The Show Must Go On [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Vicious raiders known as the Steel Shrikes attacked a troupe of traveling entertainers. They hold several performers capt I've at Fullers Break. A Wood Elf named Elandora needs to find the rest of her performing troupe before she can retreat to a safer locale. Shes asked me to find them and ensure their safety.

Elandora: Those Ra Gada brigands think they can take anything they want? Oh well, we'll show them how wrong they are! As soon as Magdi finds her spine again. Gods, I wish she wasn't the only one left!
Hero: Ra Gada brigands? What's going on? Goodbye.
Elandora: Just your run-of-the-mill pirate infestation. The Steel Shrikes, they call themselves. We made landfall for our show, and they attacked! Can you believe it? And now most of my boys're missing. Those Shrikes don't eat Elves, do they?
Hero: Where are your "boys?" Goodbye.
Elandora: Heard 'em screaming near the forge. Think it was the monkey, but could've been the bearded lady. Look, if you're heading in, we could use help. I'd hate to have to leave all my performers behind.
Hero: I'll look for your missing performers.
Elandora: Have you dealt with the Steel Shrikes before? They're a nasty bunch of Redguards from Covenant lands. All about war, conquest and glory, and the rest of that rubbish. A complete nuisance on a good day, but today's looking worse and worse.
Hero: Are you all performers?
Elandora: You're looking at the Dancing Scrib, greatest acting troupe this side of Elsweyr! At least, we were. Until we got a bit broken up.
Hero: What kind of acts do you perform? Goodbye.
Elandora: Oh, you'll just have to help us to find out, won't you?

Snaehild: You're not another one of those ruffians, are you? Don't you dare lay a hand on me, or you'll get a good wallop!
Hero: Head to the forge. Don't stop moving.

Vanando: You're no Steel Shrike! At least, you don't look it. Did you get caught in their raid too?
Hero: I've cleared the way. Go to the forge.

Cumberland: The monkey screeches happily.
Hero: You're safe. Get to the forge.

Elandora: Looks like everyone's mostly in one piece. Only one we're missing is Sal. Of course. I bet he's hiding in one of these buildings. We've got to move before the Shrikes regroup and attack. Maybe we'll go with Vanando's plan after all.
Hero: What's the plan?
Elandora: Sal's a master escapist, with the proper theater. What's more theatrical than a little smoke and flame? Vanando wants to smoke out any Shrikes barricaded in these buildings. Maybe he just wants to set the whole place ablaze. Either works.
Hero: Are you sure that's the best plan? Goodbye.
Elandora: No. But it's all I've got right now. And I think you can manage Vanando's enthusiasm. Take this oil. You'll need it to make the smoke. If Sal's nearby, he'll know we've come for him, and he can make a dramatic entrance.
Hero: After everything is on fire, what then?
Elandora: Then the Dancing Scrib performers sail into the sunset aboard our ship! It wouldn't be the first time we've had to take an unscheduled bow. Come see us off at the docks after you burn down the town.

Elandora: Doesn't look like we'll be using our old ship. Those brigands foundered her! I hope you cut a few of those Shrikes down while you were looking for Sal.
Hero: I didn't see anyone else from your troupe.
Elandora: Lucky for him, we know where Salgaer is now. Seems all that smoke got his attention, and he started screaming his head off. What's less clear is how to reach him.
Hero: Where is he?
Elandora: Take a look across the water. Salgaer's up on that outcropping, about a stone's throw from here. Problem is, the whole place is crawling with Steel Shrikes. You're the only one who stands a chance of getting him out of there.

Salgaer: Y'ffre, Z'en, Auri-EI, I beg for mercy! I repent! You're not one of those Steel Shrikes, are you? Can you understand me?
Hero: Elandora sent me to find you, actually.
Salgaer: Sweet Ela! I knew she wouldn't forget about me! Get me out of these binds, quickly! If I know her, she'll be halfway to the next village before I catch up!
Hero: The Steel Shrikes destroyed your ship.
Salgaer: What? That ship was our home. All of our props and supplies are in the Shrikes' hands now. It'll be tough going for a while, no doubt about that!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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