The Misfortunate Minstrels [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

People from across the Aldmeri Dominion gather to celebrate the handfast of the Silvenar and the Green Lady. The Hound, however, caused many of them trouble. Among these are a group of minstrels led by . The minstrels scattered throughout the ravine below Silvenar. According to Laen theyre in hiding. I need to find them and tell them to get to safety at their camp.

Laen the Doorwalker: You're not with the Houndsmen, are you? Are you one of Silvenar's loyalists? Please, I need help!
Hero: I'm a friend of the Silvenar. Who are you?
Laen the Doorwalker: I'm Laen the Doorwalker, a simple bard. My fellow minstrels and I were chosen from throughout the Dominion to perform at the celebrations for the Silvenar and the Green Lady, but something went horribly wrong!
Hero: What happened to you?
Laen the Doorwalker: Some of the Houndsmen didn't like our music. I think they know it's a music of freedom and joy! Their werewolves attacked us while we were practicing! We escaped into this ravine, but got separated. Are they even alive?
Hero: I'll look for them.
Laen the Doorwalker: Look for Buzul and Dadazi, a pair of Khajiit; and Alanaire, an Altmer lute player. I don't know a lot about them. We were selected individually, but they're terrific musicians! I hope you find them. A band of one can't perform!
Hero: Where should I look?
Laen the Doorwalker: Nearby. In the ravine. We fled down here to escape the Houndsmen, with the other Silvenar loyalists.
Hero: After I find them, then what?
Laen the Doorwalker: When we arrived, the four of us set up a camp at the edge of the canyon and held a practice before entering Silvenar. Chased out, before they ever heard a note, too! Anyway, I'm sure everyone's trying to rendezvous there.
Hero: I'll find your friends and meet you there.

Buzul: Look out! Those Houndsmen are everywhere!
Hero: I know, but don't worry. Laen sent me to find you. Goodbye.
Buzul: She did? She hung back when the rest of us ran. I thought... no, I was wrong. Have you seen my mate, Dadazi? She was with me, but I fell and had to hide.
Hero: I haven't found Dadazi yet. Goodbye.
Buzul: Please, you've got to find her! I twisted my ankle when I fell. I don't know what I'll do if the Houndsmen have her!
Hero: Can you make it to the camp on your own? Goodbye.
Buzul: Yes. I am sure I can make it to the camp, especially if it means I'll see Dadazi again. But, there is one more thing. I hate to ask, but....
Hero: But what? Goodbye.
Buzul: Our instruments! When the Houndsmen attacked us, they stole our instruments! If you search their camps, you'll find them ... or perhaps the shape-shifting bastards are still carrying them around. Please say you will find our instruments!
Hero: Let me find the rest of the minstrels, then I'll see about finding the instruments.

Alanaire: Stop! Get back! I tell you, I have friends, friends in high places!
Hero: Laen sent me to find you. She's all right.
Alanaire: She's all right? She's all right? What do I care? I've been chased by Houndsmen! I've had harsh critics before, but really. Well, I wouldn't say "harsh." Or even unfavorable. No, the critics have always liked me. What were you saying?
Hero: Laen sent me to find you. She wants to rendezvous at your camp. Goodbye.
Alanaire: Oh, she does? Well, she can just go .... No, wait. You aren't a Houndsman. Why would she send you to capture me? Isn't that what the Houndsmen are for?
Hero: I'm a friend of the Silvenar, and I'm trying to help you.
Alanaire: If you're a friend of the Silvenar, Laen didn't betray us! She's a jealous harpy, but she didn't throw us to the Houndsmen after all. Well, now, that's a song of a different key.
Hero: Why did you think she betrayed you?
Alanaire: Laen's jealous of my singing ability, which she lacks, and wanted to get rid of me. Apparently, I'm mistaken.
Hero: You need to get to your old camp. Can you do that?
Alanaire: Of course! I'm nearly there now. But I to ask a favor. Can you retrieve my instrument? It was a gift from the Silvenar and is precious to me. And if you get the rest of the instruments back, that'd be nice, too.
Hero: Let's see if I can find the other minstrels first.

Dadazi: Get over here! Before the Houndsmen sniff you out!
Hero: Good advice. Are you Dadazi?
Dadazi: You've heard of me? No, I can see it on your face. It was Laen, wasn't it? She sent you to find me. Have you seen my clumsy husband, Buzul? The fool panicked and fell as we came down the canyon.
Hero: Buzul twisted his ankle, but he'll be able to get to the camp. Goodbye.
Dadazi: Thank the gods for small favors. That's a relief! Replacing a good drummer is hard. Husbands, well, those I can find in any crowd.
Hero: In the meantime, can you find the camp?
Dadazi: Certainly. I haven't had much trouble avoiding the Houndsmen when I'm alone, if you get my meaning. Oh, and as long as you're going to fight the Houndsmen anyway ....
Hero: What?
Dadazi: The Silvenar gave us each instruments, and they're valuable. If you could get them back, I'd very much appreciate it.
Hero: Now that everyone's accounted for. I'll go after your instruments.
Dadazi: Good, and if you have to kill a few Houndsmen to get them, don't let that slow you down. Damn mer have no appreciation for music! I'll sneak back to camp during the commotion.

Laen the Doorwalker: You made it! Thank you for saving the other minstrels! If only we had our instruments ....
Hero: Don't worry, I have them.
Laen the Doorwalker: You are truly amazing! Hopefully, this will convince the others I didn't betray them.
Hero: Why would they think you'd betrayed them?
Laen the Doorwalker: They think because I'm a Bosmer, I sided with the Hound. When the Houndsmen came, they attacked all of us. As a Bosmer, it was easier for me to get away, but that's it.
Hero: Do you know why the Houndsmen attacked you?
Laen the Doorwalker: They aren't music lovers? And I really think that's it. We started playing and a big werewolf, Grimclaw, I think he called himself, went crazy! We can't get to Silvenar with him on the loose.
Hero: If you play now, do you think he'd attack again?
Laen the Doorwalker: Probably! Werewolves have great hearing. I'll prove I'm no traitor to the Silvenar or the other minstrels! You kill their leader and that will be that! If you want, I'll play my lute. Grimclaw will come.
Hero: Yes, I'm ready. Start playing.

Laen the Doorwalker: That's done it! One less angry werewolf to plague Malabal-Tor! Many thanks! The other minstrels have accepted me again, and we're going to practice for the celebrations.
Hero: Glad to help.
Laen the Doorwalker: The celebrations last several days. You should stay and listen to us! We don't all know the same songs yet, but our performance will never be forgotten. See you there!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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