The Search for Shiri [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

The Search for Shiri Shiri, the scholars apprentice, has disappeared along with the text she recovered from Tavas Blessing. Ive agreed to help find Shiri … and the text. I need to find the home of Shiris cousin, Nahirah, in Satakalaam.


Find Nahirahs House

Captain Rawan: Shiri—the scholar's apprentice—have you seen her? She had the ancient text from the Withered Hand necromancer at Tava's Blessing ... she was supposed to go back to Bergama, but... she never made it.
Hero: I haven't seen her. Why would she be here?
Captain Rawan: We knew Shiri believed the third Ward was here ... and that you came this way, so we were hoping .... Alas, there is one other place she might be, but I am too weak to make the journey. Will you take on the search for Shiri in my stead?
Hero: What's so important about finding Shiri?
Captain Rawan: It is not just Shiri. It is the text she found at Tava's Blessing. Scholar Zohreh says it must be kept away from the Withered Hand! Shiri has a cousin in Satakalaam—Nahirah. Please, you must go and see if Shiri is there.
Hero: All right. I'll go look for Shiri.
Captain Rawan: Thank you, my friend. Prince Azah said you were indispensable. I now see why. You do an old soldier a great favor by helping. I hope Shiri is not hurt, and even moreso, I hope that text has not been taken again by the Withered Hand.
Hero: How did you get injured?
Captain Rawan: I was beset by many troubles on the journey from Tava's Blessing—scorpions, dunerippers, and then, not far from here, I was ambushed by the Withered Hand. I managed to kill the dirty dogs, but not before they had hurt me pretty good.
Hero: Are you going to be all right?
Captain Rawan: Yes, yes. I just need time to rest, to eat, and to properly bandage my wounds. Finding Shiri is too important though. I would have made myself go on, however slowly, if you were not here.
Hero: Why would Shiri visit her cousin in Satakalaam?
Captain Rawan: I do not know, but it is all we have to go on. Scholar Zohreh was almost certain Shiri would have come here, but she suggested Satakalaam as her next guess. Shiri was not close to her cousin, but Zohreh said she planned to visit Nahirah someday.
Hero: What do I do if I find Shiri?
Captain Rawan: She needs to take that text she found in Tava's Blessing and bring it back to Zohreh in Bergama. If you are willing, I would suggest you escort the girl there yourself. She seems to have a talent for getting lost.

Zohreh: What happened here? This is terrible. Did the Imperials do this? I hope Shiri was not here. Did you find any evidence that she visited?
Hero: Shiri is the sister of Uwafa and Alasan.
Zohreh: The leaders of the Withered Hand? But that would mean ... Shiri is one of them too? A necromancer? You think ... tears of Zeht! With that text... and we have no idea where she is!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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