Unearthing the Past [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 3

Text of the Quest:

Rozag gro-Khazun suggested I investigate a crypt in the center of the Breton graveyard.


Investigate Central Crypt

Rozag gro-Khazun: Stop right there! No one enters, Chief Tazgol's orders.
Hero: Where did all these zombies come from?
Rozag gro-Khazun: Bloodthorn Cult. They're raising zombies all over the graveyard. I'm here to keep people out until Warchief Tazgol arrives and crushes them all.
Hero: Aren't you worried about the cult raising an army?
Rozag gro-Khazun: Ha! An army? These are Breton zombies. Flimsy little bodies in the ground. They'll die easy. Still, if you feel like slaughtering cultists, I won't stop you. Start with the crypt in the center. I saw a few in there.
Hero: I'll go have a look.
Rozag gro-Khazun: You get into trouble, you're on your own.
Hero: Why is there a Breton graveyard on Betnikh? Isn't this an Ore island?
Rozag gro-Khazun: This was a Breton island, hundreds of years ago. War Chief Yzzgol and the Seamount Ores wiped them out. The Seamounts were the fiercest raiders on the sea, until we settled here.
Hero: What was so special about Betnikh?
Rozag gro-Khazun: Steel and stone, how can you ask? High, defensible cliffs, a view of all approaches from the fortress, fertile land for crops — what's not to like? Yzzgol's wives insisted we settle here, so we did.
Hero: Why haven't you dealt with the zombies yourself?
Rozag gro-Khazun: My orders are to watch them until they try to break out or until Chief Tazgol gets here and cuts off their heads. That's all. An Ore follows orders, even if they're stupid.
Hero: If you own the island, why leave a Breton graveyard intact?
Rozag gro-Khazun: We're not savages. We respect the enemy's dead. When an Ore dies, he gets a cairn to mark where he fell, weapons atop it. We don't stick our dead in the ground like Bretons. Even so, we won't desecrate their graves.

Frederique Lynielle: Greetings, stranger. You are not a cultist. Help us defeat these necromancers!
Hero: How?
Frederique Lynielle: Take the Staff of Arkay, a potent weapon against undead. You must first charge the staff, then use it to destroy the foul abominations summoned by these necromancers.
Hero: How do I charge the staff?
Frederique Lynielle: The blasphemers employ dark magic to raise the dead. Disrupt their rituals and release that energy. The Staff of Arkay will convert this into power to destroy their dark creations!
Hero: Who are you?
Frederique Lynielle: In life, I was a priestess of Arkay. I served King Renwic for many years. I was with him when the Seamount Ores invaded. We died together at their hands.
Hero: The Seamount clan killed you?
Frederique Lynielle: Many died under their blades. But that was long ago. The Bloodthorn Cultists desecrate our graves today. I beg you to stop them.
Hero: Are you the guardian of this graveyard?
Frederique Lynielle: Even in death I watch over my people. Necromancy is a crime against Arkay. The aura of corruption builds as my countrymen's bodies are raised and desecrated by these minions of the Worm. I need your help to stop them.
Hero: What can you tell me about these necromancers?
Frederique Lynielle: The Bloodthorn Cult's necromancy corrupts nature. They're led by Reachmen of the worst sort, allies of Mannimarco. They raise our dead to assault the Ores. This desecration must end!

Crafty Lerisa: Out for a stroll, enjoying the scenery?
Hero: Lerisa! What are you doing here?
Crafty Lerisa: Just exploring the island. I came across these fine fellows disturbing the graves and decided to kill a few. I've collected some robes in this bag. Take one if you want the zombies to leave you alone.
Hero: Thanks, Lerisa.
Crafty Lerisa: I'll be hunting cultists while you're playing with your staff. If I find any more robes, I'll leave them for you. These necromancers are disgusting, but they do dress well.

Frederique Lynielle: I sense great power in the staff. You've done well.
Hero: What do I do with it?
Frederique Lynielle: The staff will reveal circles of corruption among the crypts. There lurk the Bloodthorn Cult's abominations, hidden in pockets of Oblivion. Plant the staff in a circle to draw an abomination into our world. Then destroy it!

Frederique Lynielle: The Bloodthorn's perversion of my people is ended. The honored dead are at rest once again.
Hero: Is the threat ended?
Frederique Lynielle: The cult focused all their power into their abominations. Now these are dust and ash. The threat to us is ended, but the threat to you remains. King Renwic wishes to repay our debt to you. Speak to him. Learn your true peril.

King Renwic: You have returned my people to their rest. I wish to repay you, but I have only information to give.
Hero: What can you tell me?
King Renwic: The Seamount Ores attacked generations ago. They took our island. Under their rule, what we called Betony became Betnikh. My failure to defend my people was unforgivable, but how I attempted to defeat the Ores was worse.
Hero: What did you do?
King Renwic: I attempted necromancy. An ancient Ayleid Relic is buried on this island. The Bloodthorn seek its power. Enter the portal beside me. You will see my last day through the eyes of my enemies. Learn what you can.

Hunt-Wife Othikha: Targoth! The Breton King has sealed himself deeper in the ruin. He is preparing some foul spell!
Hero: What spell is this?
Hunt-Wife Othikha: I know only that the magic he summons will slaughter our army. Unless we stop him, every Ore here will die.
Hero: How do we stop King Renwic?
Hunt-Wife Othikha: We must learn how to reach their cowardly king and the nature of his soul magic. Make these prisoners talk! We have confiscated their belongings. They may hold clues to what they know.
Hero: How far should I go in my interrogations?
Hunt-Wife Othikha: The Code of Mauloch is clear. So long as these Bretons aid their king in his foul magic, they remain our enemies. If you can coerce them through words alone, do so. If not....
Hero: If not?
Hunt-Wife Othikha: They must pay the blood price. I took this charm off a Reachwitch. Hold it tight and order any guard to execute his prisoner. The charm will chain their soul and compel them to answer you. You will have one question, Targoth. Ask wisely.
Hero: Remind me about the Code of Mauloch.
Hunt-Wife Othikha: Don't steal. Don't attack without reason. Fight with honor. Protect your tribe. These Bretons claim to have surrendered, but if they refuse to answer truthfully, they remain our mortal enemies.
Hero: Is there honor in killing unarmed prisoners?
Hunt-Wife Othikha: They aid their king in his foul plan to kill us all! Unless they tell us how to stop him, his magic will wipe us out. We are at war, Targoth. Do what you must.

War Chief Yzzgol: Targoth! Our victory is near!
Hero: I know how to open the door.
War Chief Yzzgol: By Mauloch's right hand! My Warcaller triumphs again. We will end this assault and the efforts of this cowardly king.
Hero: What will we do with King Renwic?
War Chief Yzzgol: There's no honor in the slaughter of a broken people and defeated knights. If King Renwic surrenders, he will join his people in exile. Let them spread word of our ferocity across the seas!
Hero: What if he doesn't surrender?
War Chief Yzzgol: Then I will cut him down. Stay your blade beyond this door, Targoth. Leave King Renwic to me.

King Renwic: Even my death failed my people.
Hero: You tried to use the relic, and Yzzgol killed you.
King Renwic: Yes. Once I summoned the relic's power, I realized what it demanded of me. Souls. It craves souls. I would not pay that price, but the Bloodthorn will. They will raise this undead army and slaughter you all.
Hero: How can I stop them?
King Renwic: The Ayleid Relic is the key, but my memories have faded with time. I no longer remember its location. I know only that you must find it before the Bloodthorn. I offer this knowledge as payment for the souls you saved today.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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