The Senche [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

I must find the corpse of a Hound hunter in an alcove to the west of Hectahame to begin tracking the pale senche.

Haras: You have the look of a hunter about you. But the Senche demands that you act the part.
Hero: The senche?
Haras: The pale senche, the lion with a skin of snow. My hunt for it spans lifetimes, but my only bounty is deep wounds and dead friends.
Hero: You look uninjured.
Haras: Long after the body's wounds have closed, hardened into scars, the mind's wounds still pierce. Still sear. But I know that gleam in your eye. Like me, you can't help but desire the pale senche's ivory hide.
Hero: I will hunt the senche and bring back its hide, if you show me where to start.
Haras: The trail of the Senche begins at the bones of my fellow Hound. I barely escaped with my life, and his life escaped with his bones bared.
Hero: How do I track the Senche?
Haras: If you must ask, you may not be ready. But keep your head low and your movements slow, and you shall find the Senche's tracks.
Hero: The Senche killed your dog?
Haras: Centuries ago. But the Hounds I speak of are not dogs. They are the finest hunters in Valenwood. I once led their ranks, but my hunt leaves no time for games.

Haras: The hide and my death approach. Please, let me see the white before all goes black.
Hero: Here it is, but what do you mean?
Haras: At last. And the more beautiful for the longed-for rest it brings. When I was young, I implored Hircine to let me hunt his finest beast. That ensured I was restless and deathless. Until today. Thank you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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