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By: Ambuaz in: Game Guides
It’s difficult to explore Tamriel without Mount. There will be only one type of mount when the game is released – horses. This guide will help you to get a horse and will tell you everything you need about mounts.

When you start playing ESO you have to travel on foot. In the beginning, it is interesting to take your time to explore and observe the world but sooner or later you will find out that you want to travel faster. Especially in Cyrodiil when you need to help your alliance to protect a keep that is under attack. You will not be able to teleport to such keep and a mount may help you a lot.

There will be only one type of mount when the game is released – horses. However, developers plan to add other types of mounts in later updates.

Where do you get a Mount?

You can buy a horse in a stable. Stables aren't difficult to find, they can be found in all the main cities of Tamriel. You will be able to identify this building by the stall and horses inside. Simply talk to stableman and you will be able to see all the horses available.

The cheapest mount is 17 200 gold and you are not restricted by level to be able to purchase it. All you need is to have enough gold.

There is a way to get a mount for only 100 gold - if you buy the Imperial Edition of the game. The Imperial White horse is just one of the exclusive bonuses you receive with this edition. Characteristics of an imperial horse are similar to the Common one, but it costs a lot less. It’s also possible to upgrade from the Standard edition to Imperial and receive all the digital bonuses including a mount.

Once you have purchased a horse, you can summon it by pressing the 'H' button. You can have as many mounts as you wish but can summon only one of them at a time. If you want to change a mount you need to go to a stable and change it there. Unfortunately you can’t manage mounts from your inventory.

Feeding a Mount

In the beginning your horse may not seem very beneficial. But everything changes when you start feeding it. The feeding process allows you to change certain characteristics of your mount. Here are 3 types of food you can go for:

  • Apples – increases the movement speed of the mount.
  • Hay – increases the stamina of a horse allowing it to sprint for a longer time.
  • Oats – allows it to carry more items. Horses don’t have their own inventory and your character will receive extra inventory space if you feed a mount with Oats.

You can feed a mount every 24 hours and the process is very similar to leveling. The gains are permanent and cumulative, allowing you to make a custom mount. By changing the types of food you can level your mount in a way you like. The maximum level of a mount is 50 and depending on how high their quality was at the beginning, they will have differing levels of attributes at the end.

List of Mounts

Is it possible to fight sitting on a mount?

There is no such option in Elder Scrolls Online. You can’t sit on a horse and attack enemies. Who knows, maybe such option will be added later. But you can always attack a player on a mount. It takes time to dismount and it may be your advantage.

Will mount die if someone kills me while I am sitting on it?

There may be situation when a big group of players kills you very fast even before you dismount. It will hardly happen in PvE but may happen in PvP. Your mount will not suffer from this and will not be killed. You will be able to summon it after you resurrect.

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  • Comments

    1. DrHencz 08 march 2014, 16:38 # 0
      Does anyone know if I will be able to use the imperial mount with other races than imperial if I buy the imperial edition?
      1. Jonathan Klausen 08 march 2014, 17:00 # 0
        Yes, if you buy the imperial version of the game any character regardless of the race can buy and use an imperial horse.
        1. DrHencz 08 march 2014, 17:43 # 0
          Nice :)
          I guess I will be buying the imperial edition then :)
      2. CCG_wahirsch 12 march 2014, 22:45 # +1
        Thanks for the excellent write-up!
        1. Apple.Snowsong 29 march 2014, 10:51 # 0
          This is a wonderful guide! Thank you! I tried the Imperial Horse in the BETA Trial, and I can hardly wait till I can play with the Imperial Edition that I pre-ordered! Riding a horse in ESO is so fun! :) I like also how we can whistle to call our Horse to us!
          1. Ambuaz 29 march 2014, 10:56 # 0
            Thanks! Developers also mentioned that they will probably introduce horse racing! So don’t forget to feed your horse :)
            1. Apple.Snowsong 29 march 2014, 23:50 # 0
              Horse Racing?! Oh WOW~ ESO is going to have so many fun things to do! :)
          2. John Smith 01 april 2014, 16:19 # 0
            Anybody know if you will be limited to one horse permanently?
            1. Ambuaz 01 april 2014, 16:29 # 0
              If I am not mistaken it will be possible to buy more slots for mounts. I think this option will be added in future updates.
              1. Apple.Snowsong 08 april 2014, 09:38 # 0
                Yes. We can only have one horse active for riding at a time, but we can already buy an extra Stable Slot for another Horse. I have Imperial Edition so I could by my Imperial Horse for one gold piece and bought my first extra Stable Slot for another Horse for 10 gold, but the price goes way up for a third slot. For example, if next I bought a Draft Horse, I could not have my Imperial Horse and Draft Horse active for riding at the same time, but I could go to the stable and switch The Imperial Horse out for my Draft Horse and back again when I wanted to, because they both have their space (slot) at the stable. So we can take turns riding the Horses we own.
            2. Tunes501 04 april 2014, 08:00 # 0
              Question: Is a purchased horse only usable for that character, or is it account wide?
              1. Ambuaz 04 april 2014, 13:03 # 0
                A horse mount is not account wide and can be used by only 1 character only. A character can use a after purchasing it from stable.
              2. Graham Tobin 26 april 2014, 15:34 # 0
                I have some clarification now the game is live.

                I have the imperial edition. The horse cost 1 gold- not one hundred. You can buy another slot for a horse to get a second for 10gold. Buy a third slot for 100gold.
                So what i did on my main character was buy a horse… a second slot and a second horse for a total of 12 gold. Why have two horses? You feed the horses to increase various stats.
                Each feed type will cost you 250 gold. You can then feed the horse again in 20 hours.
                The type of feed are apples- which increase speed by one percent.
                Hay- increase stamina- it allows you sprint for longer and take more hits before you are forced to dismount. Oats- increase your carrying capacity.
                Currently I have focused on one horse… full speed and it has a bonus of 34%. I intend at some stage to have the other horse with stamina.
                This is possible to do on all characters if you could afford the 250gold per character per day.
                Each character can buy a horse for 1 gold… stable upgrades etc. The only problem with the imperial horse is it is white. It great for running around in PVE environment but has obvious disadvantages if in PVP territory where you dont want to be seen. Of course… you could be very good bait to draw then enemy into an ambush. :) Enjoy horsey stuff.

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