Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion While exploring, Lady Clarisse Laurent mistakenly opened a portal allowing Aldmeri Dominion soldiers to invade the ruins of Salas En. Ive agreed to help her close the portal. I need to search Lady Laurents Camp for an Ayleid tome that we need to activate the pillars in the ruins and then to close the portal.


Recover the Ayleid Tome

Lady Clarisse Laurent: Aha! Perfect! You look like the fit sort. I wonder if you can assist me in an archeological project of considerable importance. I came here searching for some rather valuable relics, but I've encountered something of a setback.
Hero: What kind of setback are we talking about?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Well, I discovered this fabulous portal in the Ayleid ruins. I sent my assistant through, and ... it was a mistake. The portal apparently leads to somewhere in the Grahtwood, and ... basically, he returned with the Aldmeri army at his heels.
Hero: Aldmeri forces came through the portal?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Yes, and unfortunately, it seems they're now planning a full-scale invasion, establishing a base, building siege weapons .... We need to close the portal, quickly. I discovered an old tome that explains how, if I can find it again. Will you help me?
Hero: Yes. I'll help you.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: You're a true hero—and I mean that. My camp is beside the ruins. That's where I left the book we need. Get the book, use it to activate the large pillars in the ruins, then meet me inside the west door to the lower ruins. The portal's down there.
Hero: Why do I have to activate the pillars?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: I suppose that's a reasonable question. As you might imagine, the Elves have locked the main entrance to the portal room. There is a back way, however, through an old prison of some sort. The pillars unlock the door into the prison.
Hero: What's inside the prison?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Oh, I haven't the foggiest notion what's in the prison, it's been centuries though—whatever was down there is surely dead. If not, well, you seem capable enough, and it can't be any worse than the damned Elves.
Hero: Can you tell me more about the ruins?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: My researchers in High Rock gave me the essential background. Salas En was an Ayleid stronghold, built by human slaves in the Merethic Era. The Elves eventually got what they deserved during the Yokudan colonization of Hammerfell in the First Era.
Hero: What purpose do you think the portals served?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: It's quite fascinating really. It would seem to prove that the Altmer and the Ayleids were still connected further into the Merethic Era than we believed. I actually wrote a book on the subject. Well, someone wrote it for me, but who's counting?
Hero: So there are Aldmeri troops in the ruins?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Unless they're sporting Dominion armor as a fashion statement, I'm afraid so. If my assistant had half a brain, he would have let himself be captured rather than lead the Aldmeri troops back here.
Hero: And the Aldmeri could actually threaten Alik'r?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Well, we are at war, and an enemy army this deep into our territory would be a very bad thing. I would hate to think I destroyed the Daggerfall Covenant... of course, it was really Stibbons' fault.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: You certainly made short work of those Elves. There seem to be few odd skeletons down here, no problem for you, I'm sure. Now, I assume you found the old tome in my camp?
Hero: Yes. Here's the book.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Thank you very much. Fortunately, I can translate the ancient Ayleid, and that should tell us how to close the portal.
Hero: Where is the portal?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: It's through this door right behind me. The problem is that it's locked, but... it appears that it's controlled by a switch deeper in the ruins. Would you be a dear and find the switch?
Hero: Yes. I'll find the switch.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: If only I could have someone like you around full time. If you'll get the switch, that will give me time to study up whatever words I need to speak to close the portal. Once you get it opened, I'll just go on in, so meet me in the portal room.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: Arrogant Elves! They have so much faith in that seal they put on the main door, they don't even have anyone guarding the portal! I'm not complaining though. Are you ready to do this?
Hero: Let's do this.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: All right. You're going to have to protect me though. The chamber may be clear now, but as soon as I start the ritual, they'll realize it on the other side. They might try to charge through and stop us.
Hero: I take them as they come.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: Well that takes care of that, now doesn't it? I'm actually quite relieved. It would have been so embarrassing to have been responsible for the fall of Alik'r. After I opened the portal, I considered just leaving and denying that I was ever here.
Hero: I'm glad you stayed to close it.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: I am too ... now. if you would though, I still would prefer to keep this quiet. I do have a reputation to uphold, you know.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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