Throne of the Wilderking [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 26

Text of the Quest:

Aranias and Andur were sent by the Veiled Heritance to kill the Wilderking. They are now forcing their way through Greenheart towards the Wilderkings throne. I should travel to Greenheart and attempt to catch up with the pair.

Spinner Maruin: Truly, 1 hope we never need change a story so extensively again. Though we spinners can do so, it's usually better to let a tale conclude on its own. Usually.
Hero: What is it that I have to do?
Spinner Maruin: Venturing into the story of Aranias' past has sown the seeds of her transformation, but they have yet to sprout. Even now, she and Andur blaze a trail of destruction toward the Wilderking's throne. Their intention is to destroy him.
Hero: How can I protect him?
Spinner Maruin: Preserving his life may be impossible at this point, but you must try. Without him, the Valenwood will rage out of control. The only hope lies with Aranias, and with you. Go to Greenheart and follow the trail of fire to the Wilderking's throne.
Hero: I will try to catch up with Aranias and Andur.

Wilderking: It's good you're here. With earth magic and fire, Aranias and Andur force their way towards my throne, leaving chaos in their wake. I've lost control of my guardians. My power fades. I've always wondered what death would be like. Soon, I will know.
Hero: You're just going to give up?
Wilderking: My end was inevitable all along. Someone new must become caretaker of the Valenwood. Aranias was guided here for this purpose. It's fascinating. In her heart, I think she knows the truth, but she's conflicted. Perhaps it is Andur's influence?
Hero: What should I do to change that?
Wilderking: I think you should catch up with them. Follow the trail of fire. Aranias must choose to accept the responsibility of her own accord, but Andur will not understand. I expect he will oppose her and she will need your help to defeat him.
Hero: Then I will try to catch up quickly.

Wilderking: Quickly. Aranias waivers. She knows now why she was guided here—not to destroy the Valenwood, but to save it. She wants to change course, but she's afraid. She's afraid to stand up to Andur.
Hero: Where are they?
Wilderking: Aranias' powers grow as she draws closer to the throne. She opened the ground here and they entered the Throne Tunnels. You must follow. You must be there to help Aranias when she decides to make her stand.
Hero: [Persuade] It would help if your forest spirits weren't attacking me.
Wilderking: My hold over the creatures of the Valenwood has weakened. That is why they panic and attack. I lack the strength to pull them back, but I can make it so you appear less threatening. Be careful though. This enchantment will only last a short time.

Aranias: It'syou ...? From Silatar? My ... my friend. Thank the Eight! You were right about the Veiled Heritance. I'm sure now. They used me as bait to trick the Wilderking, and now Andur's going to kill him. I can't let that happen. I have to stop Andur.
Hero: How do you intend to do that?
Aranias: I don't know, but somehow, it seems like that's what I was meant to do all along. When he burned the forest, I actually felt its pain. I think I'm ... connected to this place. I can't fight Andur though—he's too strong. Will you help me?
Hero: Of course. Where is Andur now?
Aranias: He's gone ahead. I can travel through the roots to catch up, but you will have to fight your way through. This might help. Use this bundle of roots and you can burrow for short distances. It will at least get you past Andur's fires.
Hero: All right. Let's go then.

Wilderking: Aranias was guided here to take my place, but I believe you were guided here to assure her ascension. If you had not come, I fear Andur would have killed us both, leaving the Valenwood wild and vengeful. Many lives would have been lost.
Hero: So Aranias will now become the "Wilderqueen"?
Wilderking: Yes. For centuries, my sole focus has been shaping and maintaining the Valenwood, protecting it from outside influence, and from itself. Now that she has come, I am free to return to the earth, give back to that which has given so much to me.
Hero: Where is Aranias now?
Wilderking: She is up above. You should go to her. She is frightened of the transformation process, but you must comfort her. This is the natural course of things. It is necessary for her, and for the Valenwood, but she must choose it of her own accord.

Aranias: I'm scared. Shouldn't I be feeling confident? I mean, we defeated Andur. Look at all of this though! I've worked my magic on small pieces of land in the Summerset Isles ... but this is an entire forest... a living forest. Tell me I can do this.
Hero: You can do this.
Aranias: I think he was a man too, once, the Wilderking. i mean, he was like us. But when he took this on, he became something else. I think he merged with the Valenwood and forgot his previous self entirely.
Hero: Yes. His name was Ostion. He was an Altmer mage.
Aranias: And he doesn't even remember that! The same will happen to me. If I accept this responsibility and become Wilderqueen, I'll forget my home, my youth ... everything.
Hero: From what I witnessed, those weren't exactly glorious memories.
Aranias: No, but they are my memories, and some of them fond. The ones with you. They seem only partially real, but they're the memories I'll miss most. I have to let go though. The way I embrace you in my heart, that's how I must embrace the Valenwood.
Hero: Are you ready to become Wilderqueen then?
Aranias: Yes, but I need your help. You must climb the tower further and place the Wilderking's crown in the gardens there. Then you must wait for me. Promise you'll wait.
Hero: I promise.

Wilderqueen: Everything is so ... very different. It's like I'm no longer a single physical form, but my being is spread out across the forest. Aranias is slipping away. You are my friend though, whoever I become. Will you stay for just a moment?
Hero: I'm right here.
Wilderqueen: I am prepared to lose my memories, but I don't want to lose the lessons I've learned. You helped me understand the difference between a foe and a friend. I'm determined not to forget that, nor to forget you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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