The Lover [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 27

Text of the Quest:

The Lover Captain Thayer thinks her last prospect will pose the greatest challenge of all. His name is Julien Rissiel and hes reluctant to enlist because hes in love. I should speak to Julien and learn what it will take to convince him enlist in the Shornhelm Guard.


Talk to Julien Rissiel


Captain Thayer: While we're waiting for Shuga to finally get here, what do you say to taking on the most unlikely prospect of the bunch? If you can recruit this young man, I'll eat my dagger. He's ... awkward.
Hero: What makes this recruit so difficult?
Captain Thayer: Julien Rissiel. That's his name. He seems like a sharp young man, and he's had a little training. The problem is that Julien is more interested in chasing girls than glory. Some might even say he's pathetic. But he is a prospect.
Hero: Any ideas on how I should approach him?
Captain Thayer: I don't know. I tried to tell him that no girl can resist a man with a few scars, but that didn't seem to sway him. Unfortunately, I lost my patience after that and now he won't even come near me. If anyone can convince him, though, it's you.
Hero: I'll talk to Julien Rissiel.

Julien Rissiel: I've been watching you. Going around town, cleaning up the mess that beastly soldier-woman created by offending everyone. You must have a golden tongue, getting folks to enlist after that. You won't persuade me, though. I can't leave town. Not now.
Hero: Why can't you leave town?
Julien Rissiel: Because I'm close. I've been courting Guendeline for three years and I think I'm finally close to winning her heart. If I leave town now, by the time I get back she'd probably have married someone else. I couldn't live with that.
Hero: What if she promised to marry you?
Julien Rissiel: That would make everything perfect! If I had her love, I could enlist and fight with the strength often soldiers! That's not going to happen, though. It's going to take something special to win her heart, and I haven't a clue as to what that is.
Hero: Maybe I could go talk to her and find out.
Julien Rissiel: Good luck with that. I've been trying to figure her out for years now. I think maybe she just enjoys playing with my emotions. If you can help me win her heart, though, I'll enlist. I'll do anything you want, in | fact.

Guendeline Ascenge: Don't get me wrong. You're very attractive, and I'm sure you're very nice. But I'm not seeing any new suitors. I have my hands full already with that pathetic young man you probably saw standing around outside.
Hero: You don't like Julien?
Guendeline Ascenge: It's not that I don't like him. He's brave, kind, and handsome. He's perfectly ... acceptable. He's just not very exciting. I don't know that I love him. I'm not even sure he loves me. I keep trying to tell him it's just some childish infatuation.
Hero: What would it take for him to win your heart?
Guendeline Ascenge: I don't know. I want the feeling from the story books! I want my skin to flush and my heart to quicken. I want butterflies in my stomach and to be unsure whether to laugh or cry. Julien just makes me bored. Someone in town has to be more romantic!

Ernele: If that Captain Thayer comes around here again, someone's going to get hurt! That wench called me a coward because I prefer to work here rather than join the Shornhelm Guard. Sense of duty? Pfft! That's a pile of guar-dung!
Hero: What can you tell me about Guendeline Ascenge?
Ernele: Not much. She's a pretty girl, but I think it's gone to her head. She does have a heart, though. She's always at the inn whenever there's a minstrel in town. I think she has a taste for poetry.

Jerall Finstock: Not now, friend. Please, not now. We have so much work to do, and I'm not sure how we'll get it all done.
Hero: What can you tell me about Guendeline Ascenge?
Jerall Finstock: You mean that stuck up woman who lives across the way? I know she's been turning suitors away for months. I think she's waiting for someone with big coffers—someone who can buy her ; fancy jewelry and such. Me? I don't think she's worth it.

Julien Rissiel: I've been thinking. Guendeline says I don't really love her. It's just some kind of silly infatuation. I think I need to make a grand gesture to prove my love to her. Something spectacular to show her how I really feel.
Hero: What kind of a gesture are you thinking about?
Julien Rissiel: Something romantic. Something unique. I know! A bouquet of rare flowers, though I'd need help picking them. Or I could serenade her with a poem! Of course, I don't know any poems. Or maybe a beautiful necklace? What do you think? I'm thinking dunlain daisies. They're very rare, but they smell wonderful. They grow near the old tower outside town. Just watch out for the trolls and you'll be fine. Give the flowers to Guen and tell her they're from me.

Guendeline Ascenge: This business with Julien—I don't want to give him the wrong idea. I need time to think right now. I hope you can understand.
Hero: Julien sends these daisies to express his love.
Guendeline Ascenge: Please ... no! Get them away! Flowers make me sneeze—especially daisies! Does Julien know nothing about me? Didn't he even bother to ask my brother what I would like? That's it! I'm done with Julien. Tell him to leave me alone—forever!
Hero: It was an honest mistake. Can't you give Julien another chance?
Guendeline Ascenge: I'm sorry, but no. This juvenile obsession Julien's been nursing has gone on long enough. This just proves that we simply weren't meant to be. I do not love Julien, nor will I ever. Please, just ask him to leave me alone.

Julien Rissiel: You gave her the daisies? Was she happy? Did she swoon? What did she say? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.
Hero: She didn't like the daisies. They made her sneeze.
Julien Rissiel: Daisies make her sneeze? Why didn't someone tell me? How could we have missed this? I feel terrible. Now we'll just have to try something else. What do you think?
Hero: Actually, it's over. She wants you to leave her alone.
Julien Rissiel: Oh, gods! It's ... over! No, no, no! I can't.... What am I going to do? I'll never find another woman like Guendeline! My life will be empty! Honestly, I don't know if I can go on. It's like I can feel my heart breaking inside my chest.
Hero: Then you might as well enlist in the guard.
Julien Rissiel: The guard? I guess. It sounds mad, but you're probably right. I really do want to die now, and it might as well be for a good cause. Tell Captain Thayer I'll be along soon.

Captain Thayer: Don't feel bad. I knew Julien was a hopeless case. A man who's sick in love is a sad man indeed. I feel sorry for him, really. Enlisting would have probably helped set him straight.
Hero: Actually, Julien's decided to enlist.
Captain Thayer: I can't believe it. I said I was going to eat my dagger, didn't I? I hope you'll let me off on that one. I'm really embarassed. Here I couldn't manage to get a single recruit, and you come behind me and get three.
Hero: Are there any other prospects?
Captain Thayer: None that are worth our time, and I'll have my hands full whipping these three into shape anyhow. The general's jaw's going to hit the dirt when I march them in. I'll tell him I had help, of course. I don't want him assigning me this duty again.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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