The Troubleshooter [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

The Troubleshooter The Boneshaper clan is besieging Shors Stone. Aera cant take out both the clans Clan Matron and the Daggerfall Covenant spy meeting with her. I volunteered to help by killing them both.


Kill Linele Skullcarver Kill Lolann

Aera Earth-Turner: How can I... oh! It's you!
Hero: Aera? Is that you?
Aera Earth-Turner: Aye. I've finally found my way in the world. The Pact has given me purpose, a reason to live beyond Bleakrock. I'm actually here on a mission, but I'm a bit over my head. Can I ask an old friend for help?
Hero: Of course! What do you need?
Aera Earth-Turner: I've been tracking a dangerous Clan Matron of the Reach. She's meeting with a Covenant spy. Alone, I could take her. Here with her tribe, not a chance. Will you help?
Hero: I'll get it done, Aera.
Aera Earth-Turner: She's encamped just outside of town. With her followers. Put them all down, for the good of the Pact.
Hero: How have you been, Aera?
Aera Earth-Turner: Well enough. It's good to have a reason to get up in the morning. Without my family the way it was ... it's easy to wallow in thoughts of Bleakrock. Of the good days.
Hero: What brings you to Shor's Stone?
Aera Earth-Turner: After my breakdown ... some of the others pulled strings for me with Pact command. As I was training, we talked about what I would do. This seemed the perfect fit.
Hero: Breakdown?
Aera Earth-Turner: After Bal Foyen ... I had a hard time. Losing family is never easy. I couldn't handle it. Even the others from Bleakrock just reminded me of everything I'd lost.
Hero: You're looking well now.
Aera Earth-Turner: Thank you. When I was raising kids on Bleakrock, I never thought I'd be here, doing what I do now. But I'm good at it.

Aera’s Logbook: This is Aera's log book. In it she keeps the names of all Worm Cult agents she has brought to justice. Add Linele and Lolann's names to the logbook.
Aera's Logbook: You add the names "Linele Skullcarver" and "Lolann" to Aera's logbook. The book includes the names of many Worm Cult members Aera has brought to justice. Interestingly, all of them have died either during their arrest or soon after.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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