To Skywatch [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 9

Text of the Quest:

To Skywatch I have purged the Veiled Heritance from Mathiisen. Now I should meet up with Razum-dar in Skywatch to learn what other plans the Veiled Heritance has. I should head to Skywatch and speak to Captain Tendil. He will be able to direct me to Razum-dar.

Razum-dar: Raz needs to report our success here. Her Majesty will be pleased.
Hero: What is our next move?
Razum-dar: I will return to Skywatch and see what can be learned there. Speak to Captain Tendil when you arrive. He will know where to find me.
Hero: Got it.

Captain Tendil: Welcome to Skywatch. Your message arrived ahead of you and they're expecting you up at the manse.
Hero: My message?
Captain Tendil: Yes, I know you must have been concerned about the messenger. He made it through safely.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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