Through the Ashes [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 12

Text of the Quest:

The town of Dawnbreak has been overrun with Daedra. In response, First Auridon Marines have arrived to aid the town. I need to search Dawnbreak for survivors, get them mustered out.


Find People in Dawnbreak

Captain Landare: Hold. Dawnbreak is in the middle of an evacuation. No one's allowed back in.
Hero: What's going on here?
Captain Landare: Daedra. Poor town was devastated by the beasts. We managed to crush the assault, but the place is still a mess. We need to get the villagers clear so recovery efforts can begin.
Hero: Any way I can pitch in?
Captain Landare: Certainly! I appreciate the help. I was going to send a squad for these citizens. Got a list here. Meet me at the manor house in the middle of town when you've mustered them out.
Hero: Consider it done.
Captain Landare: Good luck in there. And mind the Banekin. They're like little Daedric rats.
Hero: Why'd the Daedra attack here?
Captain Landare: Only Auri-EI knows. Dawnbreak's a supply stop between Firsthold and Skywatch, no different than any other town in Auridon. Just glad the High Kinlady wasn't here when they hit. She left an hour or two before we saw the first Daedra.
Hero: Estre's a traitor. She's the Veiled Queen!
Captain Landare: No! Truly? Thrice-be-damned is she. If she's capable of that kind of treachery, perhaps she had a hand in what's happening here.

Elannie: My poor father. Damn the Daedra!
Hero: It's dangerous here. You need to get out.
Elannie: I can't. I promised Father I'd wait for him. I won't leave without him!
Hero: [Persuade] He wouldn't want you to die here, waiting for him.
Elannie: I... you're right. Please, find him. His name is Almion. Tell him I've evacuated?
Hero: I will. Just get going.

Fasaran: Excuse me, please. I must look for her ring. Can't leave without it.
Hero: I need you to leave. You can come back for your ring later.
Fasaran: No, no! Her ring, it's all I have left. All that's left of my Fara. I've just... I've misplaced it.
Hero: [Intimidate] If the Daedra hear you, they're not going to give you time to look.
Fasaran: Damn it. Fine, fine. I'll go. My Fara. Will I ever find you again?
Hero: You'll find her better alive than dead. Get moving.

Almion: This Altmer is dead. He was badly beaten before his death.
Hero: Examine the body.
Almion: You find a wooden pendant hanging from his neck. The pendant is engraved: 'To my loving father. Your Ela."
Hero: Take the pendant.

Mirkalinde: Thank the Eight! Please tell me the Marines have arrived.
Hero: Yes. They're here, and they've beaten back the Daedra.
Mirkalinde: Truly? Is it safe to go?
Hero: Yes. Just head south out of town.
Mirkalinde: Three-and-five-times blessed am I. Thank you. And blessings to you as well.
Hero: Be safe.

Captain Landare: I saw some of the townsfolk making for the cordon. How did it go?
Hero: I freed all I could. Almion, Elannie's father, was already dead. -Captain Landare: Poor girl. Thank you, for what you could do. In the meantime, I've sent out patrols to hunt down any remaining Daedra. They should report back soon.
Hero: Anything else I can do while I'm here?
Captain Landare: Perhaps. There's—

Captain Landare: Well, this isn't good.
Hero: What's the next move?
Captain Landare: Get out there and look for our patrols. They'll need relief. I need to oversee the defense here. May Auri-EI preserve us, all.
Hero: I'll find them.

Sergeant Artinaire: Thank the Divines I found you. You need to find Landare. She's in over her head.
Hero: What happened?
Sergeant Artinaire: One of the patrols returned—thanks to you—and mentioned a cave entrance to the northeast. Landare couldn't wait. She took some mer and they left for the caves.
Hero: She couldn't wait for more help?
Sergeant Artinaire: She's always been this way. I'm worried she's in over her head. Help her, please. Maybe you can strap her fool head to her shoulders.
Hero: I'll find her. Sergeant. Don't worry.

Captain Landare: Good. You're here. This is Qoramir, my patrol leader. He isn't having a good day.
Hero: What did he find?
Captain Landare: There are a pair of Dremora further up in the cave. They're preparing another mass summoning as we speak. It's up to you. I can't leave Qoramir here like this.
Hero: I'll take care of them. Captain.
Captain Landare: Thanks. You were right, by the way. Estre's not just Veiled Heritance—she's a thrice-damned cultist as well! Qor overheard the High Kinlady talking to these Daedra by magical sending.
Hero: Another crime for the magistrates. I'll track her after we deal with these Daedra.
Captain Landare: Good. Meantime, I'm going to get Qor here back to the manor. Meet us there.
Hero: See you there. Captain.

Captain Landare: My new friend! You live. I was hoping. As you can see, we received reinforcements. The Dremora have been dispatched?
Hero: The ritual is broken. There won't be another attack.
Captain Landare: Thrice-blessed are we. I couldn't have asked Urcelmo for a better Marine. What of Estre? Did you learn anything more?
Hero: Dawnbreak was a distraction. Firsthold is Estre's true target.
Captain Landare: I had a feeling things would get worse. We need to get word to Lord Rilis of Firsthold. And fast.
Hero: Can you get a warning there in time?
Captain Landare: We'll just have to see, won't we? In any case. For the lads and lasses here—thank you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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