get your bearings.

Razin: Something I can help you with? I'm rather preoccupied, so make it quick.
Hero: I need some of your "specialty."
Razin: I've no idea what you're talking about. I'm just a simple apothecary, friend.
Hero: Ufa sent me.
Razin: The rogue! Sometimes I wish the Imperials did find him! Here's your powder. It'll paralyze in a matter of moments after being ingested. Take care you don't breathe it in.

Niha: Have you got everything you need?
Hero: Yes, right here.
Niha: There's a bottle of wine in the alcove for you, though I've no idea what you'll do with it. I'll serve it to Maradem, and then you and Ufa can do what you must. But after that, I'll have no part in what comes.

Maradem: Who are you? What have you done with Niha? What was in that wine?
Hero: I'll ask the questions. Where is the grandeya?
Maradem: How dare you ... whoa. What's happening to me? Did you poison me? Please, give me an antidote! I'll tell you anything!
Hero: Then answer my question.
Maradem: She's in front of the palace! I have the key for the stocks, but they guard her exceptionally well! They'll execute her within the week. That's all I know! Now please, give me the antidote! I'll give you the key!

Ufa the Red Asp: It's time!
Hero: Where are the rest of your people?
Ufa the Red Asp: They ready themselves for battle. We will hold the palace while you take out the Imperial within. We must all move quickly.
Hero: What about the grandeya?
Ufa the Red Asp: She is in no shape to fight. I can't imagine what tortures she must have endured under the Imperials' reign. You are our symbol, friend. Our symbol of freedom.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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