Through the Shroud [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 39

Text of the Quest:

Through the Shroud Our final goal at Vernim must be to kill Stral and end the threat of the Reachmen. Unfortunately hes protected by a death shroud in the central ruin. Belron thinks he knows a way past this death shroud. Hes given me a jar of dark sludge and told me to drink it, if I want to get past the death shroud.


Drink Potion near Belron

Lieutenant Belron: We've got to get to Stral. End Stral, and we end the Reach threat.
Hero: What's the problem?
Lieutenant Belron: You may have noticed the ruin in the center of the wood. That shroud of death and darkness? Nothing living can pass through it. Luckily, the dead can.
Hero: Why's that lucky?
Lieutenant Belron: Oh, I thought it was obvious. We kill you, sort of. These Graveborn hearts ... yes, imbuing their essence into a potion. Like so. Drink this. Trust me, nothing will go wrong!
Hero: All ... right.
Lieutenant Belron: The bravery of Vivec! Nicely ....You have a little something on your mouth, there.
Hero: Yech. I can pass through the shroud, now?
Lieutenant Belron: Absolutely. I think. You're much less alive than you were a few minutes ago, anyway. That should get you through the shroud.
Hero: Then what?
Lieutenant Belron: At the bottom of the ruin there should be a totem powering the death shroud. Destroy it, the shroud goes away, and the living can enter the ruin.

Lieutenant Belron: With the shroud gone, we can follow you in! You're looking a little dead around the edges. Let me take care of that.
Hero: [Persuade] Can you magically aid me in the coming fight?
Lieutenant Belron: Of course! How could I have forgotten? Here, hold still.

Orla: I didn't think we were going to make it out of there ... Dajaheel. Belron.
Hero: You fought bravely.
Orla: I'll make sure the Centurion ... the Pact knows of Stral's defeat. Dajaheel and Belron sacrificed themselves to see that beast slain. Their sacrifice will be remembered.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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