Trials and Tribulations [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 42

Text of the Quest:

Trials and Tribulations After their defeat at Bangkorai Garrison, the Imperial forces retreated south, and King Emeric believes they will make their last stand here at the ancient temple known as the Hall of Heroes. Before we attack the Imperials, the king is making a final speech. I should listen to what he has to say.


Listen to the Kings Plan


  • Scrolls: (from left to right) discipline, devotion, wisdom, sacrifice.
  • Braziers: first on your right and follow that circular motion; blue, green, red, white.
  • Sword: Simple training sword.

High King Emeric: I was wondering when you'd wander up! I knew you wouldn't let me get all the glory. Of course, I wouldn't have wanted to take any action until you were with us regardless, but I like to pretend. Anyhow, how in Oblivion are you?
Hero: I'm doing fine. Your Majesty. How are you?
High King Emeric: I feel strong. I'm ready to spill some Imperial blood. This will be remembered as the place where the Imperials made their last stand in Bangkorai. Despite my advisors' concerns, I decided I had to be here and lead the charge myself.
Hero: Are you sure that's safe?
High King Emeric: Bah! Are you trying to coddle me now too? I command you—put aside your concerns. This isn't even going to be a real contest. Each of my soldiers can take ten of theirs, and you can take a hundred. So ... can we get on with this?
Hero: Yes. Of course. I'm yours to command.

Scout Nadira: Zeht's tears! What has befallen? Who has slain everyone? Where's the king?
Hero: The Imperial Magus-General killed them and took the king captive.
Scout Nadira: 0 Merciful Mara! Please say this isn't so! I knew the king should not have come! Why should he risk his life this way? What will we do now? Someone has to go after him!
Hero: I will. Do you know where she might have taken him?
Scout Nadira: No. I mean ... I have scouted out all this area from the ridges above. The Imperial encampment is just over the hill, and then this temple—the Hall of Heroes—it goes on forever. She might have taken the king anywhere in all that space.
Hero: Where do you suggest I start looking?
Scout Nadira: The encampment. There has been much activity there in recent days. The Imperials have been going in and out of the temple. I have even seen the Magus-General herself. Perhaps if you search the encampment, you will find some evidence of her plan.
Hero: I'll go search the Imperial encampment then. tut Nadira
Scout Nadira: You are a brave soul to go after the king on your own. I applaud your courage. I will go to Evermore to request additional support. Then I will return. May Ruptga and all the gods be with you until then.
Hero: Anything I should know about the Imperials' defenses?
Scout Nadira: None, save that they are very well dug in. I would guess that they have been here for several weeks making preparations for something significant. Most of the Imperial soldiers are in the encampment. I think there are Daedra in the temple itself.
Hero: What can you tell me about the temple?
Scout Nadira: The Hall of Heroes? Oh, it is very, very old, and no one even uses it anymore. Heroes today are entombed at Tu'whacca's Throne or Motalion Necropolis, but long ago, this is where great heroes like Frandar Hunding and Makela Leki were buried.
Hero: Why isn't it used anymore?
Scout Nadira: The Keepers said it should belong to the gods themselves—that mortals were never truly welcome here. Perhaps so. Legends always suggested it was a place where planes collide, where worthy Redguard souls came to make the journey to the Far Shores.

Keeper of the Hall: Look! Another live one! Oh, sorry. I should speak more quietly. Don't want to disturb the dead ... or the Daedra crawling all over this place. I find them very distasteful. Not right for this place. Not right at all.
Hero: Who are you?
Keeper of the Hall: Me? I'm the Keeper of the Hall. I am guardian of the gate between here and there, between this place and the next. The living don't belong here. I'm supposed to keep them out, but I seem to have failed at that.
Hero: Are you talking about the Imperials?
Keeper of the Hall: Yes. Especially that cruel, twisted lady—Septima Tharn, I believe she is called. She has broken all the rules. I told her as much. I did. But she would not listen. When she leaves, I do not think I will invite her to come back.
Hero: Do you know where I can find Septima Tharn?
Keeper of the Hall: She's in the Chamber of Passage, but it is a forbidden place. You must get special allowances to go there. This is the heroes' hall. You will have to convince them to let you pass.
Hero: All right. Where do I find these heroes?
Keeper of the Hall: Oh, they're scattered all over this place. Everywhere. Getting them to talk is the hard part. They're quiet types; been dead for centuries. Frandar Hunding might listen. You'll just have to do some convincing. You have Tu'whacca's blessing though.
Hero: I'll go look for Frandar then.
Keeper of the Hall: I hope Frandar lets you pass. I also hope he has more clarity than I do. I wonder why anyone would want to visit the Chamber of Passage, or even the Far Shores ... aren't there some shores you could visit a little closer to home?
Hero: Do you live here in the Hall of Heroes?
Keeper of the Hall: Do I "live" here? That is a strange choice of words. Yes indeed. As I said, this place is not for the living; it is the dead who actually "live" here. I simply watch over the place. I go back and forth between here and there.
Hero: How did Septima Tharn get into the Chamber of Passage?
Keeper of the Hall: If we knew that, then presumably, we could force her to leave. That would save us all a lot of trouble, would it not? That would certainly be nice.
Hero: Can you tell me more about the Far Shores?
Keeper of the Hall: It is not as far as it sounds, but you do have to die to get there. It is where mortal souls are supposed to go when they pass from this plane. Not all souls find their way, of course, but some of them do not belong anyways. You understand.

Frandar Hunding: I know you ... your spirit, but you belong in this place no more than the others, the invaders. Why do you come here? Why do you disturb my rest?
Hero: I need to get into the Chamber of Passage.
Frandar Hunding: Of all the places in this temple you do not belong, it is there you belong the least. But I sense that where the others have come to violate the chamber's sanctity, you have come to restore it. I will give you my blessing if you prove worthy.
Hero: How do I prove myself worthy?
Frandar Hunding: The invaders have taken my scrolls—four sacred writings from the Book of Circles. They describe the principles one must master in the various seasons of life. Recover the scrolls, place them on the appropriate pedestals, and earn my blessing.
Hero: I'll find and return the scrolls to their pedestals.

Divad Hunding: I sense great determination in you, living one, but very few of the living are foolish enough to trespass in these hallowed halls. Even fewer are foolish enough to seek entrance into the Chamber of Passage. This is your intention though, is it not?
Hero: Yes, and your father has given me his blessing.
Divad Hunding: Then you have already achieved in life that which gave me great difficulty. My father's influence, though, was only one aspect of what guided my life's purpose. In truth, it was my mother's role, the sacrifice she made, that defined my destiny.
Hero: What sacrifice did your mother make?
Divad Hunding: When Emperor Hira's soldiers came to arrest me, they struck my mother and she was slain. It wasn't until that moment I embraced the way of the sword. To earn my blessing, light the braziers in the chamber above in the colors to honor her sacrifice.
Hero: All right. How do I light the braziers?
Divad Hunding: You'll find the braziers are already lit. You must simply cycle through the colours on each brazier to match the memory of my mother's final moments. It's getting the colors in the correct order that matters.
Hero: How do I know the order of the colors?
Divad Hunding: Turn and observe the moment of my mother's sacrifice. Remember it as I do. Take it into your heart and light the fires of my memory.
Hero: I'll light the braziers in the colors of your memory.

Makela Leki: It takes a brave soldier to enter the Chamber of Passage, but courage alone is not what defines a warrior. One has already breached the chamber without my blessing, but you come behind seeking just that, do you not?
Hero: I do. I seek to stop the one who went in there.
Makela Leki: And by seeking our blessing, you show that you deserve such an honor. The one who breached the chamber—this Septima Tharn—she has strength, courage, and even wisdom, but she lacks an essential quality of a true Ansei.
Hero: What quality is that?
Makela Leki: The answer is the key to my blessing. You will find several impressive swords in this chamber. They are only symbols of ideals, but bring me the blade a true sword-singer would wield, and I will grant you entrance to the Chamber of Passage.
Hero: I'll choose the appropriate sword then.

Makela Leki: You must think as a sword-singer would. Which blade would be most suitable for a warrior who has achieved mastery of his or her technique?
Hero: I believe I have the correct blade.
Makela Leki: Very well then. Which blade is it?
Hero: Give her the Simple Training Sword.
Makela Leki: Well done. A true sword-singer would select the Training Sword because it is the swordsman, not the sword, that matters. You understand true humility. You have my blessing. You may enter the Chamber of Passage.
Hero: Thank you.

Keeper of the Hall: Heroes, gods, Imperials ... who's in charge here? You. You've earned the blessings of the heroes, but blessings will only get you through the door. Are you really ready for what lies on the other side?
Hero: I don't know. What lies on the other side?
Keeper of the Hall: Something no mortal's ever seen, until that nasty woman went in there, of course ... and who knows what she might have done to the place ...? I guess you'll be finding out soon enough though.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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