The Mallari-Mora [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 11

Text of the Quest:

I've come upon a High Elven dig site, run by a scholar named Telenger. Telenger has asked me to seek out Andewen among the sprawling ruins of .


Find Andewen

Rellus: You're on your way to the dig site? The supplies Telenger's been screaming about, no doubt.
Hero: Who's Telenger?
Rellus: The leader of the dig? The one who ordered the supplies? You're an odd merchant. You'll find him at the camp just up the path. Fair day.
Hero: Thank you. I'll speak to Telenger, then.

Telengerthe Artificer: Ah, at last. You must be here with my supplies. Just put the ink and delicate items in the tent here. You can begin unloading the bulk goods with my assistants.
Hero: Sorry, I don't have any supplies for you. What are you doing here?
Telengerthe Artificer: Truly? This is the last time I trust an order to that Bosmer. It fits, though. Ezduiin has been one disaster after another. First, the spirits. Now the supplies. And to top it off, my top scholar and her team are missing!
Hero: Some people are missing?
Telengerthe Artificer: Stars, yes. Andewen and her team are somewhere in the ruins, looking for the Mallari-Mora. They're long overdue. If you're not here with supplies, perhaps you'd go look for them?
Hero: I'll go look for them.
Telengerthe Artificer: Best-case scenario? They've found the Mora. I don't want to think about the worst-case. Too many variables.
Hero: Who are you again?
Telengerthe Artificer: What a curious question. But if you insist. I am Telenger the Artificer—renowned genius, author, and explorer. Ezduiin is my latest endeavor. I will bring futher glory and honor to the Mages Guild!
Hero: Why are you here?
Telengerthe Artificer: i've come in search of the Mallari-Mora. I'll present it to the council and reap the rewards.
Hero: Is that the artifact you mentioned?
Telengerthe Artificer: Quite attentive. Yes, the Mallari-Mora is an ancient relic. A talisman. Its power took the lives of everyone here. Cursed their immortal souls.
Hero: The spirits have been here ever since?
Telengerthe Artificer: No, actually! They weren't here when we arrived. Though it's merely conjecture, I believe someone has rediscovered the Mora. The disturbance of the talisman has caused the bound dead to stir.
Hero: Who is Andewen?
Telengerthe Artificer: She used to be one of my prized students. Very accomplished. She's now a high ranking member of the Mages Guild—the Master of Incunabula. She oversees the Arcanaeum in Skywatch.
Hero: What is she doing out here?
Telengerthe Artificer: Assisting me, of course. Andewen is a true seeker of knowledge. She may care for her books, but research in the field is her first love.
Hero: What was that word? Incanbull?
Telengerthe Artificer: Incunabula. She oversees research and training. A coveted position. One that most of my students aspire to, but few will obtain.
Hero: Aside from Andewen's team, is anyone else out there?
Telengerthe Artificer: Yes, now that you mention it. Sirinque, one of my students, said something about freeing the spirits. She's nowhere near as analytical as Andewen. I think she's down at our forward camp. I'm sure she's fine.

Andewen: You're not dead. That makes you my new friend.
Hero: Telenger sent me.
Andewen: Thank the Stars for that old man. Cannie is hurt, and some of my team members have been taken. We need to get her back to camp. Now that you're here, we can make a break for it.
Hero: Who took your team members?
Andewen: Some of the spirits appeared, grabbed my researchers, and then vanished. We need to get into the undercroft. It's the only place I can think they'd be.
Hero: Is there anything I can do to help?
Andewen: Perhaps. We were out there looking for runes. Combined, these runes form a key. We only need two more. Take a look and I'll meet you at the entrance of Ezduiin's undercroft.
Hero: I'll get them and meet you there.

Andewen: I made a bet with Hanthaerin on the way back to camp. Did you find the runes?
Hero: I have them.
Andewen: That mer owes me five gold. You've done well. Just a moment and I'll assemble the key.
Hero: Do you really think your researchers are in there?
Andewen: I hope so! If they're not.... Not worth thinking about right now.
Hero: Let's get inside.
Meldil: I tried to stop him. I couldn't... I couldn't help them.
Hero: Stop him? Stop who?
Meldil: Uricantar. He's here. He's trapped the others. He's using their souls to form the gate. You have to stop him.
Hero: What gate are you talking about?
Meldil: The gate opens onto a shard of Aetherius. Without the soul binding rituals, the gate will close.
Hero: How can I destroy the gate?
Meldil: Take my amulet. It should let you see ... touch Aetherius. You'll have to make a decision. Break the bindings or kill the students. Just beware the thirsters.
Hero: What are thirsters?
Meldil: The overlay with Aetherius has allowed powerful spirits into the undercroft. They're what brought us down here in the first place. Be careful. If one gets ahold of you, you could get pulled in yourself.

Andewen: i'm going to tend to Meldil. We'll move to the room just behind me. We should be safer in there.
Hero: Before you go, can I ask a few questions?
Andewen: Of course, but speak quickly.
Hero: Uricantar. Who is that?
Andewen: It's a name we're all trying to forget. Uricantar is very close—was very close—to me. Telenger cast him out of the guild and forebade him to use magic again.
Hero: What did he do?
Andewen: He couldn't understand that power has to have limits. That some costs are too high. You can see here what he's willing to do for a taste of power.
Hero: Meldil mentioned a place called Aetherius. What is that?
Andewen: How long do you have? I'm sorry. This is just not the place for a protracted metaphysical conversation. It may be enough to say that Aetherius is the spirit realm. The land of the dead.
Hero: He also spoke of a shard of Aetherius.
Andewen: I can't begin to guess. Not without more information. But the use of the Mallari-Mora. It may have twisted, broken off a part of the spirit world. If a mage were to gain access to such a place—the power. That sounds like Uricantar.

Jiluza: Help me. Please help me.
Hero: Use Meldil's amulet to enter the spirit realm.

Eryon: Help me. I can't take this anymore.
Hero: Use Meldil's amulet to enter the spirit realm.

Bolion: It burns. It burns from inside out!
Hero: Use Meldil's amulet to enter the spirit realm.

Elenya: Please. Make it stop.
Hero: Use Meldil's amulet to enter the spirit realm.

Andewen: By the light of Auri-EI, you've returned.
Hero: Uricantar's plan has failed.
Andewen: You are a capable sort, Stars guard your steps. I'm going to get us out of here. Put a stop to this madness. Find Uricantar and end him.
Hero: I'll deal with Uricantar.

Uricantar: The old mer and I have played the game for some time now. So sad to see another soul caught between us.
Hero: I've come for the Mailari-Mora.
Uricantar: Of course you have! He can't possibly let me go. Can't possibly let me succeed. It no longer matters. After you're dead and gone, I'll find new vessels. Draw forth the power I need from them.
Hero: I don't plan to die.
Uricantar: And I hadn't planned to be here! I planned to take over from the old mer and perform the life-binding with Andewen. Instead, look at me. This is my last chance for a legacy. To own and control a shard of the Aether!
Hero: Hand over the Mallari-Mora or I'll have to take it.
Uricantar: I wouldn't have it any other way. Come. Let's see which of us lives to tell this tale.

Telengerthe Artificer: You return. I am almost afraid to ask, but—what news?
Hero: Uricantar is dead. And I have the Mallari-Mora.
Telengerthe Artificer: Remarkable. I'm not easily impressed, but you've done it. And Uricantar disappoints, to the bitter end. Such a waste.
Hero: I'm glad I was here to help.
Telengerthe Artificer: All that remains is to tend to the wounded. And continue the research. With the Mora in-hand and Uricantar dead, Ezduiin will soon be at peace. I'll see to it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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