To Tanzelwil [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 6

Text of the Quest:

To Tanzelwil Queen Ayrenn has asked me to accompany her to the ancient site Tanzelwil, where she worries a normally calm ceremony may see complications. I should make haste for Tanzelwil, and speak with someone in the Queens entourage.


Queen Ayrenn: Now to look to larger things. I must cement my position, and continue my tour of the isle.
Hero: What would you have me do, my Queen?
Queen Ayrenn: I must make for the ancient site known as Tanzelwil. Normally, a new monarch communes quietly with the dead. We're supposed to show willingness to heed the wisdom of our ancestors.
Hero: Normally?
Queen Ayrenn: As you saw today, my reign so far has been anything but normal. I worry there will be complications. And the presence of my newest Eye would assuage that worry.
Hero: Of course. Queen Ayrenn.
Queen Ayrenn: Make your way to Tanzelwil at your own pace. Seek out my entourage when you arrive. They'll be able to direct you to me. And good luck, to us both, on the road.
Hero: Can we discuss the Veiled Heritance, Your Majesty?
Queen Ayrenn: As you wish. I'm not sure I know much more than you, at this point.
Hero: Is this the first attempt on your life?
Queen Ayrenn: I wish I could say yes. Astanya got closer than anyone else has. Subverting a watch captain. I can't believe they'd be so bold.
Hero: Your Majesty, would you mind telling me something about yourself?
Queen Ayrenn: Oh thank Auri-EI. Someone who's not too blinded by my crown to ask a real question. Apologies. Of course, I'd be happy to chat. What would you like to know?
Hero: How did you gain the throne?
Queen Ayrenn: My father, King Hideliith of Alinor, passed on to Aetherius. He was a good man. As is my brother, Naemon. I returned to take my father's place, because my lifetime of experience has prepared me, honed me, to be the ruler we need.
Hero: What did you do before you were crowned?
Queen Ayrenn: Ha. Have you heard some of the rumors? My exploits have been greatly exaggerated, I can assure you. Except the story about the bear. That one's true.
Hero: What prompted you to found the Dominion?
Queen Ayrenn: To be blunt, the Altmer are too few. Together with the Wood Elves and Khajiit, we have the iron will, the strength of arms, and the depth of character to solve the problems facing Tamriel.
Hero: You think we can save the world?
Queen Ayrenn: I do. I spent years traveling the face of Nirn. The alliance we've forged is the strongest in the world. I spent months working with the Mane and the Treethanes to create this Dominion of ours. I'm very proud of it.
Hero: Is that where you met Razum-dar?
Queen Ayrenn: Ha. No, Raz and I met while I was traveling, many years ago. We met in Wayrest. Or was it Whiterun? Something with a "W". The story's a long one, and involves a drunken schoolmarm and a purple velvet dress. Ahem.
Hero: What do you know of the Veiled Heritance, Your Majesty?
Queen Ayrenn: As you wish. I'm not sure I know much more than you, at this point.
Hero: What do they want?
Queen Ayrenn: An end to the Dominion. They want me to step down, to appoint their own regent, for everyone not of High Elven descent to leave the Summerset Isles. The list goes on and on.
Hero: Why are they so against the alliance?
Queen Ayrenn: They're racists, High Elven supremacists with no understanding of the real world. Short-sighted misanthropes with delusions of grandeur! Bastard throwbacks that should crawl back beneath their rock!

Prince Naemon: Hmm. You look familiar. Have we met before?
Hero: The Queen asked me to meet her here.
Prince Naemon: Ah! Vulkhel Guard, of course. Welcome to Tanzelwil. Perhaps you'll get through to Her Majesty where we could not.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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