To Nimalten [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 39

Text of the Quest:

To Nimalten I've put a stop to the threat of the Reachmen, but the threat to the Rift is far from over. The Worm Cult is massing in force, and the settlements west of Nimalten need to be warned. Centurion Gjakil has asked I travel to the town of Nimalten, to warn the thane of the Worm Cult plot. I should speak to a guard when I reach town.

Centurion Gjakil: Glad you made it out, Arrow. I'll make sure Dajaheel and Belron go up on the rolls in Mournhold. It's mad to think of all those people. Reduced to ink on parchment.
Hero: What's the next move. Centurion?
Centurion Gjakil: We need to warn the settlements west of here. You put a stop to Stral and the Reachmen, but the Worms are a far bigger menace.
Hero: Where should I start?
Centurion Gjakil: Nimalten. Thane Fjora is a brave, intelligent woman. And she has the resources to protect the rest of the Ragged Hills. Grab a guardsman when you reach the town. They'll direct you where you need to go.
Hero: Consider it done. Centurion.
Centurion Gjakil: Fjora's apparently a dynamo on the battlefield. I've heard stories you wouldn't believe.
Hero: What will you do now. Centurion?
Centurion Gjakil: Death, Reachmen, now the Worms. I need to check on my family. We have a little farm down south. My wife's father started it, actually. Stop by and say hello, if you get the chance. Tell her I sent you. Woman makes the most amazing sweet rolls.

Hauting: Welcome to Nimalten, traveler. Do you seek the council of our mighty Thane Fjora? Or are you here with Sergeant Aera's contingent?
Hero: Well met. I have urgent news for Thane Fjora.
Hauting: Urgent news, eh? Perhaps it'll take her mind off the troubles. Been enough of that lately!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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