A Grave Matter [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

A Grave Matter Llotha asked me to help her unlock a lockbox by solving an old mystery about the Blacklight Raiders. The password to the lock is a combination of the Raiders names and professions. I should read the mages letter to get clues about the names and professions of the four groupmembers.


Read the Mages Letter

Llotha Nelvani: I don't suppose you're here to pay your respects to the Blacklight Raiders, are you?
Hero: No. Who are the Blacklight Raiders?
Llotha Nelvani: A notorious band of treasure-hunters from the First Era. They went ail over Morrowind looting and pillaging, stealing our people's most sacred relics. I studied them and tracked down a lockbox holding their greatest treasure, but I can't open it.
Hero: Why can't you open the lockbox?
Llotha Nelvani: Because the fools1 password is a combination of letters from the Raiders' names and professions—totally forgotten now. All four Raiders are buried here, but their gravestones are worn. I found a few clues. I have coin if you can figure this out.
Hero: All right. I'll do what I can.
Llotha Nelvani: It sounds archaic, but the Blacklight Raiders were well-rounded—warrior, cleric, thief, and mage. The mage wrote a letter to one of the others telling how to open the lockbox. Between the letter and the gravestones, I hope we can solve it.
Hero: So the clues are in the letter and on gravestones?
Llotha Nelvani: Yes. That's all we have to go on. What we need to figure out is what each of the Blacklight Raiders' names was, and whether they were the fighter, the mage, the thief, or the cleric. Look at the letter.
Hero: Can you tell me any more about the Blacklight Raiders?
Llotha Nelvani: I only know so much. They started out as just a small band of adventurers from High Rock, exploring old barrows and caves, killing bandits and monsters, that sort of thing. Over time though, they became notorious, especially in Morrowind. So the clues are in the letter and on gravestones?
Hero: How did you get involved in all this?
Llotha Nelvani: I come from a village outside Blacklight. My grandfather always told me stories about the Raiders who stole our family's heirlooms. Years later, I heard about this lockbox the Raiders had left behind. I tracked it down, and it led me here.

Llotha Nelvani: I hope you're getting more insight into this than me. Every time I think I have it all sorted out, I realize something doesn't make sense. Do you think you know what each of the Raiders' names and professions were?
Hero: I think I've got it.
Llotha Nelvani: Hm! We'll see. I've got some of it pieced together. If you can fill in the gaps, I'll be impressed. If you're ready, I'll ask you my outstanding questions.
Hero: I'm ready. Ask your questions.
Llotha Nelvani: All right. First, i need to know about Joelle. I know she was the warrior, but what was her last name?
Hero: Lavergne.
Llotha Nelvani: Hm. That might make sense. If that's correct though, what was Olivia's profession?
Hero: Thief.
Llotha Nelvani: Hm. All right. If that's true, then what was Wiliam's last name and profession?
Hero: His last name was Rernis and he was the mage.
Llotha Nelvani: All right. Let's see if all your answers add up. All that matters is whether I can open this damn lockbox ....
Hero: Did it work?
Llotha Nelvani: Ha! Yes! It seems Wiliam had quite a sense of humor. Now, let's see what's inside ....
Hero: What is it?
Llotha Nelvani: No gold, no relics, just a silly old blade! I'm sorry, but I was counting on something of value! I can't pay you much now. I don't shave though, so I guess I'll sell the blade. Maybe I can get something for it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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