The Rise of Sage Svari [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

The Rise of Sage Svari Skald Svari has been proposed as the next Sage of Fallowstone Hall. She must pray at Fallowstones shrines to ask the approval of the Companion spirits. I've been asked to accompany her. Vigrod asks that I accompany Skald Svari in her quest to become the next Sage of Fallowstone Hall.


Talk to Skald Svari

Vigrod Wraithbane: One thing always leads to another, and change can often be difficult to accept. However, we must continue. It's the only way.
Hero: How can I help?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Sage Tirora has passed to Sovngarde and Fallowstone needs a new sage. Skald Svari has asked my permission to try for the position and I have given it.
Hero: What does she need to do?
Vigrod Wraithbane: The sage-to-be and a companion must pray at Fallowstone's shrines. If she is acceptable to our ancestors, visions of the Five Hundred in their prime will appear. Will you accompany her?
Hero: Sure. I'll see if she's ready.

Sage Svari: I've worked my whole life to achieve this. Thank you for honoring me with your presence.
Hero: I was proud to do my part.
Sage Svari: Recording your deeds here will be my first act as Sage of Fallowstone Hall. The Companions will recover from this setback. Vigrod and I will make sure of it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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