Trapped in the Bluffs [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Trapped in the Bluffstells me his son, , has gone missing somewhere in the oasis near Bergama. I should look for Taren in the oasis near Bergama. Jarrod suggested I look for him on the nearby cliffs.


Find Taren

Jarrod: My wife is wounded and my son, Taren, is missing! Why do you test me so, Stendarr?
Hero: What happened?
Jarrod: We just came here today for some water. The snakes were on us before we knew what was happening. They bit Neesa, and we ran. When we stopped running, we discovered my son Taren was missing.
Hero: I can help look for him.
Jarrod: Then Stendarr has not forgotten us. I have given my wife an antidote, but I cannot leave her side. If you will look for Taren, though ... bless you. I taught him to head for the high ground when in danger, so look for him on the cliffs.
Hero: Don't worry. I'll find Taren for you.

Taren: Snakes separated me from my family, and now I'm surrounded. Is there a clear path to the bridge? I'm scared to leave.
Hero: Follow me, I'll make sure you get to safety.
Taren: You made it just in time. Those serpents are looking at me and sticking out their tongues. I think they were licking their lips!
Hero: Let's go!

Jarrod: I knew my faith in you was justified.
Hero: I see Taren returned safely.
Jarrod: Truly Stendarr's mercy has descended on my family today. My son has been returned to me, and Neesa is recovering from her wounds. Please take this as a reward. Without your help, Taren might not have survived. Go in peace.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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