The Nature of Fate [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

The Nature of Fate An old Redguard sitting in the desert is contemplating fate. He believes all of our actions are predetermined. To prove his beliefs, Anjan threw bones onto the sand and prophesied I would win a race against a storm. I must run across the desert, following the trail of blue flames, so I can reach the end before the storm does.


Talk to Anjan

Anjan: Do you believe in fate, my friend? What if I said I was sitting here all my life waiting for you to come? That would be absurd, wouldn't it? No ... fate led both of us here at the perfect moment, and I can prove it.
Hero: How can you prove it? Goodbye.
Anjan: ln exactly just a few moments, a wind storm will appear right over there, and you, my friend ... you will race it across the desert.
Hero: How do you know this? Goodbye.
Anjan: Because it is my fate to come here and tell you this, just as it was another's fate to tell me mine, and yet another's before that. Your fate is to race the storm and to win. The question is ... are these fates fixed? Will you help me test this?
Hero: Yes. I will help you test this. Goodbye.
Anjan: The winds gather even now. The storm will appear here any moment—when it does, you must race. Follow the trail of the blue flames and reach the final flame before the storm does. Are you ready to test your fate, my friend?
Hero: I have a question first. Goodbye.
Anjan: So you do, and if our fates are true, the wind will wait. I will answer your questions if I can, but know that I am no wise man. I am a dockworker. I only grew this beard and adorned myself so because the woman told me it was my fate to do this.
Hero: You just accepted your fate on blind faith?
Anjan: No. The woman told me to come out to the desert, find someone I had never met, and observe this strange race. I thought she was crazy, but then I thought about it, and my curiosity won out. And now I believe ... because look ... you are here!
Hero: How did this woman know to tell you this?
Anjan: It seems that someone else told her that it was her fate to approach me and send me out here. It was yet another person before that... leading back in an endless chain .... That's only if it's all true, of course ... but that is what we will test.
Hero: Couldn't I just walk away and prove it's all a lie?
Anjan: I do not know. Can you? Even if you can, though, does that mean fate is changeable, or does it mean that you have strayed from your destined path? Perhaps fate is not damaged by this. Perhaps it would be your loss to bear.
Hero: All right. I'm ready to race. Goodbye.
Anjan: Then if fate is to be believed, the winds are ready as well. Run quickly, my friend ... or do not... either way we will have our answer.

Anjan: It is true! It is all true! You won the race! Our fates are unavoidable! Do you know what this means? Do you realize the full extent of this?
Hero: What does it mean? Goodbye.
Anjan: It means ... it means ... what does it mean? I had it all figured out. Something very important, very profound ... but now ... I can't remember. I'm going to stay here until I remember.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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