A Handful of Stolen Dreams [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

A Handful of Stolen Dreams As and a group of refugees traveled through southern Bangkorai, they were attacked by Imperials. Several of them lost priceless heirlooms. Jean-Jacques Alois gave me a list of the valuables to recover for the refugees. The Imperials who took them are camped near Examiner Coleman.


Recover the Refugees valuables

Jean-Jacques Alois: Hold it. You're not working for the Imperials are you?
Hero: No, I'm not.
Jean-Jacques Alois: You've an air of honesty about you. I'll have to trust you. These folks are leaving Bangkorai and I need your help. Imperials attacked and stole some of their valuables. They're understandably jittery.
Hero: What kind of valuables?
Jean-Jacques Alois: I've a list. Nothing big or heavy. These are refugees, and the Imperials took things of personal value. Heirlooms and such. They're camped near Old Tower. These poor unfortunates asked me to find someone who can get their items back. Can you?
Hero: I'll recover their things.
Jean-Jacques Alois: Thank you. I've asked a lot of you, but it means so much to these refugees.
Hero: Where's your group headed?
Jean-Jacques Alois: Ah, yes. As to that, I'm actually smuggling them through the desert. I'm a member of the Dragonstar Caravan Company. Smuggling is what we do.
Hero: What is the Dragonstar Caravan Company?
Jean-Jacques Alois: Our headquarters are in Evermore. We specialize in delivering anything to anywhere in Tamriel. People are no different than expensive cargo, really.
Hero: How much did these refugees pay?
Jean-Jacques Alois: A lot of gold. Some are in debt. We're not a charity and this isn't exactly a cakewalk. We run a business.
Hero: Where did the refugees come from?
Jean-Jacques Alois: They're mostly homeless from Evermore. Conditions for refugees aren't great there now, and most of the city-folk don't want to take care of these people, even if they were displaced by a war. That's where the Dragonstar Caravan Company comes in!
Hero: Where exactly are you taking them?
Jean-Jacques Alois: Sorry. I can't tell anyone that, not even the refugees themselves. If anyone talks, then we could get in big trouble.
Hero: So the Imperials caught your group being smuggled?
Jean-Jacques Alois: Something like that. I'd paid the Agluk Ores for shelter before we moved out of Bangkorai. But, the Imperials attacked the camp at night. The Ores were slaughtered, and we were forced to set up camp on this side of the border.
Hero: Bad luck for the Ores.
Jean-Jacques Alois: Yes. The Imperials were only interested in our baggage. If we'd just handed things over, the Ores wouldn't have had to fight. Bad luck all around, I'd say.

Jean-Jacques Alois: Back already, eh? I'm sure my charges are happy to know you tried, even if you couldn't get their things back. We'll be able to head out now!
Hero: I found everything on the list.
Jean-Jacques Alois: You did? I mean, good! Good. Well, now. Hopefully we can pack up and move out before another Imperial patrol finds us. Yes. Thank you for your help. Thanks.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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