Furnishing Items

Furniture in Elder Scrolls Online is a part of the housing system. A player can use the items to decorate his apartment. There are different types of furniture available.

Some of the items can be crafted by a player! You need certain resources and you must meet certain crafting requirements.

Right now we have 2894 Furniture items in our Database. You can see all of them in a list below.

Item Title Category Style Craftable
Imperial Coffer, Scrollwork Trunks No
Imperial Counter, Corner Counters No
Imperial Counter, Long Cabinet Counters No
Imperial Cradle, Scrollwork Bedding No
Imperial Cupboard, Scrollwork Cabinetry No
Imperial Curio, Scrollwork Cabinetry No
Imperial Desk, Desk Desks No
Imperial Desk, Scrollwork Desks No
Imperial Desk, Swirled Desks No
Imperial Divider, Curved Dividers No
Imperial Divider, Folding Dividers No
Imperial Dresser, Open Dressers No
Imperial Dresser, Scrollwork Dressers No
Imperial Dresser, Short Dressers No
Imperial Footlocker, Scrollwork Trunks No
Imperial Forge, Covered Blacksmithing Station No
Imperial Fountain of the Bay Fountains No
Imperial Hutch, Scrollwork Cabinetry No
Imperial Lantern, Imperial City Lanterns No
Imperial Lantern, Wall Lanterns No
Imperial Lightpost, Full Lightposts No
Imperial Lightpost, Pair Lightposts No
Imperial Lightpost, Single Lightposts No
Imperial Lightpost, Stone Lightposts No
Imperial Medallion, Imperial Art No
Imperial Mirror, Standing Mirrors No
Imperial Nightstand, Scrollwork Nightstands No
Imperial Pedestal, Chiseled Sacred Pieces No
Imperial Pedestal, Stone Sacred Pieces No
Imperial Pew, Scrollwork Benches No
Imperial Pew, Windowed Benches No
Imperial Pillar, Chipped Posts and Pillars No
Imperial Pillar, Straight Posts and Pillars No
Imperial Rack, Cask Stockroom No
Imperial Rug, Akatosh Rugs and Carpets No
Imperial Rug, Dibella Rugs and Carpets No
Imperial Rug, Kynareth Rugs and Carpets No
Imperial Rug, Stars Rugs and Carpets No
Imperial Rug, Stendarr Rugs and Carpets No
Imperial Shelf, Barrel Shelves No
Imperial Shelf, Wall Shelves No
Imperial Shrine of the Bay Sacred Pieces No
Imperial Sideboard, Scrollwork Cabinetry No
Imperial Statue, Emperor Statues No
Imperial Statue, Knight Statues No
Imperial Statue, Monolith Statues No
Imperial Statue, Obelisk Statues No
Imperial Statue, Warrior Statues No
Imperial Stool, Padded Stools No
Imperial Stool, Sturdy Stools No
Imperial Streetlight, Imperial City Lightposts No
Imperial Table, Common Tea Tables No
Imperial Table, Dining Tables No
Imperial Table, Family Tables No
Imperial Table, Formal Tables No
Imperial Table, Game Tea Tables No
Imperial Table, Kitchen Tables No
Imperial Tapestry, Akatosh Tapestries No
Imperial Tapestry, Dibella Tapestries No
Imperial Tapestry, Kynareth Tapestries No
Imperial Tapestry, Stars Tapestries No
Imperial Tapestry, Stendarr Tapestries No
Imperial Tent, Commander's Tents No
Imperial Throne of the Bay Thrones No
Imperial Trestle, Scrollwork Tables No
Imperial Trestle, Sturdy Tables No
Imperial Wardrobe, Scrollwork Wardrobes No
Imperial Well, Arched Wells No
Imperial Well, Covered Wells No
Imperial Well, Grated Wells No
Imperial Wine Rack, Scrollwork Stockroom No
In the Company of Wood Orcs Literature No
Instrument, Drum Instruments No
Instrument, Flutes Instruments No
Instrument, Harp Instruments No
Instrument, Lute Instruments No
Instrument, Tambourine Instruments No
Instrument, Tanbur Instruments No
Instrument, Zither Instruments No
Invocation of Azura Literature No
Iron Cross Torture No
Iron Cross, Large Torture No
Iron Maiden, Chained Torture No
Iron Wheel Banner Banners No
Jar of Green Dye Dye Stations No
Jar, Blue Dye Materials No
Jar, Covered Dye Materials No
Jar, Gilded Canopic Urns No
Jar, Orange Dye Materials No
Jar, Pink Dye Materials No
Jar, Yellow Dye Materials No
Jaw, Human Remains No
Jaw, Lion Remains No
Jaw, Troll Remains No
Jorunn the Skald-King Literature No
Josef the Intolerant Literature No
Keg Stockroom Yes
Kelp, Green Pile Aquatic No
Kelp, Lush Pile Aquatic No
Kelp, Small Pile Aquatic No
Kennel, Locked Torture Yes
Key, Large Knick-Knacks No
Key, Medium Knick-Knacks No
Khajiit Banner, Claw Banners Yes
Khajiit Banner, Crescents Banners Yes
Khajiit Banner, Hooked Banners Yes
Khajiit Banner, Moons Banners Yes
Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot Stools Yes
Khajiit Barstool, Padded Stools Yes
Khajiit Basin, Claw Basins Yes
Khajiit Bed, Canopy Bedding Yes
Khajiit Bed, Faded Bedding Yes
Khajiit Bed, Fur Bedding Yes
Khajiit Bedding, Padded Bedding Yes
Khajiit Bench, Padded Benches Yes
Khajiit Bookcase, Arched Shelves Yes
Khajiit Bookshelf, Arched Shelves Yes
Khajiit Bottle, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Brazier, Claw Braziers Yes
Khajiit Brazier, Enchanted Enchanting Station Yes
Khajiit Brazier, Hanging Chandeliers Yes
Khajiit Candle-Filled Lamp Lamps Yes
Khajiit Candle, Clawfoot Candles Yes
Khajiit Candles, Clawfoot Candles Yes
Khajiit Carafe, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Carpet, Crescent Moons Rugs and Carpets Yes
Khajiit Carpet, Sun Rugs and Carpets Yes
Khajiit Column, Spiked Posts and Pillars No
Khajiit Couch, Padded Sofas and Couches Yes
Khajiit Counter, Faded Counters Yes
Khajiit Counter, Long Cabinet Counters Yes
Khajiit Curtains, Moons Tapestries Yes
Khajiit Cushion, Long Pillows Yes
Khajiit Cushion, Single Pillows Yes
Khajiit Decanter, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Desk, Faded Desks Yes
Khajiit Divider, Folding Dividers Yes
Khajiit Drapes, Grand Tapestries Yes
Khajiit Drapes, Tattered Tapestries Yes
Khajiit Dresser, Faded Desks Yes
Khajiit End Table, Faded Tea Tables Yes
Khajiit Firepit, Brick Fires Yes
Khajiit Flask, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Footlocker, Arched Trunks Yes
Khajiit Frame, Arched Posts and Pillars Yes
Khajiit Jug, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Lantern, Hanging Lanterns Yes
Khajiit Loft, Reed Tents Yes
Khajiit Nightstand, Gilded Nightstands Yes
Khajiit Pillow, Crescents Pillows Yes
Khajiit Pillow, Roll Pillows Yes
Khajiit Pitcher, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Rug, Moons Rugs and Carpets Yes
Khajiit Rug, Sun Rugs and Carpets Yes
Khajiit Sconce, Spiked Sconces Yes
Khajiit Signpost, Fortified Posts and Pillars Yes
Khajiit Skooma Bubbler Knick-Knacks Yes
Khajiit Sofa, Padded Sofas and Couches Yes
Khajiit Statue, Guardian Statues Yes
Khajiit Stool, Crescent Stools Yes
Khajiit Table, Formal Tables Yes
Khajiit Table, Round Tea Tables Yes
Khajiit Tent, Mercantile Tents Yes
Khajiit Tent, Storage Tents Yes
Khajiit Tent, Vacation Tents Yes
Khajiit Tile, Full Moons Sacred Pieces No
Khajiit Tile, New Moons Sacred Pieces No
Khajiit Tile, Waning Moons Sacred Pieces No
Khajiit Tile, Waxing Moons Sacred Pieces No
Khajiit Trunk, Arched Trunks Yes
Khajiit Urn, Amber Urns Yes
Khajiit Vase, Amber Vases Yes
Khajiit Vessel, Amber Vases Yes
Khajiit Vial, Amber Drinkware Yes
Khajiit Wagon, Reed Carts and Wagons Yes
Khajiit Wardrobe, Arched Wardrobes Yes
Khajiiti Shrine Guardian Statue Statues No
Kinlord Rilis and the Mages Guild Literature No
Kneeling Ansei Statue Statues No
Knife, Carving Utensils Yes
Knights of the Flame Banner Banners No
Kwama Mining for Fun and Profit Literature No
Lacquered Kwama Egg No
Lantern of Anguish Lanterns No
Lantern, Hanging Lanterns Yes
Lantern, Ship Captain's Lanterns No
Lantern, Stationary Lanterns Yes
Large Covered Well Wells No
Legend of the Ghost Snake Literature No
Lesser Soul Gem, Empty No
Letter, Personal Literature No
Lettuce, Display Produce Yes
Life in the Eagle's Shadow Literature No
Light and Shadow Candles No
Light of Meridia Enchanted Lights No
Liminal Bridges Literature No
Litany of Blood Literature No
Litter-Mates of Darkness Literature No
Living with Lycanthropy Literature No
Lob's Challenge Horn No

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